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LGA 1156 Used Original Processor Desktop Processor (i3,i5,i7)

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Posted by jungrex on Aug 25 2020 02:31 PM
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LGA 1156 Used Original Processor Desktop Processor

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Product Description

pay attention:
Our products can only be delivered after rigorous testing. And can also provide customers with installation guidance within their ability! The Xeon series is without the set display! You need to configure a separate graphics card before you can use it! !! !!
Intel's 1156, 1155, 1150, 1151 platforms have released the RAM secondary storage mechanism! That is when your CPU is I3 I5 I7 or Xeon CPU!
1.) When two RAMs are used, only the first and third RAM slots can be inserted! There is no way to light up the second and fourth RAM slot!
2.) When you do not have enough RAM to test all the RAM slots, it is recommended that you can borrow a friend's RAM. Only four slots are full, and you know that the CPU is completely normal!
You must read the following before installing the CPU:
1. Before installing the CPU, clean the dust on the fan and heat sink, and clean the original silicone grease left on the heat sink. Especially hardened silicone grease must be thoroughly cleaned. This is very important!
2. Insert the newly purchased CPU in the correct direction and apply a thin layer of silicone grease to the top of the CPU.
3. If the CPU is still not lit after placing it on the machine, you can remove and reinstall it. In case of poor contact. , Or eject the motherboard "Clear motherboard BIOS data". Memory is not available,
4. If the CPU is higher than the previous one. The temperature will then be higher than before. If it stops automatically or the temperature is too high. The CPU fan should also be replaced
The buyer must read:
1: Our CPU has been removed. Before the shipment, I personally test it, and please test the buyer within one week after receiving the goods. Warranty for one year (quality guarantee: blue screen, Huaping, crash, restart, overheating, high temperature, etc.). Non-warranty scope: appearance damage, motherboard damage, burnout, damage.
2: Valuables; when signing for the goods, when the courier is facing, please open the package first to confirm that there are no omissions, losses, crushes, stagnant water, etc., and then sign the goods. If you have any questions, please contact the seller. time.
3, artificial damage (CPU burned out, improper operation, did not fall off, CPU pin damage.) Or skewed or improperly installed pin damage, non-resistance "natural strikes such as lightning" guarantee.
4. The receipt is regarded as my signature, indicating that the buyer has no objection to the appearance of the packaging and CPU. Please be sure to accept the face of the courier, and the appearance of the objection will not be accepted.