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Headset h7 rgb

PHP 350.00


Posted by wynx on Jan 17 2021 11:53 AM
99% - 1335 POSITIVE feedback, 0% - 3 NEGATIVE feedback
Location: Caloocan City (South), Metro Manila Contact Number: Not Specified

Bnew 1yr warranty

Other Parts also available


Intel I3 7100 try 3.5k each
Intel I3 8100 tray - 4.5k each
Intel I3 9100F tray 4k each
Intel I5 7400 tray 5K each
Intel I5 8400 tray 6k each
Intel i3 9100 = 6150 each
Intel i3 10100 = 6250 each
Intel I5 9400 tray w/ inplay tower type rgb hsf 8k each
intel i5 9400 boxed= 8.8k each
intel i5 10400 = 9750 each
intel I5 10500 tray type w/ hsf = 11500 each
Intel I7 10700K 18k each

A6 7480 1650 each
A8 9600 quadcore am4 2400 each
Boxed Ryzen 3 2200g-5.9kk each
ryzen 3 3200g traytype 6k each
Boxed ryzen 3 3200g 6.5k each
Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf 7.3k
Boxed ryen 5 3600 11k each


Afox iH110 MA lga 1151 mobo (for 6th and 7th gen Intel)-2.8k each
Colorfull a68 2350 each
Biostar a68H hifi 2350 each
Colorfull a320 2500 each
Biostar a320Mh 2400 each
Asus prime a320Mk 2750 each
MSI A320M Pro A 2750 each
Gigabyte A320 2750 each
Biostar B450MH 3.3k each
Colorfull B450MH 4.2k each
MSI B450M A pro max 4150 each
MSI H310M A pro max 3300 ech
MSI B450M mortar max 5350 each
Asrock B450 steel legend 6100 each
MSI MAg B550M mortar 8700 each
asrock h410M hdv/m.2 4500 each
asus h410mv3 4k
asus prime h410MD 4.2k
Msi h310m VDH max 3300 each
Asus Prime B365M-A /HDMI/dvi/vga 4.7k each
Asrock H470 steel legend 8800 each
asrock b460m Steel legend 6700 each

proc and mobo bundles

AMD A8 9600b+ Biostar a320Mh 4.5k each
a6 7480 + Biostar a68 = 3800 each

Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf + Biostar a320MH 9.7k each
Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf+ Biostar b450Mh 10.6k each
Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf+ Asus prime a320mk 10k each
Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf+ Colorfull b450 + 11.5k each
Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf+ MSI b450M a pro max 11450 each
Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf+ MSI b450M mortar max 12650 each
Ryzen 5 2600 tray type w/ wraith hsf+ asrock B450 steel legend 13400 each

ryzen 3 2200G + Biostar a320mh 8k each
ryzen 3 2200G + Asus prime a320Mh 8.6k each

ryzen 3 3200G traytype + Biostar a320mh 8.4keach
ryzen 3 3200G traytype + Biostar B450Mhmh 9.5k each
ryzen 3 3200G traytype + asus prieme a320M 8750 keach
ryzen 3 3200G traytype + Colorfull b450Mh 10.2k each

ryzen 3 3200G boxed + Biostar a320mh 8.9keach
ryzen 3 3200G boxed + Biostar B450Mhmh 10k each
ryzen 3 3200G boxed+ asus prieme a320M 9250 each
ryzen 3 3200G boxed + Colorfull b450Mh 10.7k each

Ryzen 5 3400G Boxed + Asus prime a320 =11250 each
Ryzen 5 3400G Boxed + Biostar B450Mh 12k each
Ryzen 5 3400G Boxed + Colorfull b450Mh = 12700 each
Ryzen 5 3400G Boxed + MSI b450M a pro max 12800 each

Ryzen 5 3600 Boxed + Asus prime a320 =13750 each
ryzen 5 3600 Boxed + biostar b450MH 14.3k each
ryzen 5 3600 Boxed + Colorfull b450 = 15.2kk each
Ryzen 5 3600 boxed + Asrock B450 steel legend 17100 each
ryzen 5 3600 boxed + MSI B450M a pro max 15150 each
Ryzen 5 3600 + MSI b450M mortar max 16350 each
Ryzen 5 3600 boxed + MSI B550 Mortar 19700 each

