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Campus Tech Road Show 2013

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  • sir pnta po kayo UCC ( University of Caloocan City ) Hehe thanks po
  • nice
  • Hi guys, sorry I'll upload all the pictures after OC Nation :)

    Right now we're at Asia Pacific College Makati, havin a lot of fun down there!

    If you would like us to make a visit, just pm us your contact details and name of school!

    Have a great evening!
  • Pictures! specially school girls hehehe
  • Hope you could go to FAR EASTER N UNIVERSITY Manila! :))
  • san po pwede pa register sa pc builder compitition?
  • On behalf of Asia Pacific College, thank you po! =)

    -- edited by ParticleX on Mar 14 2013, 08:30 AM
  • Good day,

    as of the moment, please browse the ADX Campus Tech Tour 2013 and OC Nation V2.0 part 1 here

    <click here for link>

    we will post everything this week, w/ some short reviews as well :)

    God bless
  • Kingston HyperX 1600 C9 review by ragbarok

    Ok guys I know we are speed freaks in any way possible, but price performance and durability comes at a high price.
    The more power equals higher the price, what you pay for is what you get. But buying a budget or a lower priced item means sluggish and not that durable?
    Yes it is hard to find especially with computer components, but there are.

    Like the Kingston HYPERX BLU 1600 modules, these are the new HyperX 1600 are the new budget friendly memory sticks on the market today. As for me, this is the first time im testing the HyperX series. I already know that Kingston Is one of the leading brands in the memory industry and making it budget friendly makes it one of the best buys in the pc parts industry.

    So here is why the HyperX is one of the bang for the buck memories out there.
    Specifications :

    Model : KHX1600C9D3B1K2/8GX
    Module Size : 8GB kit 2 X 4GB
    DDR3 : 1600
    DRAM Voltage : 1.65V
    Lifetime Warranty

    Closer Look :

    Pretty slick design and blue heat spreader makes it easy to match with other pc parts, although they have the RED and Black spreader for you to choose from. For me I always theme my pc BLUE so for me I instantly liked the design for this one.

    Test Setup :

    Processor : Intel I5-3570k 3.40GHZ
    Motherboard : Asrock z77e-itx
    Memory : Kingston/Gskill
    Harddisk Drive : WD Digital 500gb Caviar Blue
    Power Supply : Sesonic M12II 520W
    Operating System : Windows 7 64 bit

    I chose G Skill modules to test against the Kingston modules because, both have budget friendly modules they offer and I use the G Skill memory kit on one of my gaming pc. So I think this would be a head to head fight so let’s get started.

    Overclocking :

    The Asrock z77e-itx is one my favorite motherboards out there not only for its overclocking capabilities but for the wirless functionality of the board, no lan cable less cable clutter.
    For overclocking the memory its easy as ABC I just changed the memory timing in the motherboard to 1800 and saved and restarted there it is.

    Testing Software :

    Super PI
    Both used in the last Overclocking Event this 2013

    So here are the Results :

    Super PI
    One of the most used program among overclockers, because it calculates the speed of the processor and the memory as well. We ran the 1 million PI for the Super PI run.

    Stock Run :

    Overclocked Run:

    Another program regularly used by overclockers, We ran 1024 for the Wprime run.
    Stock Run :

    Overclock Run :

    Conclusion :

    Pros :
    As we can see by the results the HyperX wins only by a margin, but a win nonetheless.

    • Easy overclocking
    • Variety of colors to choose from ( really a + side for me )
    • Budget friendly price

    Whats not to like?

    If you are in a tight budget but wants performance then the HyperX series is the right memory for you, cheap, fast and durable Kingston have outdone themselves this time.
    10/10 Rating.

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