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A TPC Review: The Kingmax 240GB SSD SMP35 Client SATA III

  • By Carlo Dinglasan AKA TPC fakuryu


    A week ago, I was asked to review an SSD from Kingmax. So I went on my way to the TPC Headquarters and got the unit to find out what is it with these SSD (Solid State Disks) that everybody seem to want, so enter the Kingmax 240GB SMP35 Client SATA III.

    Kingmax is a semiconductor company that manufactures memory modules but is mostly known as a manufacturer of consumer  memory cards in our market but I feel that the SMP35 could change that.

    But this is the first time I will review an SSD, I never owned one to make a comparison and I lack the necessary tools to provide the \"numbers\". So how will I do this review? I will try to make a review with a practical POV of how this can be useful for me.


    The Test Unit:

    Processor: Intel i5-3570k Ivy Bridge @ 3.4ghz

    Motherboard: ASUS Z77-M Pro

    Memory: 8gb 4x2 DDR3 1600cl9 GSkill Ripjaws X

    SSD: 240GB Kingmax SMP35 Client SATA III

    HDD: 500GB WDC Blue SATA II

    PSU: Seasonic M12II 520w 80+ Bronze




    The Package : Kingmax SMP35 Client 240 GB







    So after installing the SMP35 Client SATA III on my computer, I made sure that I put it in the SATA III slot to ensure that I will be able to get the most out of it. And to my surprise, it did, as I was able to install my OS on it in less than 10 minutes (well after the laborious assembly in my mATX case). Installing the GPU and the motherboard drivers took way a lot longer the installation of the OS.

    So after the preparation, I did some simple test for the bootup, the Windows Experience Index (WEI) and HDtune.

    For the boot up test (with some tweaks to make sure that my computer will make use of all 4 cores of the 3.4ghz Ivy), I just used the Windows Event Viewer. I expected the SMP35 to blow away my 500GB single platter electro-mechanical SATA II HDD and it really did, it was almost four times faster and booted up in less than 20 seconds, loading the OS, the motherboard drivers and GPU driver. To be fair, I did the same for my HDD and a complete boot of just the OS, the motherboard drivers and GPU driver took 77 seconds.



    HDD Boot-up




    SSD Boot-up






    For the HD tune test, the HDD\'s average read speed is still less than the SSD which is a given. But still, the SMP35 Client was not able to reach even half the theoretical SATA III speeds of 600MB/s. This could further improve by using an updated firmware which I was unable to do so for this review since I do not want to screw up and be PHP10,000 poorer.

    HDD HDTune test





    SSD HDTune test





    And for the WEI test, it is apparent that it will be much higher and I was a bit surprised that my GPU and CPU were the ones holding back my PC.

    WEI Test (HDD)


    WEI Test (SSD - Kingmax SMP35)


    I would\'ve loved to try using the SMP3 Client as a cache disk and utilize Intel\'s Smart Response Technology but I was pressed for time and could only imagine some marginal improvements with my application load times.

    So who would want a 240GB SSD? Well I believe anyone with a budget can surely make use of it especially gamers and enthusiasts. But what for a more practical use? About a year or two ago, SSD\'s came in 20GB, 30GB flavors and then came the 60GB and 120GB. 20GB and 30GB does not seem enough and was too expensive then, the 60GB could have been used for just the OS and some applications and the 120GB to put it mildly was still out of reach. With the SMP35 Client priced aggressively at PHP10,120 SRP and the capacity to boot, professional photographers can make great use of it using Adobe Lightroom when they need to unload hundreds of RAW photos for quick edits, multimedia artist for those video edits or anyone that needs speed for the tasks they do.

    Conveniently priced lower than their relatively faster competitors with the same disk capacity and just a few thousand more than their relatively faster competitors but with just half the capacity, the SMP35 Client SATA III by Kingmax offers great value that provides balance and performance for the budget.



    +Readily available

    +Relatively affordable for a 240GB SSD


    -Knowing it is a SATAIII SSD and the limitations of the chipset that was used, I just wished that it could have reached at least even half of the 600MB/s theoretical speed.


