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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • Thanks for the reply, yes I agree I am a linux user too. I just game some times and dual boots Windows 10 AME (ameliorated), but the recent version of windows 10 somehow makes the speaker not work and mic input to be not detected.
  • Windows 10 is not a good fit for PCs with less than 4 cores (or dual cores with HT).
  • It works fine for me, the AME<click here for link> build removed all bloatware and spyware (not 100%) of windows 10.
  • I just received the replacement fan for the X200T but I am not sure whether I got the right part. Can anyone help me determine whether I got the right fan? The seller said there are 2 type of it, one with 3 pins and one with 4 pins. I got the 4 pin for only 3 is used?

    I ordered it from shopee, and I am not sure whether I can get a refund if and only if I they sent me the wrong item.
  • Sorry. I've never encountered an X200 series Thinkpad so I don't know the details regarding their fans.
  • paps ask ko lang my na kapag try na ba dito na mag charge ng laptop using power bank? bale type c to barel jack ng laptop
  • ^
    You need a USB-PD (power delivery) board between the USB-C power bank and the Thinkpad's power connector. The power bank and USB-PD board must support 20V 65W, then you need to salvage the connector from a defective Thinkpad 65W charger.
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  • Mga sir nabili ko na yung x260 na i3 6100u..medyo mabagal kasi naka hdisk at 4gbram lang.. pasok sana ako ng bios kaso need ng password.. di naman alam ng binilhan ko...paano kaya to ireset?
  • short mo cmos ewan ko langkung gagana need mo baklasin kb nyn paps
  • @wallcolm_x
    That doesn't work on Thinkpads.
  • yung i3 x260 ko pala naka ddr4 na..buti nilinis ko muna loobs tas sabay silip..ddr3 sodim na yung nasa amazon cart ko.. anu pala pwede ipunas sa lid para bumalik kulay? kasi may part na maitim na parang may naka dikit tas inalis..tas medyo kupas yung ilalim..
  • tanong ko po ulit.. repaste ako ng thermal paste sa cpu..napansin ko sa part na tabi ng cpu yung para naman sa gpu na di sya tinatamaan ng copper heatsink, wala syang mark ng thermal paste.. normal ba ito? pati napansin ko na may slot para sa simcard..paano ko magamit pala? anu pa need ko idagdag para gumana?
  • 1. ^ It's not the GPU. That's the PCH (Platform Controller Hub), which is the equivalent of the southbridge chip in older CPU architectures. IIRC the PCH was integrated into the CPU package (starting from Haswell) for three reasons:

    - reduce size
    - simplify system board design
    - reduce power

    It's a low-power chip so it doesn't need the heatsink.

    2. You need to buy a WWAN/LTE card from Lenovo and install it on the M.2 WWAN slot which is usually beside the WiFi card.
  • @wallcolm_x

    Yes, it is possible. I've been doing it for 2 years now. You can buy the following:
    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>

    The cable already has a Trigger Board inside it. The cable also has a floating signal pin, which means it will get detected as a 90w AC Adapter. You're safe as long as your laptop doesn't go over 65w continuously. Is your current charger 45w or 65w?


    The Supervisor Password is stored in a separate chip from the BIOS chip. Even if you remove the CMOS Battery or update the BIOS it will never be erased. All Thinkpads starting from T440 generation are designed this way. The only way to remove it is to flash Custom BIOS that will erase it, then re-flash Original BIOS. Here is the people who can help you <click here for link>. You will have to pay of course.
  • salamat mga sir.. akala ko bibili pa ako thermal pad...mabilis bilis na sya ngayon lalo na pag pasok ng windows..unlike dati pag pasok windows di magalaw pointer tas nag loload pa..may kamahalan din pala pag unlock..ok na siguro ako sa lock at para di ko na makalikot..
  • Is your current charger 45w or 65w?

    not sure if its 45w or 65w

    im using a ideapad s340 i think its just 45w the model number is pa-1450-55LL

    im not sure if i can hook it uo directly to a PD QC3.0 power bank? (romos sense 6+)
  • If the laptop is not designed for USB PD, you cannot plug it directly to the power bank.

