Purchased a Zotac GTX 960 and Samsung Evo 850 SSD 250GiB from them.

Sadly my rig was almost 5 years old and was failing. Before I went to them my computer was still working, but when I reached them it started to act strange. It was discovered that my motherboard was failing and it needs a replacement. My processor was an Intel i7 2600 and required an older motherboard replacement. Luckily they had one used and didn't hesitate to sell and help me some spare parts because the part i needed was ancient. They even cloned my hard drive and transferred booting of os to the new one, and also downloaded the latest drivers of the Zotac GTX 960.

A BIG THANKS to Sir Eli and Miss Candice for being patient with me. I arrived at their shop approximately 11am, and went out at 4pm.

Will definitely come back, they earned a customer like me.