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OC Nation 2013

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    OC Nation is back! alive and kickin!

    Again, this is where experts and newbies converge in learning, sharing and discussing anything about the art of Overclocking. It’s a 2 day Leg gathering that includes seminars, product display and demo, raffle prizes, collegiate modding competition, fastest pc builders, dance central competition, pc clinic, lan party, overclocking masters competition, and a whole lot more! it’s your Overclocking event that enthusiasts will look forward to.

    Our Goal is not only to provide and expand the knowledge of PC enthusiasts but to open new markets to the brands that we believe in as well.

    OCN Masters

    Champion - php7k, CM Haf XM chassis, CM Silent Pro Hybrid 1050watts PSU, ECS mobo, CM Powerfort powerbank, CM premium items.

    Final 9: CM Hyper TX3 cpu cooler (depends on stock availability) - same coolers will be used for OC competitions.
    Collegiate Casemodz Competition

    Champion - php20k, 5x CM premium items
    Fastest PC Builder

    Champion - php7k, CM Powerfort powerbank, CM premium items
    Last Man Standing:

    CM Chassis with CM Premium items

    and other goodies to follow and daily raffles from sponsors :)


    This event will be held @ SM Cyberzone Manila this coming March 16-17, 11am onward.

    Schedules are to be posted w/in this week, for the meantime, submit your best overclock gain to join our OC Masters competition.

    No Registration fees :)

    Here\'s how:

    Online screening
    -Submission starts Feb 19 and ends on March 13.
    -Those interested should submit their setup\'s Wprime 32M and 3dmark11 runs online.
    -Prepare and make a screenshot of the following programs on your screen; make sure of legibility:
    -Contest official OC Nation wallpaper

    Task 1:
    Wprime 32M (1024M)


    1. Use only Wprime 32M from
    -- Choose the 1024M Stability Test

    2. Cooling should be Air and Water only. (Chilled water is not allowed)
    3. Intel or AMD processors:
    -- Intel CPU\'s up to 5Ghz only (no memory limit).
    -- AMD CPU\'s up to any speed (no memory limit). Unlock cores are allowed.

    4. Use Windows 7 ONLY (32bit or 64bit)

    5. Submission screenshot should include a screen capture of the following:
    -- CPU-Z with the following tabs : CPU / Mainboard / Memory
    -- Use the OC Nation wallpaper for all submissions.
    -- Wprime 32M run with the final score shown.
    -- The System Information window (Right Click My Computer --> Properties)


    6. Notepad showing:
    -- TPC handle
    -- Rig specs

    7. Result in the format \"Username / CPU speed / Memory speed / CPU-Z Validation link\"

    8. A picture of the computer used to perform the 3DMark11 run is required to be submitted.

    *Screen capture should be using the OC Nation wallpaper and include everything in Rule No. 4 and Rule No. 5, a picture of

    the computer used to perform the wPrime run and Rule. No. 6.

    Task 2:


    Only a single GPU video card is allowed. Multi GPU card is not permitted. Lucid virtu is not permitted.
    Use 3DMark11 Basic Edition or if you own a legit license, the Advance edition. Download the free edition from 3DMark :
    Set to run on Performance preset only. Also ensure Physx is disable (by default).
    Use the OC Nation wallpaper for all submissions. download link
    Submission should include the following:
    Screen capture of the finished 3DMark window.
    GPU-Z with the Graphics Card tab open.
    CPU-Z with the General/Memory/Motherboard tabs.




    Submission format :
    Username / CPU speed / GPU speed / GPU Type / GPU-Z Validation link
    Included in the screenshots the TPC ID/ Real Name/ Rig Setup in a notepad window.

    Submit your screenshots to this email: (screenies and full contact details)

    *Each contestant is allowed up to three submissions per task; only the best run will be counted.

    *Final score includes Wprime 32M (weighted 50%) and 3dmark11(weighted 50%)

    *Top 9 contestants plus 3 backup will be posted on official sites, contacted via text or email, and registered to compete in the OC Nation League.


