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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • sir awakeruze, maraming salamat po.

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  • tanong lang po, magkano ang presyo ng x230 ngayon? nagbabalak po bumili at iupgrade SSD + RAM

    naghanap po ako sa tpc, fb, lx > 10K lahat ng good condition
  • I got mine around 9k but all stock (4gb RAM + 500GB) from a private seller. The condition is pristine with little to no visible scratches. It was lady owned and she worked at home most of the time.

    I had it for a gift for my son's school work and it's been running great for almost two months now. Performance is not that bad (given it has spindle drive + 4GB of RAM) once you've updated the firmware/system drivers. The 32GB msata indeed helps with the performance boost.

    That >10k price range is true coming from computer shops. Look for private sellers and you can haggle from here.

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  • My backup machine, an X61 with Core 2 Duo T7500, just died on me the other night. T_T

    It powers up, but the display doesn't turn on, and there's a 4-4-4-4 error beep code. The error coded doesn't change when I remove the RAM, which means it's a very serious issue. :O
  • sir awakeruze, may nakita akong ad na naka post dito sa tpc para sa x61 motherboard (not my post)
    1k siya kung gusto niyo pa buhayin yun x61 niyo
  • i've wiped out the Debian Sid on my T420s and replaced it with Fedora 27 (for study purposes). since I got used to my previous setup of Debian and i3, I decided to do the same for Fedora 27. i made it two notches better by adding compton and customizing i3blocks.

    and with all that work, its time to take a break and play my favorite game! it's like a time machine, as the wallpaper i used was from FC5 - the first fedora i used way way back! and the game also is the game i got addicted to in the arcades back in the days!

    im using my logitech F710 and its plug / play in linux, no need for additional drivers.

  • meron bang thinkpad na may specs na ganito
    full keyboard with numeric keys
    4 cores / 8 threads i7

  • ^ T5xx series?
  • ^
    Most recent models are P50/51/52 -- do not get the models with the s suffix (like the P51s) because those have dual-core CPUs.

    Older model would be the T540p and W540, which has a Haswell (2014) quad-core CPU.

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  • ^ thanks looks like p50/51/52 is what I want or at least an old w540
  • T420s success! 3HDDs in one laptop! solb sa storage!

    480GB SSD in main drive, 120GB SSD in mSATA port, 500GB HDD in caddy

    this is the caddy i used -

  • i have the same setup with my t430.

    anyone knows where to buy m.2 42mm?
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    M.2 2242 SSD? Order overseas. :(

    My sister's friend bought a 128GB M.2 2242 SSD for her T440 from Amazon US and had it shipped directly to Manila.
  • how much did it cost her? total?
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    A little over 4.8k (including 112 pesos in the post office).
  • anychance of knowing when will t480 be released here in ph?