    Final thoughts:

    If I have the PHP10,120 to spare, would I buy one? Hey, if my career in photography launches off, then why not? Until then, the only practical thing I can think of for my personal use for now is it will load Battlefield 3 a lot faster :)

  • Review by master fakuryu
  • nice review bro :)
  • Thats a No-nonsense practical review coming from an end users point of view...

    well balanced and very objective... Kudos Fakuryu
  • very nice review
  • nice review ! :D
  • nice one bro...^_^
  • +Like! ^^
  • A comparison with another ssd would be a nice addition to this review. Maybe against the popular Crucial M4 or Intel SSDs
  • nice review

    WEI test 7.9 \\m/
  • cylinder type - 43 Celsius
    Solid state - 74 Celsius

    mainit din pala SSD.
    How about the warranty ?
    and the read/write cycle?

    -- edited by whitesmith on Jun 28 2012, 11:31 AM
  • uu nga bakit 74c yung temps alam ko sa ssd around 30c load?

    lupit na pala ng rig mo master fakuryu 10x faster yan sa previous amd setup mo bale gtx690 & Asus VG278H or Samsung S27A950D nalang kulang niyan:)
  • uu nga bakit 74c yung temps alam ko sa ssd around 30c load?

    Reply from Kingmax

    Kindly request the Editor to update the firmware from Kingmax official website.
    Within the latest firmware the temperature should be around 24 degrees

    It\'s a firmware issue.
  • ah para pala sakin mas matindi 128c pa tas paghinawakan malamig thanks master:)

  • to me, i recommend corsair ssd gt in raid 0.
  • @PabloEscobar

    Ideal sana kung ganun ang comparison ko except na wala akong extrang SDD para gawin yun :)


    Haha salamat! Pero yung sa GTX690... nood nalang ang TV, mas mura pa hehe BTW sa temp issue, nakalimutan ko i-point out na baka FW or sensor issue lang sya kasi nung hinawahan ko yung SSD ay hindi naman ganun kainit lalo na nararamdaman ko temps ng HDD pag hinawakan ko :)
  • Nice.. very helpful para sa mga nagiisip bumile ng ssd.
  • very informative review,kaya shift na sa ssd .
  • Thanks sa review. Sino nman ang nagbebenta nito dito sa TPC? meron ba? Di ko ata mkita sa mga IFS...
  • @slashpen

    Siguro malapit na sir, pero sana nga magkaroon na :)
  • mas reliable ang SSDs with marvell controllers (samsung, intel, corsair performanc pro, Crucial) kaysa sa mga Sandforce controllers (force 3, force GT, OCZ, Patriot, Sandisk) and take into consideration kung syncronous or asyncronous yung SSD kasi that plays a part performance wise, for example Force 3 is asynchronous while force GT is synchronous
  • nice review sir fakuryu.
  • hello :), Is this locally available already?
  • Nice one fakuryu.. Cheaper alternative to the branded SSD\'s out there.. =)

    Is there a link on how to update the firmware of a SSD drive? Kinda makes me wonder how the drive will perform once an update is done..
  • bakit kaya mga manufacturer, di muna nila inaayos mabuti ung firmware, tapos stress test bago nila labas sa market?
  • buti nabasa ko to, thanks fakuryu..
  • If I got the older SATA 2 controller, is this a reasonable upgrade? Are more people using this for primary (C:) drive and is it reliable? What about fragmentation?
  • @Godai_Yusaku

    Thanks pafs! I think the implementation on how it is done depends on the manufacturer, like how HDD FW are also updated


    Thanks sir!


    Would\'ve loved to test it more kaso limited lang ang oras sa akin plus well yan yung pina review. Either a syncronius or asyncronius might not really matter for an everyday user plus mahirap din masabi ang reliability dahil depende talaga na yun sa sitwasyon, parang you might encounter a Mercedez Benz that breaks down every now and then or a Toyota Corolla that hardly breaksdown


    Dahil mahirap talaga masabi ang fail rate in the long run


    No prob sir


    Sa current prices ng SSD (around 6k for a 120GB), kung may additional na pera ka ay worth it syang pang OS at most used application na drive
  • Nice Review/info sir sa mga kagaya ko na nagbabalak nang gumamit ng ssd... price na lang ang magiging problem ko...
  • Steal for 7k yan. Kailan kaya?

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