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CCNA Module 1 | Network Fundamentals

  • Course Code   :   CSCO-MO1

    Course Title    :   Batch 1: CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE 1 | Network Fundamentals

    Duration         :   5-Days

    Schedule        :   Januray 21,22,23,28,29, 2013 (Weekdays)

    Time              :   9:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Pre-Requisites :  NONE

    Student/Equipment Ratio - 1 : 1

    Registration Fee : PHP 12,000.00 / Pax

    Venue :
    TipidPC Training Center
    502 Alexander House Bldg.
    132 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village
    Makati City
    Contact No. : (632) 728-4047



    If you are interested to join please email the information below at

    Training: CCNA 1 | Network Fundamentals Batch 1 Januray 21,22,23,28,29, 2013 (Weekdays)
    Contact Nos.:

    Details of payment will be emailed to you.


    Course Outline

    Module 1: Living in a Network-Centric World
                                    1.1 Communicating in a Network-Centric World
                                    1.2 Communication – An Essential Part of Our Lives
                                    1.3 The Network as a Platform
                                    1.4 The Architecture of the Internet
                                    1.5 Trends in Networking

    Module 2: Communicating Over the Network
                                    2.1 The Platform for Communications

                                    2.2 LANs, WANs, and Internetworks
                                    2.3 Protocols
                                    2.4 Using Layered Models
                                    2.5 Network Addressing

     Module 3: Application Layer Functionality and Protocols
                                    3.1 Applications – The Interface Between the Networks

                                    3.2 Making Provisions for Applications and Services
                                    3.3 Application Layer Protocols and Services Examples

     Module 4: OSI Transport Layer
                                    4.1 Roles of the Transport Layer

                                    4.2 The TCP Protocol – Communicating with Reliability
                                    4.3 Managing TCP Sessions
                                    4.4 The UDP Protocol – Communicating with Low Overhead

    Module 5: OSI Network Layer
                                    5.1 IPv4

                                    5.2 Networks – Dividing Hosts into Groups
                                    5.3 Routing – How Our Data Packets are Handled
                                    5.4 Routing Processes:  How Routes are Learned

    Module 6: Addressing the Network - IPv4
                                   6.1 Ipv4 Addresses

                                    6.2 Addresses for Different Purposes
                                    6.3 Assigning Addresses
                                    6.4 Is it on my Network?
                                    6.5 Calculating Addresses
                                    6.6 Testing the Network Layer

     Module 7: Data Link Layer
                                    7.1 Data Link Layer – Accessing the Media

                                    7.2 Media Access Control Techniques
                                    7.3 Media Access Control Addressing and Framing Data
                                    7.4 Putting it all Together

      Module 8: OSI Physical Layer
                                    8.1 The Physical Layer – Communication Signals

                                    8.2 Physical Signaling and Encoding:  Representing Bits
                                    8.3 Physical Media – Connecting Communication

    Module 9: Ethernet
                                    9.1 Overview of Ethernet

                                    9.2 Ethernet – Communication Through the LAN
                                    9.3 The Ethernet Frame
                                    9.4 Ethernet Media Access Control
                                    9.5 Ethernet Physical Layer
                                    9.6 Hubs and Switches
                                    9.7 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

     Module 10: Planning and Cabling Networks
                                    10.1 LANs – Making the Physical Connection

                                    10.2 Device Interconnections – LAN and WAN
                                    10.3 Developing and Addressing Scheme
                                    10.4 Calculating the Subnets
                                    10.5 Device Interconnections – Interfaces and Management

     Module 11: Configuring and Testing Your Network
                                    11.1 Configuring Cisco Devices – IOS Basics

                                    11.2 Applying a Basic Configuration Using Cisco IOS
                                    11.3 Verifying Connectivity
                                    11.4 Monitoring and Documenting of Networks

  • Slow Track/Modularized CISCO training now released.

    Registration is now OPEN.

    See you mga ka-CISCO.
  • Our Training Venue and Laboratory Setup. Very Clean and Very Cold Training Room.

  • Registration is now open.
  • Live CHAT is now OPEN.
  • hi ask ko lng meron ba kayong sched ng weekend? thanks
  • good morning ask ko lng po kung nagbebenta kayo ng USB to Serial adapter...TIA
  • _Erl_ Send Message View User Items on January 10, 2013 08:49 AM
    good morning ask ko lng po kung nagbebenta kayo ng USB to Serial adapter...TIA

    di po kami nagbebenta sir.
  • This training is postponed to an open date.
  • after this program.. It means CISCO CERTIFIED na po ba?
  • jralcober Send Message View User Items on January 23, 2013 01:53 PM
    after this program.. It means CISCO CERTIFIED na po ba?

    di pa po, you still have a long way to go... This is only module 1... You have to take modules 2, 3 and 4. then after that you may take the ccna exam.
    if you pass the exam, you are now CCNA.
  • Sir may i ask kung magkakaroon kayo ng sched ng trainning between ng April 20 up to May 20, kasi yan ung cover ng Vacation leave ko dyan sa pinas.

    thank you in advance
  • HMMM... Magtatanong po ako... magkano po estimated expenses kpag mg eenrol po ako?
  • dmx_0888 Send Message View User Items on April 10, 2013 02:44 PM
    HMMM... Magtatanong po ako... magkano po estimated expenses kpag mg eenrol po ako?

    Ayun po sa itaas, 12,000 po ang training fee, all in na po yan. sagot na namin ang snacks ninyo.
  • Wala po bang ngayong May?

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