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Want To Buys : Desktops/Pre-built

LF: Old Working/Semi-working Computers and Obsolete Technology

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Posted by satori_anaide on Apr 21 2017 06:49 PM
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Hi TPC! Currently looking for old working/semi-working computers and other obsolete technology. Please see the list below for examples of what I'm looking for:

Old desktops/laptops, preferably:
- Pentium 1-2 and AMD equivalent
- i286, i386, i486
- Apple computers (model year 2005 and below)
- Branded PC desktop sets (IBM or NEC, model year 1998 and below)
- Sony Vaio computers (model year 2003 and below)
- Can be working or semi-working (slightly defective)

Old computer parts and accessories, such as:
- Diskettes and diskette drives (3.5, 5.25 or 8 inches)
- Low capacity laptop hard disk drives (20 GB and lower)
- Low capacity memory modules (SDRAM PC133 and below)
- Apple peripherals (CRT monitors, keyboards and mice; model year 1998 and below)
- Must be working

Old/obsolete technology, like:
- Portable cassette players (Walkman)
- Tape-based media and players (Betamax, VHS)
- Must be working or can still be repaired

If you have any of these, or unsure if it fits what I'm looking for, you can send me a PM here and I'll try to respond as soon as I can. I can give a nice offer for these items.

One man's trash may be another man's treasure.

Thanks and have a good one!