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TipidPC Premium Memberhsip FAQ\'s

  • Application for New/Renewal of Premium Memberhsip is suspended until further notice


    TipidPC Premium Membership FAQ\'s

    Q: What is TipidPC Premium Membership?

    A: Premium Membership is a level of membership that promotes trust, credibility and a stronger community. Not only for TPC users who trade regularly and consider the site a place of business, but also for users who want to enjoy value for money even for their other purchases. It is founded on the concept of trust-building and establishing oneself as a reputable member of the community. A premium member is someone who has passed the identity and billing address validation and screening process of TipidPC. Once you become a Premium Member, you remain as such at both of our communities, tipidpc and tipidcp.

    Q: How will a premium member be distinguished from a regular member?

    A: As a premium member, you enjoy certain features/trading tools that would aid you in your transactions, such as:

    1. The Premium Member tag on the username, that identifies premium from regular members;
    2. The Premium Member tags on item :

    \"The owner of this post is a PREMIUM MEMBER\"
    \"The contact information of this post\'s owner has been verified by the TipidPC team.\"

    3. Item posting of Premium Members are boxed and highlighted;
    4. Larger message inbox size (Store up to 1,000 messages);
    5. TipidPC Premium Member Identification Card

    Q: Establishing trust with our buyers is already a big plus, but are there other benefits?

    A: Of course, the premium member will also enjoy the following:

    1.  P3,000 Cash Coupons (one-time; coupon codes)

    - P1,500 cash coupon, which you can use to pay for banner ad placement on the site
    - P1,000 cash coupon, which you can use to pay for ad placement on TipidPC Magazine
    - Five (5) P100 coupons (total value of P500), which you can use to pay for fees for TipidPC training seminars/workshops

    2.  Discounts and Special Deals from TPC services

    - Special Deals and 10% Discount from online ad rates for banner ads/promotions within the site; and you can still use the P1,500 cash coupon mentioned in no. 1 above
    - Special Discount from TipidPC Magazine ad rates; and you can still use the P1,000 cash coupon mentioned in no. 1 above
    - 10% Discount on selected seminars/workshops/events solely organized by TipidPC; and you can still use the P100 coupon per seminar/workshop mentioned in no. 1 above

    3.  Seminars/workshops/raffles/contests/parties/events exclusively for Premium Members

    - Monthly Raffles
    - Monthly Contests
    - Year-end Raffle & Party
    - Free Seminars/Workshops
    - 8 to 12 Events and Parties in a year

    4.  Priority invitations to events sponsored by or organized by TipidPC

    5.  Discounts/freebies/privileges/special deals from Premium Benefit Partners 

    6. At your option, receive FREE information/offers about products/topics of your choice


    Q: What are the qualifications to apply for Premium Membership?

    A: Applicants must:

    1.  Be a registered member of;
    2.  Of legal age; and
    3.  Does not have any unresolved transaction issues (conducted in with other sellers or buyers.

    Q: What are the Requirements for Premium Membership?

    A: The following are the requirements:

    1.  APPLICATION FORM. Click here
    2.  BILLING STATEMENT, e.g., Electricity, Water, Cable TV, Credit Card, Telecom (Mobile/Telephone/Internet). Billing statement must be in the name of the Applicant and issued within 60 days prior to the date of your submission. Billing address must be the same as the home address of the applicant.
    3.  IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT, Any two (2) Valid ID cards: TPC Premium Member ID, School ID, Driver’s License, Passport, PRC ID, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, Employment ID, Postal ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, Senior Citizen Card, Voter’s ID, TIN ID Card.  Identification documents must not be expired and must bear the applicant’s photo and signature.
    4.  APPLICATION FEE, P500 (Annual Membership Fee)
    5.  PERSONAL APPEARANCE, for identity verification and picture taking

    Q: What if the billing statement is in the name of my spouse or parent?

    A: We will accept the billing statement if with supporting documents. If in the name of your spouse, submit also your marriage contract and your spouse’s valid ID. If in the name of your parent, submit also your birth certificate and your parent’s valid ID. The person named in the billing statement must also submit a letter allowing you to use the billing statement for premium membership application purposes.

    Q: Can we submit photocopies of the documents?

    A: YES, but you have to present the ORIGINAL copies to validate their authenticity.

    Q: How do I pay for the application fee?

    A: You may pay at our office or at the venue where we will accept applications. You may also deposit to our BPI account. Please scan the deposit slip and email it to us or just bring the deposit slip when you personally appear before us.

    BPI Account Name:, Inc.
    Branch: BPI Main
    Current Account Number: 0011-1657-29


    Q: How long is the validity of Premium Membership?

    A: It is valid for ONE (1) Year from the date of approval.

    Q: Can I send a representative to submit my application?

    A: The required documents may be scanned and emailed to premium [at] You may also let somebody else send the required documents but you still must personally appear before us to sign the hard copy of the application form and have your picture taken.

    Q: How long is the process to validate an application and our premium membership status be activated?

    A: Within 7 – 15 days. Once your application is approved, your membership status will be upgraded to Premium Member and your TPC Premium Member ID card will be mailed to the address you specified in your Application Form. In any event that your premium membership status has not been activated or you have not received your ID within 15 days from the date that you were notified of the approval, kindly email us at premium [at]

    Q: Will all applications be approved?