    Why? Because USB Power Delivery supports voltages from 5V to 20V, and there should be a chip that talks to the power bank in order to select the right voltage.
  • @wallcolm_x

    Based on some google search, it looks like S340's factory charger is 45w. That means your laptop will never go beyond that power. It also looks like your barrel connector specification is 4.0x1.7mm 20v. The one I posted above is for Thinkpads. Use these links instead:

    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>

    The cable already has the Trigger Board in the Type-C end which negotiates for Power Delivery. It will request for 20v on the Type-C GAN Charger I posted above. Unfortunately, your Romoss Sense 6+ Power Bank can only go as high as 12v. You can hook up the cable I posted above but your Power Bank will only supply 0v after PD negotiation. Nothing will get damaged.

    Let's say your Power Bank can supply 20v, it still won't be a good idea to use it since it can only supply max of 18w power. If your load goes beyond that, some components inside your Power Bank will heat up and cause failure. If it is a good design, it will blow up a fuse or trigger a PTC, if not, it will burn a MOSFET or some tracks.

    If you want a Power Bank that can supply 20v and at least 45w, then you might want to look this up:

    <click here for link>

    You can use that in combination with the cable I posted above directly for your laptop. You can also look at the ratings. I think the first video is the same as your laptop.


    As I've posted before, the cable's Type-C end has a Trigger Board in it that negotiates for 20v Power Delivery. If the requested voltage is not available, no voltage will be supplied. Please read up on Type C Trigger Boards. The laptop doesn't care where or how the voltage is supplied, as long as it is the right voltage and has a GND. As such, if your laptop is not designed for USB PD, then make it one:

    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>
  • Streets of Rage 4 Linux port works OK on my 6yr old T540p running Fedora33. Getting 40-45 fps on medium settings.
  • Finally got my X61 back (loaned to my aunt due to the lockdown). Planning to put the PVA screen from my for-parts X61 Tablet, but need to hunt down the LCD adapter cable first.
  • Happy new year mga ka thinkpad.. ask ko lang sa mga naka x260 na i3 6100u, talaga bang naka off intel virtualization nya? kahit sa bios di din sya ma activate..
  • Ask ko lang mga ka thinkpad may mabibilhan ba ko ng optical drive/dvd drive ng thinkpad e570???
  • My X220's WLAN slot broke, so I ended up using a mini-PCIe to USB adapter + USB WiFi AC on the WWAN/mSATA slot to replace it:

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  • Anyone able to buy this Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 with AMD CPUs?
  • May solution po ba sa horizonal line sa Thinkpad E580? Isa pang problema, dumidilim pag black ang background, as in nag di dim siya, kahit hindi ginagalaw ang brightness.

    Meron bang shop na recommended para bilihan ng lcd replacement? Thanks fellow TPCers! (:
  • Guys ask lang ako ng suggestion for a thinkpad model that can support 2 storage devices (nvme + 2.5 hdd). Tama ba yung options like E590/E580, E490?

    Thanks in advance..

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  • Sir/s, kung palitan ko po ng ssd yung hdd ng X200 ko, may kailangan pa po ba ako bilhin bukod dun sa drive o pwede na po direct ko na ikakabit yung ssd. Salamat po.
  • @junt

    IIRC the X200 supports HDDs with 9.5mm height, while most SSDs these days are 7mm tall. The result is that the SSD might wiggle/wobble a bit. Some SSDs like the Crucial MX500 come with a spacer to address this.

    The spacer is to the right of the box. It can be affixed to the SSD via two adhesive strips.

    Of course, You're free to fabricate a DIY solution.
  • May nakaencounter na ba ng boot problem sa T430? 2 blinks lang sa power button then wala na

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