    Event proper
    -3 contestants per round.
    -Contestants will be assisted by Overclocking Marshalls, one for each contestant.
    -Participants are required to use only the computer hardware (Processor, Memory & Videocard) and peripherals (USB Flash Drives, DVD/CD-ROM & HDD) provided by OC Nation.
    -OC Nation will provide the following in addition to the above essential hardware:
    - 2pcs 120x25mm cooling fans
    - Pen/Pencil & Paper
    - All requisite software pre-installed

    OC Nation will not provide the following:
    -          Philips Screwdrivers (required)
    -          Calculators
    -          Multimeter
    -          Other miscellaneous hand tools / supplies
    Participants are not allowed to use any other software that is not provided by OC Nation

    Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate x64

    Note : The OS will be installed in a single partition. Participants are not allowed to add or modify the partition.
    All Tasks are Time Limited: Task 1 is 20mins; Task 2 is 40 minutes while Task 3 is 1hour.

    Assembly of the unit.
    Wprime 32M  benchmarking may be started as soon as you finish assembly/set-up.
    There are no limits to submissions, provided they are within the tasks\' timespan.
    No modification or change to the BIOS code of motherboard & Videocard will be allowed.
    The CPU ratio will be fixed at most x50 and all cores must remain enabled. Marshals may check these particulars during benchmarking and during submission.
    Each screenshot must include OC Nation official wallpaper and following elements:

    -Task 2: Wprime 32M result, CPU-Z (CPU/Memory/Mainboard tabs)
    -Task 3: 3DMark11 result, GPU-Z, CPU-Z (CPU/Memory/Mainboard tabs)
    -There are no limits to submissions, provided they are within the tasks\' timespan.
    -When the benchmark process comes to an end, contestants must call upon a Judge to come and check their benchmark score.
    -The score will be confirmed and submitted with a screenshot.
    -Final Score includes Wprime 32M  (50% weighted) and 3DMark11 (50% weighted) overclocking performance gain score
    -The top contestant is scheduled to compete in the OC Nation 2012 Grand Finals on March 17th @ at SM Manila.


    OC Nation Program:

    SM Cyberzone Manila (1st leg)

    March 16 (Saturday)

    11:00 – 1:00 pm
    Seminar: Overclocking 101 / PC Building 101 (Computer Assembly, Computer Overclocking Basics)
    Rig Display: Open for all
    Booth games: Free

    1:00 – 2:00
    Product Review: ECS, Cooler Master and other brands (Onsite discussion with question and answer portion.)

    2:00 – 6:00
    Competition: OC Nation Masters (Eliminations)
    Competition: Fastest PC Builder  (Eliminations)
    Competition: Dance Central 3 (Eliminations)

    6:00 – 7:00
    Contest: Raffle draw, mini games

    March 17 (Sunday)

    11:00 – 2:00 pm
    Competition: Fastest PC Builder Team Championship (Eliminations)
    Side Contest: Last Man Standing

    2:00 – 4:00
    Competition: OC Nation Masters Championship
    Competition: Dance Central 3 Championship

    4:00 – 6:00
    Competition: Fastest PC Builder Team Championship
    Top 3 teams representing their universities on who’s got the speed and skill to become our OCN Fastest PC Builders.

    4:00 – 7:00
    Judging / Awarding:
    Collegiate Casemodz Champion php20,000
    Fastest PC Builder Team Champion php7,000 plus hardware prizes
    Last Man Standing Cooler Master chassis plus sponsor premium items

    Good luck guys! Please share! See you there :

  • sa hindi naka punta kanina punta kayo kasi sa hindi inaasahang kadahilanan... sira lahat ng gpu T_T

    bring your own phillips screwdriver.. :)
  • tapusin na ng one day ung OC competition bukas, lagare na!

  • may mga nag bebenta ba na may discount ?

    tulad ng CM at Razer?
    i mean may mag booth ba sila na nag seseell ng discunted items?
  • Ano na po update sa event?
  • salamat po sa cooler

    sana ma defend ni regnevacs ang title :)
  • hi admin.. sinu po mga nakapasok sa finals?? para makapag file na ng leave if ever hehehe..

    oy kernel di pa sure na pasok ako sa finals..
  • pasok sa finals:


    post ko meya yung scrores... praning na ako sa daming ginagawa

    bago ko makalimutan saturday po ang finals natin..

