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Defective scrap disposal computer parts

PHP 10000.00


Posted by bongskie39 on Mar 15 2019 11:21 AM
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buying all kinds of computer scrap defective

computer set complete parts 150.00(double chip)
laptop complete parts 100.00
Laptop incomplete parts 60.00
netbooks complete parts 40.0.

motherboard kahit hati basta complete
2 chips 100.00
1 chip 60.00
am2 25.00

single double sided 10.00
edo 5.00
laptop 5.00

video card
big w/ hsf 20.00
small/hsf 10.00

hard disk
desktop hdd makapal 25.00
laptop hdd 5.00

power supply
true rated 20.00
generic 15.00

dvd/cd rom
sata 5.00
ide 10.00
laptop 5.00

w/ battery 50.00 apc brown
W/ battery 25.00 apc block
battery small 10.00
battery big 12.00

laptop board
2 chips 60.00
1 chip 25

keyboard 3.00
lan card 5.00
sound card 5.00
cd 25.00/k

x-ray film 30.00/k
aluminum assorted 40.00/k
cp board nokia 1500.00/k
cp board china 500.00/k
cp board android 2600.00/k

Schools and Offices computer scraps
for more details and fast transaction dont hesitate to contact, txt or msg me. pick up or meet up no problem konti o marami
pick up ko agad pag malapit s area ko
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