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Macbook / Macbookpro Users Thread

  • ^thanks sir i probabaly cop one kaso ipon muna hehehe
  • Cons is that this laptop is expensive, not to mention the replacement parts. If you're a gamer, you're better off getting a Windows-based laptop.

    Pros, well ,bragging rights. LOL. But seriously though, if you're into photo/video editing, this is a must-have.
    is this a good investment in the long run?pros and cons?

    I would disagree because it still depends on how the user takes care of his/her device. I have an Elitebook 820 G3 which is more than 5 years old and it's still in good condition.
    Macs definitely last longer if you plan to use it til they break or become unsupported after 8 years since product launch.

    This i would agree.
    If you plan to sell it, it also has good resale value compared to windows laptops.

    for me, i feel na parang me kulang sa Air or perhaps, I've been a MBP user for a few years now.
    parang mas ok na din Air pag ok na lahat sa M1 platform.
  • ^thank you sir i know its expensive kaya ipon muna ahahahah not gonna use it for gaming since mostly i play on consoles
  • Since okay pa naman yung performance ng MBP ko for my needs, hintayin ko pag native na lahat yung mga apps na gamit ko sa ARM-based Macs. Heard good things about Rosetta 2 on the M1 vs. Intel pero mas gusto ko pa rin pag native.

    I try to avoid 1st gen products para hindi ako mag end up na early-adopter hardware beta tester although compared to competitors, mas maayos ang execution ng Apple pag dating sa 1st gen.
  • Sold mine years ago and I'm just using decent thin and light/ultraportable laptop with a 2060 and installed arch on it and with KVM, I have Big Sur with opencore running on it via Intel passthrough and everything works out of the box including updates with almost no performance hit so I can still do a lot of stuff on it. Easy to migrate to another laptop or pc pa. Obviously cant do much on final cut with an intel passthrough and if I do an nvidia passthrough naman I'm limited to high sierra. Either way, I can still be a pseudo mac user without compatibility issues or a lot of fiddling unlike hackintosh users.

    Yun lang although everything is virtual so it works with any cpu out of the box, pag nawala na support for intel and amd gpu and purely arm based na, wala na din sense magpassthrough since wala na din video accel.
  • Saka na ako bibile ng ARM macs pag bumigay na ang mid 2015 laptop. Medyo naghehesitate ako kasi hindi yata supported ang Windows via bootcamp. Pero gustong gusto ko ang performance at battery life. Game changer talaga. Pero as a Microsoft developer ay no no no muna.

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  • kelan kaya magiging available yung mga M1 mac dito sa'tin?
  • @about_us

    Long shot for Microsoft to compile Windows for Apple's ARM.


    Next month due to slow DICT/NTC certification

    I agree with @swat if you're a gamer then buy a computer that is modularised.

    Pls edit this out if not allowed: You may want to join this forum for Pinoy Macbook users
  • kaya im planning to buy one for review kasi para maka pag apply na sa ibang bansa