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[SOLD] ASUS GTX 1060 6GB White OC Edition | Gaming Desktop | 17k | 19k w/ KB+M+M

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Posted by deadlysix on Nov 17 2019 11:11 AM
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Location: Taguig, Metro Manila Contact Number: 09566673622

GPU : Asus Dual GTX 1060 OC Edition 6GB

CPU : AMD A10-7870K

RAM : 8GB 1666mhz Kingston low profile 2x4GB


SSD : 160GB Intel 320series - Holds Windows 10 Pro 64bit licensed copy, includes key for future activations.

HDD : 512GB contains games like official Borderlands 3, Sims4, LoL, Dota2. Can come with games of your choice just message me.

PSU : FSP 600W Raider Silver Rating/True Rated

CASE : Techware Carbon Cube V1

Cooling : CoolerMaster Hyper 212 both configured with 3200RPM CM Fans red/blue led

FANS : 1x 360mm Techware 1800RPM white led, 2x Techware 120mm, 1x ID Cooling Red Led 120mm, 2x 80mm CM

17,000PHP | I'm bundling it as well with brand new A4 Tech Keyboard+Mouse and Monitor - LG W2261 : | 1920x1080 [1080p] max resolution / HDMI max HZ 75 via nvidia control panel / DVI-D 60HZ (KB+M+Monitor Included 19,000PHP)

Dota 2 Test - The monitor I'm bundling it with is only 60hz with dvi and 70hz with hdmi, so if you disable vsync in settings you get around 100-200fps but it will seem a little bit choppy. Turning on vsync will lock the frame rate at 61fps because of the monitors 60hz. It's a lot smoother as you can see in the video. This is recorded with max settings even with nvidia shadowplay recording it stays at a stable 61fps without any hitches. | Don't forget to set video quality to 1080p since this was recorded at 1920x1080p max settings so you can see the performance and quality

PUBG Test - Max settings, except foliage at medium and shadows as they take a lot of the performance if set to high without a very noticeable difference in quality. Same Rules apply, if you have a monitor that is capable of higher hz than 60-75 then when you turn on vsync you get that fps and smoothness. As you can see at 60fps with vsync on it's smooth since it aligns with the monitors 60hz. Compared to without vsync where you get higher fps but not that smooth overall. | Don't forget to set video quality to 1080p since this was recorded at 1920x1080p max settings so you can see the performance and quality | If you are not streaming your gameplay and not recording via nvidia shadowplay it's stable 60fps without stutters, as I'm recording here pubg isn't that optimized it's knocking off 3-5fps when recording/streaming

Don't forget to change quality to 1080p
The fps spike at the start is because of nvidia shadowplay recording, if you are not streaming and recording you get 5 extra fps

League of Legends (LoL) - same rules apply regarding vertical sync(vsync) dependent on monitor Hz. Change video quality to 1080p to see the performance and quality.

CSGO at competitive settings FPS test -