Intel I5 8400 TT + Msi h310M pro vdh max 8.3k each
Intel I3 9100 + Msi H310m pro vdh max = 9.1k each
Intel I5 9400+ Msi H310m pro vdh max = 12.1k each
Intel I5 9400+ Asus b365MA = 13.5k each
Intel i3 10100 + asus h410M v3 =10k each
Intel i5 10400 + asus h410m v3=13650 each
Intel i5 10500 traytype + Asrock h410 HDV/m.2 =14.9k each
Intel I5 10500 traytype + Asrock H470 SL = 19500 each
Intel I7 10700 + Asrock H41 HDV/m.2 =21500 each
Intel I7 10700 + Asrock H470 SL = 26.5k

Graphics Card

1gb ddr3 gt220 afox @1600 each
2gb ddr3 gt610 @1900
2gb ddr3 gt710 Afox 2300 each
2gb ddr4 GTX750ti Afox @4150
2gb ddr3 gt710 Afox 2300 each
4gb gtx1050ti afox 7k each
4gb ddr6 gtx1650 Afox 7.9k each
8gb dddr5 256bits RX570 armour MSI 9.35k
6gb ddr6 GTX1660 Super Aero itx OC MSI =14k each
6gb ddr6 GTx1660ti Aero ITX MSI 14.3k ech
6gb ddr6 MSI Rx5600Xt 17300 each
8gb ddr6 igameRTX3070 Vulcan OC V Colorfull 38k


4gb ddr3 1600Mhz Kingston =850 each
8gb ddr3 1600Mhz Kingston =1600 each
8gb ddr3 1866Mhz hyper X fury 1850 each
4gb ddr4 2666Mhz kingston 1100 each
4gb ddr4 2666mhz hynix 1100 each
8gb ddr4 2666Mhz Kingston 1600 each
8gb ddr4 3000Mhz Dato ares RGB w/ heatsink 2350 each
8gb ddr4 2666Mhz Hyper X kingston =1750 each
8gb ddr4 3200Mhz Colorfull RGB 2450 each
8gb ddr4 3200Mhz Hyper x fury RGB = 2300 each
16gb 2x8gb ddr4 3200Mhz hyper x RGB kit 4150 each
16GB 2x8Gb ddr4 3600Mhz Gskill ripjaw 4250 each
16gb ddr4 3200Mhz hyper X RGB 3900 each
16gb ddr4 2666Mhz Hyper X fury =3.2k each

sodimm laptop ram

4gb ddr3 1600Mhz Kingston sodimm 950 each
8gb ddr3 1600Mhz Kingston sodimm 1.9k each
8gb ddr4 2666Mhz sodimm apacer 1650 each
8gb ddr4 2666Mhz sodimm Kingston 1650 each
16gb ddr4 2400Mhz Sodimm Apacer 3300 each
16gb ddr4 2666Mhz Sodimm Apacer 3300 each
16gb ddr4 2666Mhz sodimm Kingston 3300 each
16gb ddr4 3200Mhz sodimm Kingston 3300 each

SSD and M.2

120gb ssd Dato da700 1200 each
120gb ssd kingston a400 1200 each
240gb ssd Kingston a400 1850 each
250gb m.2 Nvme Ramsta 2250each
250gb m.2 Nvme Kingston A2000 2350 each
250gb m.2 Samsung EVO 860 2500 each
256GB m.2 Nvme Samsung EVO970plus 3700 each
512gb M.2 NVME Samsung EVO970plus 5.8k each
500gb m.2 Samsung evo 860 4500 each
480gb ssd Kingston a400 2850 each
960gb Apacer Panther as340 5500 each
960Gn SSD Kingston as400 5500 each

Hard disks

500gb seagate 1100 each
1tb Toshiba 7200rpm 2100 each
1tb Seagate / WD OEM =2100 each
1tb seagate baracuda 2200 each
2tb Toshiba 3.5 3250 each
1tb Toshiba 2.5 bnew 2200 each
4tb Seagate skyhawk 5150 each
6tb wd purple 8400 each


