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Laptop Accessories - 9.5 Laptop 2nd HDD Caddy

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Posted by ebuyph on Jan 15 2017 03:08 PM
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Universal 9.5mm SATA to SATA 2nd hard disk drive caddy or module.

It is generally compatible for use with a standard 9.5mm optical drive interface connector. Someone had use and tested it with Sony's SR15, TT17, Dell E4400, E6400, E6500 laptops that are equipped with a 9.5mm optical drive interface connector.

For use with other laptop, please verify and compare the caddy's size, front panel, and the interface's connector position with that of the optical disk drive (ODD) slot of the laptop before purchasing this item.

HDD interface connector: SATA
Optical drive slot connector: SATA

This particular 2nd hdd (hard disk drive) caddy provided a solution to the high speed but limited capacity of a laptop. Due to the laptop's hard disk special high production process, both high speed and high capacity can't be in simultaneous operation.

Due to this issue, IBM had specifically developed a 2nd hdd module for Thinkpad - a second hard drive adapter (commonly known as hdd box or hdd bay). It can be used internally in most Thinkpad series. It realizes a high speed, high capacity, dual hard drive compatible system. The laptop can boot directly to either of the internal hard disk drive supporting a multi-operating system environment and mobile RAID.

Easy to use, the Ultrabay 2nd HDD (Hard disk drive) module's size has the same size as that of the odd used in laptop. You can easily interchange the odd and the 2nd hdd caddy. Pull out the odd, insert the 2nd hdd caddy, and then you're done.


Step 1: Remove the odd (optical disk drive) as shown below.

Step 2: Install the new hard disk to the caddy module.

Step 3: Insert the caddy to the odd slot as shown below, done.

Attention: Installation of this module requires some technical knowledge in laptop repair or removing the optical disk drive of a notebook. If you are not familiar or doesn't have the technical knowledge, you may ask someone technically knowledgeable to assist you. We won't be held liable for any damage to your laptop. We also accept installation of the module into your laptop for a fee. Typically, the service fee is from P150 to P500, depending on the location of the optical disk drive and complexity involved in the installation of the module.

You can return this item within three (3) days if it doesn't fit into your laptop's odd slot as long as it is in good condition without scratches. This is to avoid customer returning the item after forcing the module to fit into their laptop therefore scratching or damaging the module.

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