    -- edited by suxshin on Mar 20 2013, 03:54 PM
  • pasok sa finals:


    sabi ko sayo eh.. kulit mo eh! lam na...

    handa mo katawan mo.. ^^,
  • salamat sa mga hindi pumunta...hehehe
  • balita ko may nagsubmit daw ng stock run sa mismong event? :3
  • ako nga napa one core ung run ko hahaha, tapos nag OC ako ng 660 sabay stock ang score hahahaha!
  • nag OC ako ng 660 sabay stock ang score

    gusto ko na nga makita scores, parang stock lang din ata nakuha ko sa 3dmark...hahaha
  • All Tasks are Time Limited: Task 1 is 20mins; Task 2 is 40 minutes while Task 3 is 1hour.

    sana ganito sa paynals... medyo bitin ung 30mins.. di masyadong nasagad ung uzi uzi..
  • @ regnevacs

    see you on sat papi! :)

    Salamat sa mga umattend at nag participate sa mga contests natin!

    Kita kita guys bukas and saturday for the Overclocking championship, Intercollegiate modding display and awarding, bid wars, last man standing!

    Sa mga gustong mag fastest pc builder bukas, punta lang kayo guys, gawa tayo ng side contest TPC members only

    Sa mga gustong mag Dance Central, free to play po ito, tara at mag enjoy sa OC Nation!

    Salamat sa lahat ng pumunta last weekend and salamat din sa mga pupunta din tomorrow and saturday

    OC Championship and Intercollegiate awarding will be held this coming saturday

    God bless
  • ako nga napa one core ung run ko hahaha, tapos nag OC ako ng 660 sabay stock ang score hahahaha!

    yung SuperPi run ko paps 1 thread lang din sa pagmamadali.. HAHA
  • bukas po ng 1pm magsisimula ang finals and ang wala doon disqualified na agad :)

    -- edited by suxshin on Mar 22 2013, 10:27 PM
  • anung oras call time?
  • congrats to defending champ! :)
  • Two (2) Years in a row... Congratulations to the Defending and Still Champion REGNEVACS!!!
  • congrats regnevacs......nung nakita ko score mo sa wprime...akala ko sakin na hahahah.......lamang pala sa S-PI...hehehe
  • congrats regnevacs.
  • salamat sa pa hainanese at pa inom mo regnevacs. ^_^
  • aba meron pala painom at pakain :)
    @ destiny ano ba score mo wprime?

    kala nga namin panalo kna e, petiks na petiks ka while nagbabaklas kami ng hardware :)
    parehas kmi no boot no display, khit clrcmos & natanggal na cmos battery ayaw magpost :(
  • parehas kmi no boot no display, khit clrcmos & natanggal na cmos battery ayaw magpost :(

    napush masyado yung gpu paps. extremist kasi kayo ni regnevacs, hehe.. at any rate, here are the official scores on the final round of the competition.

    regnevacs - 1st
    SPi 1M- 7.316
    WP 32M - 6.035
    3dM Performance - 9477

    DJSUB - 2nd
    SPi 1M- 7.360
    WP 32M - 5.956
    3dM Performance - 9173

    Destiny - 3rd
    SPi 1M- 7.363
    WP 32M - 5.978
    3dM Performance - 9070

    scores were based on 30-30-40

    30% SPi
    30% WP
    40% 3dM

    SuperPi 1M
    1st - 30%
    2nd - 20%
    3rd - 10%

    WPrime 32M
    1st - 30%
    2nd - 20%
    3rd - 10%

    3dMark Performance
    1st - 40%
    2nd - 20%
    3rd - 10%
  • dikit pla talaga scores T_T.

    thank you to all who made this event a success...:)
  • @ pando

    paps hindi sa gpu ung problem kaya no post. pag nag adjust ka baseclock dun sya mag no no post :(
    ung gpu nung nahawakan ko +50 palang kumikindat na. ung sa kanila +100 ok na ok pa at walang kumikindat :D
    nung nag adjust dn bclock si rodel ska rin sya nag nopost or no display :)

  • yup sa bclk tlga.. mamaya lalaruin ko ung mobo kung panu galawin ung baseclock hehe..tingin ko may dapat pang galawin before magadjust ng bclk.

    ung sa GPU lang talaga.. mukhang maswerte talaga ako sa item hehehe..

    buti na lang at 2hrs ung competition kung nagkataon si destiny na hehehe..
  • Hey guys, how are you?