    A: No. reserves the right to accept, decline, approve or disapprove applications based on the completeness and authenticity of pertinent documents an applicant submits and the merits of their membership with

    Q: What are the grounds for disapproval and revocation?

    A: Considered to be grounds for disapproval and revocation of premium membership are:

    1.  Incomplete or fraudulent data in Application;
    2.  Any unresolved transaction issues (conducted in with other sellers/buyers;
    3.  Repeated violation of TPC rules;
    4.  Use of multiple accounts (nicks/usernames). (Note: Members who may have created alternicks at the time of their applications may inform the Administrators or Moderators of

    Q: What will happen to disapproved applications?

    A: Applicants will be notified in writing through snail mail, Private Messaging or e-mail, and the fee will be refunded in full.

    Q: I want to renew my Premium Membership, do I need to apply again?

    A: YES. It is essential to have your updated profile validated. We suggest that you submit your application for renewal 3 weeks before your Premium Membership expires.

    Q: After renewing my Premium Membership, will I be given a new TPC Identification Card?

    A: YES, you will be given a new TPC Premium Membership card.

    Q: Will there be other schedules and venues for Premium Membership registration?

    A: The Premium Membership Registration Schedules for 2011:

    1.  Everyday 10:00am-7:00pm only @ TipidPC Office 502 Alexander House Building. 132 Amorsolo St. Legazpi Village, Makati City.
    2.  Other schedules and venues to be announced soon.

    Q: Are there any Freebies for the applicants?

    A: There could be freebies from time to time, but they are not guaranteed.

    Q: How will I know our Premium Member Benefit Partners?

    A: All Premium Members will be emailed a listing of all our Premium Member Benefit Partners and the corresponding benefits that they should be giving to you. We will also have this list on our site, which will be regularly updated. Updates regarding our Benefit Partners will also be emailed to you as changes occur.

    Q: What if the Premium Member Benefit Partner does not honor the promised benefit?

    A: Please report the incident to us by phone at +632.5694122 or email at, complete with the date, time, person talked to, store address, and what happened. We’ll resolve the issue accordingly.

    Q: May I suggest a Premium Member Benefit Partner?

    A: Of course. It is actually better if you tell us which establishment/merchant you would like to get special discounts/deals/privileges from. We will then talk to them and exert best efforts to include them in our program.


  • Open na ba applicaitions?
  • Kaka deliver lang ng TPC Premium membership ID card ko. Tama naman karamihan ng details.

    Natatawa lang ako kasi yung picture na nakalagay eh sa ibang tao. Di ko kilala kung sino to.... ahahaha
  • hi mga bossing baka pwede na pong mag pa premium member
  • Im a member since 2004 and i would like to apply for premiumship? please let me know kung kelan pwede?
  • i would also like to apply for premium membership, please pm me when its available.
  • Hi,

    I would like to partner up with Tipid PC, I have a company registered in United States which is legally allowed to do business here in the Philippines. I\'m from Concepcion, Tarlac..I would like to know who would be the best person to talk to regarding credit card processing integration.. This is a big break through dito sa ating bansa. I provide quick settlements compared to other banks.. In case meron po pwedeng makausap, feel free to please email me at / ceo.ryanpoblacio@brandrelianc.ecom / I prefer to launch my first integration with para nman po madagdagan ang branding natin dito sa tipidpc.. Trying to sign up as a premium member but it\'s not available yata..

    Ryan Artzen Poblacio - CEO/Director/Owner
    Artzen Global Services Inc
    Brand Reliance of NY Inc
  • pls advice me if pede na apply for premium member
  • sana mag open na ulit ang premium membership ng tpc
  • Mga sirs, tipidpc admin and mods, December na po, kelan kaya pwde mag avail ng Premium Membership dito? Paki~open na po sana.
    Maraming Salamat po... More Power TPC! GOD Bless...
  • ako din interesado sa Premium Membership...

    this is 1 way to distinguish legit TPC buyer/seller here, sana maging open ito all-year round para anytime pwede sumali, tapos real-time monitoring nalang sa site kung malapit na mag-expire Premium Membership then inform si member kung gusto nya magpa-renew or leave Premium Membership.
  • New reseller here , Can i have the contact number of TipidPC ? i want to apply for a premium membership
  • Suspended pa rin ba ang application?
  • hi sir, it is open to apply for premium membership? please reply po kung, pwede napo mag apply for premium membership..
  • Hello TPC. It seems that a lot of members here are willing to be a premium member. Please let us know kung kailan ang registration kasi yung last post ng reg was 2011 pa po. We\'re waiting for the announcement for us to avail that particular privelege. Thank you.
  • Good afternoon po, Any updates po regarding sa Premium membership? Gusto po sana namin mag pa premium membership.. Will be checking this place from time to time for update.

    Best regards
  • Suspended pa rin yung new applications?
  • to whom it may concern,

    pwede na po ba mag-apply for premium membership?
    or do i need to apply at the start of the year for that.
    pa pm nalang po sa mga sasagot.


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