700w Nuetron Fits= 1k each
700w Neutron Phantom P08 Gray =1050 each
750W Esgaming case 1k each
750W Esgaming case w/ rgb strip 1.1k each
Viking dunes 2x120mm rgb fan acrylic side 1350 each
Fuzion Blaze w/ 700w PSU 1400 each
Fuzion Z001 3x120mm rgb fan tempered glass 2100 each
Fuzion hela black /pink color tempered glass 3x120mm rgb fan 2.1k each
Gamemax Starlight 4x120mm rgbFan trans.side 2500 each
Gamemax Revolt1 tempered glass 4x120mm led fan 2900 each
Gamemax Nova n5 rgb tempered glass 1700 each
Gamemax Nova N6 rgb tempered glass 1800 ech
inplay robin 101 black 2950 each white 3050 each
inplay thunder 01 black 2600 each white 2700 each
nplay meteor 03 black 1400each white 1500 each


Truerated PSUs
450w Inplay 80+ bronze 1300 each
500w Fuzion 80+ bronze RGB 2400 each
500w Fuzion 80+ gold RGB 2600 each
700w Gamemax VP700RGB 80+ bronze semidular 3200 each
700W Gamemax GM700 80+ bronze modular 3800 each
650VA Orion UPS =1650 each
AVR EcoPower ( 3x220V 1x110VA ) 250 each


19in Philips 193V5L 3k each
19in IPS 75Hz Fuzion 2.8k each
24in Fonudar FD Q30L curved 75hz hdmi / vga 4600 each
24in Nvision black XC24S v2 hdmi/ vga curved 75hz 4700 each
24in Fuzion 144hz 1080p frameless FG24FS144 7.3k each
27in Fuzion 144Hz 1080p frameless curved FG27CFS144 9.3k each

Keyboard and mouse
Philips C254 combo usb keyboard mouse 450 each
a4tech keyboard mouse USB model krs 8572 500 each
Clever GK101 Rgb keyboard mouse usb 550 each
Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB. Mechanical 3in1 Keyboard /mouse / game pad 3100 each


RJ45 2.00 each
Tplink Ac1200 archer c6 wifi router 2500 each
TPlink Tg3468 gigabit PCIe network adaptor 700 each
TPlink TW wn781nd 150Mbps wireless PCIE lan adaptor 700 each
TPlink TL WR840N 300Mbps wifi router 1000 each
TPLink TL WN725N 150Mbps wifi adaptor 500 each
Alfa wireless adaptor w102 150Mbps 250 each
Alfa wireless adaptor w113 150Mpbs w/ antenna 350 each
bluetooth dongle usb 2.0 150 each

others accessories


a4tech pk635k 720p 950 each
philips Cam SPL6506/P506 1080p 1.1k each
cat 6 30m patch chord 300 each
jedel headset w/ led Gh197 350each
headset H7 350 each
sata cable 25 each
auniversal laptop adaptor 65w 600 each
USB 3.0 to Vga w/ cd 550 each
HDMI to Vga adaptor w/ audio 350 each
hdmi to Vga adaptor w/ 0 audio 320 each
Display port to hdmi adaptor 550 each
DVI cable 1.5m 250 each
HDMI cable 1.5m 200 each
Philips USB vivid 16gb 300 each
Inplay ICE Tower RGB fan 3 in 1 kit w/ remote =850 each
inplay ice tower extra 120mm rgb Fan 180 each
rj45 2.5 each
complink cat6 305m UTP cable 1800 each
heavy duty philips hdmi cable 30m 5k each
Orico 2.5in hard drive enclosure usb 3.0 450 each
usb hub. (4 ports) 150 each

landmark :Lrt monumento station

Store : Mars Hill Computer Solutions (pickup time : 10am to 6pm )/ lalamove or grab (10am to 11pm)

location: stall # 3KO8 3rd flr LRT Caloocan Mall ( former North Mall ) rizal ave. ext grace park brgy 88
monumento caloocan city.

delivery method : pickup / grab express / lalamove / Trucking / APCARGO / LBC (
Sagot ni buyer ang shipping fee)

payment : COD / paymaya / gcash / BPI -Bdo bank

contact number : 083195325 / 09082295193