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Want To Buys : Processors

intel i3 15 17 2nd-9thgen processors

PHP 100000.00


Posted by Mikecastrobns on Nov 07 2019 11:56 AM
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Location: Valenzuela City, Metro Manila Contact Number: 09081988778

buying cash onhand

iwant to buy proccesors

i3 2ndgen
i3 2100 400p each
i3 2120 400p each
i3 3rdgen
i3 3210 500p each
i3 3220 500p each
i3 3240 500p each
i3 3250 500p each
i3 4thgen
i3 4130 1300p each
i3 4150 1300p each
i3 4160 1300p each
i3 4170 1300p each
i3 4340 1500p each
i3 4350 1500p each
i3 4360 1500p each
i3 4370 1500p each
i3 6th gen
i3 6100 1800p each
i3 6300 1800p each
i3 7thgen
i3 7100 2000p each
i3 7300 2000p each
i3 7320 2000p each
i3 7350k 2000p each
i5 2ndgen
i5 2400 800p each
i5 2500 800p each
i5 3rdgen
i5 3450 1000p each
i5 3470 1000p each
i5 3550 1000p each
i5 3570 1200p each
i5 4thgen
i5 4430 1800p each
i5 4440 1800p each
i5 4460 1800p each
i5 4570 2000p each
i5 4590 2000p each
i5 4670 2200p each
i5 4690 2200p each
i5 6thgen
i5 6400 3500p each
i5 6500 3500p each
i5 6600 3500p each
i5 6600k 3700p each
i5 7thgen
i5 7400 4000p each
i5 7500 4000p each
i5 7600 4200p each
i5 7600k 4500p each
i7 2ndgen
i7 2600 2000p each
i7 3770 2500p each
i7 3770k 2500p each
i7 4thgen
i7 4770 4000p each
i7 4770k 4000p each
i7 4790 4000p each
i7 4790k 4500p each
i7 6thgen
i7 6700 5500p each
i7 6700k 6000p each
i7 7thgen
i7 7700 6500p each
i7 7700k 7000p each

marami or paisa isa pwede po

price may vary

also buying 8th 9th gen g-series/celeron processors

wiling to drop for mabilisan testing

marulas valenzuela bbb

pm or txt

thanks tipidpc