How to attach pictures

    Step I. Upload your picture in an image server. The two most common free image
    servers are (1) and (2)

    Copy the image URL provided by your image host.

    Step II. Linking an image in TipidPC:

    Simply use this image tag “[img] [/img]” to link the image.


    1. [img] [img]

    2. [img][/img]

    If you want to link an existing image in the internet then you don’t have to upload a picture on an image server. Just 'Right Click' the image in the webpage, choose 'Properties' then copy-paste the URL with the image tag above.

    Remember to write the full URL of the image. Always Include the  “http://” and don’t make spaces.

    Question: How come you would not allow uploading of our images from our computers to your server.

    Answer: This feature will be available in the near future and we plan to get a another server to compliment what we have now. Although TPC is currently running at 2 Dual Proc servers, we feel that this will not be enough if we are to serve the 75,000 plus active members of our community and at the same time host images. Active memberhsip is growing at a rate of more than 10% a month. Having said that, TPC's foremost goal at the moment is to sustain a robust server for the trading and Forum sections.