    We were very happy to meet you once again at our very own ADX OC Nation event, and to see our participants right now involved and exposed on other Overclocking events.

    As you may know, CPU/RAM/GPU/ overclocking needs a greater cooling system because of higher temperatures, so right now we\'ll share what we use everyday at home and at work.

    Antec Kuhler 620 and somewhat of a real world performance review.

    By: Carlo Dinglasan aka TPC fakuryu

    It has been a while since the Antec Kuhler 620 hit our local market, good things about it spread via word of mouth and a few weeks ago I was asked to do some sort of a mini \"review\" of this awesome cooler.
    So, I took the time and liberty to clean my PC to have a decent presentation.

    Attached the \"kuhler\" firmly and it was time to do some \"mild testing\".

    System specs:

    Intel i5-3570k
    Asus Z77m Pro
    8gb GSkill Ripjaws X
    128gb OCZ Vertex 4
    Sapphire HD7850
    Seasonic M12II 520w
    Aerocool QS202 mATX case

    Firstly, do make sure that your case has an adequate airflow, aside from my case\'s stock fan (140mm), my fan configuration is:

    1x 140mm front intake
    1x 120mm fan side intake
    1x 120mm fan top exhaust

    Antec Kuhler 620 2x 120 push/pull configuration rear exhaust
    So after installing the pump and radiator, I used the stock fan of the 620 in rear exhaust configuration and added a high static pressure fan as it\'s intake. Please do note that my overclock settings might not work out for you since it is a case to case basis.

    The first run, I used the stock settings of the motherboard and the processor to simulate a worst case scenario since stress testing the processor is not really logical for someone who uses a computer for normal everyday tasks. I ran the Prime95 Blend test for a few minutes, closed panel and the temperature immediately shot up to 70ºC when my idle temps hovers around 49ºC to 50ºC. Seems high when my PC says that the ambient temperature is just around 28ºC, I don\'t believe it since it\'s a lie! Well I really don\'t have a thermometer here but it does feel hotter than 28ºC from where I am at (or just really really humid), it would have been nice to have air-conditioning in order to have a more controlled testing. Some did say that their stock i5-3570k shoots up to 75ºC but did not say what were the parameters but with the current hot weather and that the Ivy Bridge is a known hot processor, I\'ll take that stressed 70ºC any day!

    The second run is an overclocked run at about 4.5ghz which is 1.1ghz above the stock speed of 3.4ghz and increased the voltage for stability. I did expect an increase in temperature and this baby runs hot peaking around 83ºC! But then again, this is a worst case scenario that most users will never experience.

    The last run is my 24/7 overclock of 4.2ghz with a voltage of 1.115v in the BIOS. A few minutes run and the temperature hovered around 73°C but granted that our weather is just that hot, it performed decently for a stress test that will fully load my processor for a daily use that will never even hypothetically happen.

    So what does all of this test mean? Well nothing actually, the cooler performs admirably but these are situations that rarely happens to an everyday user. When gaming, I usually have temps of around 55ºC ~ 65ºC and the PC runs just fine.
    Would I recommend the Antec Kuhler 620? Yes I definitely would, I even bought one full price when it first came out to pair with my i5-3570k. With a relatively affordable price of PHP2500, it really does give a lot of bang for the buck especially for some enthusiast or some that just wants to have a clean internal layout for their PC.

    -Even with new and improved closed looped system coolers, the Antec Kuhler 620 still offers a lot for the price.
    -Very easy to clean and maintain vs. those towering coolers
    -Aesthetically, it does look clean and looks great.

    -Bit tricky to install, took me more than 30 minutes during my first try.
    -Still relatively cheap but there are also a ton of great air coolers in the market that offers almost or the same performance at a lesser price.

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