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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • ordered 2x1gb kit in ebay for my t41p!
  • Good luck! :D
  • Hingi sana ako ng input nyo guys between Thinkpad Yoga 260 vs t450s.

    Ano ang mas ok?

    Same 1080p pane,
    Same 8gb ram (ddr4 nga lang si yoga)
    Same 256 M2 SSD
    Same backlit keyboard

    Mas inclined ako ngayon sa yoga dahil sa slimmer form factor at greater stock battery kaya lang upgrade-ability wise mas panalo si t450s.

    May mga noted defects ba ang yoga/t450s na dapat maiwasan?
  • need advise for a frankenpad!
    eto yung existing units ko, gusto ko sana ilagay yung t43 mobo sa t41p case -

    T43 - beat up case, worn keyboard, lots of cracks in the chassis. ATI X300 GPU, DDR2 RAM. display has a purple line on the left side, not sure if GPU issue or display issue

    T41p - almost perfect case! keyboard is pristine. overall much presentable than the T43. ATI FIREGL T2, 1GB RAM, display is OK.

    worth it ba to swap the T43 mobo to the T41p chassis? anong unit ang mas prone sa GPU failure? mixed feedback yung nabasa ko sa thinkpad forums -- sabi t40-t42 di masyado yung GPU failure and sa T43 talamak ang GPU failure. yung iba naman ang sabi sa T43 naayos na yung GPU failure.
  • Keep using them, until one breaks. :P
  • ^ i just did the swap! mas presentable na ngayon, T41p chassis pero T43 mobo. nahirapan din ako maghanap ng Linux na pwede sa T41, while sa T43 OK ung Fedora29.
  • ^
    Debian work work?
  • ^ need non-PAE para gumana yung linux sa T41. sakit sa ulo, pinagswap ko na lang yung mobo ahaha. tas DDR2 na din yun T43 sakto may spares ako ng DDR2
  • running Linux on a 14yr old hardware!
    and my first Frankenpad - [T43 inside a T41p chassis]

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  • upgraded T43 CPU from 1.73GHz to 2.26GHz

  • ^
    Any noticeable performance increase?
  • ^ youtube 360p mas OK compared sa lumang proc
  • To bad it's impossible to upgrade them to dual-core-- IIRC Intel deliberately crippled the 915 chipset so that it can't support more than 1 CPU core.

    Question: will you do the SATA mod on that T43? :D
  • ^ i ordered msata to ide adapter. di kaya ng soldering skills ko yung hardcore sata mod.
  • ^ You might run into issues with that. The mSATA to IDE adapter has an iDE to SATA bridge chip. The T43 board itself already has one. Having two of those chips in series is known to result in problems like:

    - drive not detected
    - timeout issues (drive works, then stops being detected after some time, resulting in the system hanging)
    - speed reduced to 33 MB/s
  • Medyo OT- we still have an 11 year old acer 2920z working really well. The core duo cpu was swapped out with a core 2 duo from another broken laptop. Aside from the acer chip thing replaced before and dead cdrom and dead batteries already replaced from online- it works great as a spare laptop for web browsing, videos some documents etc. Runs ubuntu and win 7 though it likely can do win 10 too.

    When that laptop model was first released- it was one of the more affordable less than 14in laptop. It does have some sentimental value to us so we keep it.
  • question lang mga masters - can you suggest reputable shops here in the metro where i can purchase a thinkpad?

    TIA guys
  • trying to revive my T420s and do the FHD mod (no soldering required) .....

    the kit costs 160cad (around 6k petots) for the PCB and FHD display. is it worth it? i was able to get my T420s for 100cad (around 4k petots), making the total cost around 10k petots.

    i will transfer components over, making it a poor-man's Thinkpad T25 edition -

    FHD IPS screen
    16GB RAM
    480GB SSD
    256GB mSATA SSD
    500GB HDD ultrabay
    classic keyboard

    or ignore the FHD mod and use the money to buy T440P? only problem with T440P, it still needs FHD mod and i dont like the chiclet keyboard.

    thoughts? nangangati na ako dun sa FHD mod!

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  • IMO not worth it.

    From what I've read, the T420s heatsink is just as bad as the X220, meaning you can't keep it at max Turbo for very long. Since it's an s model, the CPU isn't upgradable.