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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • ^ no idea sa local pricing, dito sa amin nasa 15k ang T450, baka mas mura kapag x250.

    sana matuloy deal bukas, t420 for around 3.5k -

    4gb ram, 250gb hdd, core i5, 1600*900 HD display
  • ^ saan po ba kayo? Bakit mas mura dyan? Hehe.
  • ^ out of the country ako
  • baka may nangongolekta sa inyo ng ibm p4 thinkpad
  • adonis827,

    Forum rules prohibit trading and posting of items for sale. You've been a tipidpc member since 2008, yet still don't know that?
  • ^ awakeruze I wasn't the one selling it. Just bringing attention to thinkpad guys who may want an old thinkpad for perhaps sentimental reasons
  • repost from reddit, got my t420s for 100cad(around 3500 petots) -

    i already have an x220, thinking of getting T420S for 100cad. here are specs -


    4gb ram

    250gb hdd

    1600X900 HD+ screen


    ive got a souped up x220, thinking of transferring the components over to be able to enjoy a good screen estate.

    EDIT: how about battery life for t420s? is there a 9cell for it?

    EDIT: i got hyped and met with seller today. unit looks real nice, no shiny keys, no chipped corners, hinge is still stiff. there is sticker residue on the right palm rest which i was able to clean easily. 77% batt and approximately it is 1hr45mins left. overall happy with the purchase!

    gonna put ssd and 16gb ram soon! also thermal repaste on the way!
  • done! enjoying my t420s!

  • My X230 is going 4 years this end of year. May I know what's your recommended thermal paste to keep the proc cool & happy? Thanks!
  • ^ Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, but it's not available locally. :(
  • ^ would the thermal paste kind make that much of a difference? Just clean the insides regularly including changing thermal paste (every 1mo or at most every 3 mos)
  • My X230 is going 4 years this end of year. May I know what's your recommended thermal paste to keep the proc cool & happy? Thanks!

    im using arctic mx4 on my x220, and will also do the same on my t420s.

    aside sa thermal paste, linisin din yung heatsink. i use toothpaste to make it shiny, then apply thermal paste. toothpaste removes oxidation sa heatsink, which will result in better heat transfer.

    regarding my t420s, mukhang mahirap magpalit ng thermal paste, baklas na naman lahat. reviewing youtue videos on how to do it, wish me luck!
  • (every 1mo or at most every 3 mos)

    That's way too often IMO. 6 months at the very least. I only repaste when I notice the temps getting much higher than normal.
  • Mga sir, pwede po ba ito sa T61 ko, • 18.5Volts, 65Watts, 3.5Amps adaptor.
  • nangangati na naman, trying to maxx out my t420s storage options -

    hdd caddy
    regular sata
  • ^ bitin sa volts, ang alam ko dapat 20V
  • @junt
    If your T61 has nVidia graphics, 90 watt charger (20v 4.5a) is recommended.
    If you're running your T61 without battery, 90w charger is recommended-- using the 65w charger without a working battery will cause the T61 to be locked at a low CPU speed (800-1200MHz)
  • @ryanrudolf

    san mo nabili t420s? paki pm mo ko. ty!
  • ^ mhax taga canada si ryanrudolf
  • My 2 old sl410s have hard drives failing. So both have new 1tb wd 5400rpm drives. The cost of those 2 hdd laptops is about equal to 1 brand new 128gb ssd now. Ssds are insanely expensive nowadays good thing I was able to buy for my work laptop last october before the prices went up.

    Those two laptops should go to the mom and dad after I load up the drives with "goodies".

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  • ^ True. But there are cases where I'd prefer the SSD's speed over the 1TB space.
    But ultimately I'm a cheapskate so I'd probably get a 2nd hand SSD. :P

    Even 32GB is more than enough for Linux.
  • couldnt have survived with regular HDD last night, buti na lang im on SSD with huge amounts of RAM.

    scenario -

    working at home using my trusty T420s, we have a company web portal that relies on silverlight and java. i couldnt get the silverlight to work on Linux....

    ended up setting 2 Windows 7 VMs and everything went smooth thanks to the SSD and 16GB ram.

    Windows 7 on regular HDD runs slow on my T420s, what more kung nasa VM environment pa. cheapskate too, all second hand items T420s, SSD and 16GB ram hehehe