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Programming and web developing

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Posted by rqsolutions on Dec 09 2016 02:58 PM
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Location: Binan, Laguna Contact Number: 09166140273

For those looking for an affordable & reliable business application programming and other system and web developing services (Computer Based Applications & Web Based Applications), please feel free to contact me through my mobile number or you may send me an email.

System Applications created:

*Brgy. ID & Clearance System
*Web Based Sales & Inventory System
*School Permit Management System (RFID System)
*School billing system
*School DTR with payroll system (RFID System)
*Company billing and inventory system
*Company Ticketing System ( For cinemas)
*Point of sale system (POS for superstore & supermarket)
*Complete accounting system (Gov't office)

and other customized programs.