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HPE OfficeConnect 1620 48port Switch

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Posted by nookz on Aug 08 2020 02:16 PM
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Key features
•Entry-level, smart managed layer 2 switches
•8-, 24-, and 48-port gigabit models are rack mount capable with included hardware
•8- and 24 port models run quiet (fanless)•All models include internal power supplier

Features and benefits


•Simple Web management- allows for easy management of the switch even by nontechnical users through an intuitive Web GUI; supports HTTP and HTTP Secure (HTTPS)
•Secure Web GUI - provides a secure, easy-to -use graphical interface for configuring the switch via HTTPS.
•SNMPv1, v2c, v3facilitates management of the switch, as the device can be discovered and monitored from an SNMP management station.
•Port mirroring - nables traffic on a port to be simultaneously sent to a network analyzer for monitoring.
•Default DHCP client mode allows the switch to be directly connected to a network, enabling plug-and-play operation; in absence of a DHCP server on the network, the switch will fall back to a unique static address determined by the switch's MAC address.
•Network Time Protocol (NTP)synchronizes timekeeping among distributed time servers and clients; keeps timekeeping consistent among all clock-dependent devices within the network so that the devices can provide diverse applications based on the consistent time.
•Manual network time configuration manually set the date and time on the switch in the absence of a NTP server.
•Dual flash images provides independent primary and secondary operating system files for backup while upgrading
•Limited CLI - enables users to quickly deploy and troubleshoot devices in the network. Quality of Service (QoS)•IEEE 802.1p prioritization with DSCPdelivers data from the switch to devices based on the priority and type of traffic using Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP).
•Broadcast control-allows limitation of broadcast traffic rate to cut down on unwanted network broadcast traffic.
•Rate limiting sets per-port ingress enforced maximums and per-port, per-queue minimums.Connectivity
•Auto-MDI/MDIXautomatically adjusts for straight-through or crossover cables on all ports.
•IEEE 802.3X flow control provides a flow throttling mechanism propagated through the network to prevent packet loss at a congested node.
•Loopback detection-if the switch detects a loop, it disables the source port from forwarding data packets originating from the switch to avoid broadcast storms.
•Energy Efficient Ethernet-compliant with IEEE 802.3az standard requirements to save energy during periods of low data activity.
•Port power save mode-enables a port to operate at the lowest transmission speed or go down during a specific time range on certain days of a week. The port resumes when the effective time period ends.