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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • almost maxxed out x220 - sana makuha ko yung samsung 850 evo msata ssd sa ebay. IPS screen and usb3.0 expresscard na lang kulang pag nagkataon.

    UPDATE :
    success sa ebay! samsung 850 evo msata ssd 120GB.

    120GB SSD - Windows OS plus games
    500GB SSD - Debian plus VMware

    super sulit laptop! with all the upgrades, di pa aabot sa 12k petots -

    x220, i5, 16GB ram, 120GB SSD, 500GB SSD, 9cell battery, docking station

    thank you TPC thinkpad group / thinkpad reddit group!

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  • I also have X230, I'm thinking if pwede ba palitan eto ng keyboard from X220? Ayaw ko kase ng chicklet keyboard eh.

    It's doable, but you need to flash the embedded controller with a custom firmware: <click here for link>

    Madaling masira yung keyboard ng x230 bumili ako sa ebay ng replacement keyboard para siyang x220. Walang backlight tapos magaspang siya hindi glossy kaya mas ok mag type.
  • success msata upgrade! thank you ebay!

    Trivia -
    may bug yung BIOS ng x220, since max supported ram nung kapanahunan ni x220 is 8GB, yung string sa POST ng RAM installed is only limited to 4characters (8192). kaya kapag 16GB ang installed RAM, truncated yung first character, 6834MB lang ang lumalabas.

  • looking for x220 lcd, sana mura lang :) salamat
  • What's a good price for the x240 locally?
  • @songoku check mo online- tpc, *lx or fb. try mo din sa gilmore or 4th floor farmers kay am*x
  • @somesourgrape I guess check mo din tpc, *lx, fb even *bay.
  • Guys i have x200 buhay na buhay pa. kaso yellowish ang LCD pag cocompare ko sa ibang LCD. May pagasa ba na palitan ito ng mas maganda? Thank you in advance
  • @esoj
    The Thinkpad X200 can use either a CCFL or LED-backlit LCD screen.

    If yours is turning yellow, it's likely that it's a CCFL-backlit one. Without replacing the screen, you can try to compensate by manually adjusting the color/gamma settings. I've done this once on a non-Thinkpad laptop-- the results aren't stellar, but workable.

    Alternatively, you can replace it a LED-backlit screen (which doesn't yellow over time); however, you need to replace the LCD cable, the inverter, and of course the screen. The alternative is to buy a complete lid assembly (lid, LCD, inverter, cable, wifi antennas, webcam, and all) from another X200, unless that X200 is CCFL-backlit as well. Better yet, get the lid from a Thinkpad X201, which is compatible with the X200 and 100% LED-backlit as far as I know.
  • @adonis827 salamat...
  • Thanks Adonis. Ill try to look in FB. Salamat.
  • success thermal re-paste thinkpad x220!

    used Arctic MX-4, toothpaste, cottonbuds, tissue, and isopropyl alcohol.

    first time mag full disassemble ng laptop, baklas lahat para ma-access yung mobo heatsink fan. inabot halos ng 2hrs. youtube and browse ng disassembly pics, solb!

    x220 fully disassembled -

    x220 idle temp from fresh boot -

    x220 full load for 20mins (running mprime / prime95) (look at the blue thermometer icon, its full) -

    x220 temps drop after quitting mprime (look at the blue thermometer icon its low) -

    x220 normal temps, fan not spinning -

    for a first timer newbie, success and very happy!
  • Planning on buying a 2nd hand thinkpad.

    Torn between x230 at t430.

    Aside sa screen estate, pwede nyo ba ako tulungan sa pros at cons nung dalawa.
    At mga possible issues especially with older thinkpads.
  • ^

    1. X230 only has a 1366x768 screen, while some models of the T430 have a 1600x900 screen. OTOH, some models of the X230 have IPS screens (wide viewing angle) while the T430 doesn't have an IPS screen.

    2. The CPU on the T430 is socketed. Upgrading to a quad-core Ivy Bridge Core i7 is possible, but a 90w charger is required. Also, 35w TDP quad-cores are recommended over the regular 45w TDP ones. This is to maintain lower CPU temps to reduce the chance of thermal throttling (automatic CPU speed reduction due to high temps) and/or overheating.

    3. Both have an mSATA slot, so you can have an SSD+HDD setup.
  • upgradeable kaya ang sl410? naka core2duo ngayon
  • ^
    If you mean CPU upgrade, it can only be upgraded to a faster Core 2 Duo processor, like the P8600/8700, or the T9600.

    It's impossible to upgrade to Core i series because they have completely different CPU sockets.

    The HDD is SATA so it can take even 1TB.

    RAM is maxed at 8GB (2x 4GB) due to chipset limitations.

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  • Thanks awakeruze.
    Kapag naman x220 may msata port din ba?
    Tapos possible din ba ang i5 iby bridge sa x220?
  • Kapag naman x220 may msata port din ba?

    Yes it does. I have an mSATA SSD on my X220. :D

    Tapos possible din ba ang i5 iby bridge sa x220?

    No, because the CPU is soldered to the system board, and therefore not upgradable. All X Series Thinkpads are like that.
  • trying my luck with ebay for the 2nd time. first order msata SSD and it was smooth transaction.

    this time trying a bluetooth daughtercard for my x220. around 400petots sana smooth transaction din!
  • @awakeruze

    I see. Bale yung T series lang ang socket-ted? Hindi ba pahirapan maghanap ng QM processors?
  • Bale yung T series lang ang socket-ted?

    Not all. Slim models like the T410s, T420s, and T430s have soldered processors.

    With the T440, only the T440p has socketed CPUs. Not even sure about the T540 models.

    I have no info regarding the newer models.