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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • Slightly OT: how's the T420s weight compared to the X220?
  • my T420s is slightly heavier compared to my x220 with 9cell battery.
  • T41p / T43 ready for retro gaming using WinXP!

    Specs -
    T41p chassis / T43 mobo
    2.5GB DDR2 RAM (2GB usable)
    60GB IDE
    Radeon X300 128MB RAM
    1400x1050 LCD
    Integrated modem and PCMCIA modem (good for dialup / BBS)
    Parallel Port
    IrDA port (infrared)
    S-Video and VGA port
    USB 2.0 ports
    Mic and Headset jacks

    List of Abandonware / DOS Games -
    Command and Conquer
    Darksun Shattered Lands
    Darksun Wake of Ravager
    Heroes of Might and Magic I and II
    Master of Orion I and II
    Red Alert
    Terminal Velocity
    Wacky Wheels
    Warcraft I and II

    Initially this is running Debian 32bit, but I already have too many linux boxes laying around. I reformatted to Win2K for retro gaming, but getting BSODs when installing the Radeon driver.
    Switched to WinXP and so far so good! I was able to get a volume license (no need for online activation) XP SP3 ISO from, trimmed it down using nLite and luckily my volume license key still works! Installed all the drivers except for LAN / WLAN as I wont connect this to the internet for security purposes. This will mainly be for retro gaming.
    I've transferred several DOS / abandonware games from my main Linux PC. I used to play them via DOSBox, but now I will play them just like the good old days.
  • is there a counterfeit thinkpad?
    seen there are online sellers of brand new thinkpad that are half the price (well, compared to the ones being sold in malls).

    it is tempting, so just want to be sure,
  • Pabulong naman
  • is there a counterfeit thinkpad?

    I doubt it. Though if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • A prodigal son is set to return. LOL

    I'm about to reclaim an X61 (actually an X601 Frankenpad) from my sister. It has the same CPU as my first X61 (Core 2 Duo T8100 @2.1GHz).
  • I doubt it. Though if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

    price in malls is about 100k brand new while from online seller it is around 50k brand new

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  • @dukgo

    Probably gray market. Maybe bought from US (or wherever the price is lower) then transported to PH. Smuggled? No idea.
  • Guys!
    Ok pa ba ang X1 Carbon 1st Gen. Medyo luma na ang 3rd gen i7 pero smooth pa naman. Payo para mamaintain to dahil college laptop ko na to eh hahaha
  • @awakeruze

    thanks. lots of it being sold online.

    i used x1 before, can't remember if it was i5 4th gen. i loved that laptop.
  • @Pldt_HomeUlterorism

    My primary machine is an X220, which is one year older than an X1 Carbon Gen 1. You'll be fine. Put an SSD and at least 4GB RAM and it will fly. :D

    Regarding maintenance tips, common sense goes a long way in prolonging your laptop's life.

    - don't put liquids near the laptop at all times.

    - don't smoke or vape/e-cig near the laptop--I had a client that got his laptop damaged due to the moisture content of the vape.

    - don't eat near the laptop (or risk ant/insect infestation)

    - monitor system temps

    - Try not to use the laptop in a dusty environment (unless you know how to clean the heatsink and apply new thermal paste).

    - If your laptop has a hard drive, don't carry the laptop around unless it's turned off, on sleep/standby, or on hibernation.

    Stuff like that.