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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • 3k is a believable price.
  • Thank you I thought he was scamming me since one of his buddies said its just around 2k
  • Planning to buy x220 i7 variant (dual core). is it possible to upgrade the CPU into an i7 that is quad core? Really miss the feel of thinkpad
  • ^ if you have the skills and equipment then yes!
  • @ryanrudolf
    no skills and equipment... would like to ask if someone knows someone around the Philippines (LUZON) that can do that for me if ever I buy a 2nd hand x220 hahahahah
  • Hi guys how much would a keyboard replacement tor e570 would cost? Accidentally spilled sprite the mobi was fixed costs around 4k and now they said the keyboard is not working and would cost 3k is that the usual price for keyboard??

    as long as it is original (not replacement)
  • @rojodemesaa23
    You need a number of things:

    1. a laptop repair shop that offers BGA reballing services
    2. a quad-core i7 CPU in BGA1023 package, preferably with 35w TDP

    #2 is difficult, because there are only 3 CPUs AFAIK that fit the bill:

    * i7-2715QE (Sandy Bridge, 45w TDP, 2.1GHz base clock)
    * i7-3612QE (Ivy Bridge, 35w TDP, 2.1GHz base clock)
    * i7-3615QE (Ivy Bridge, 45w TDP, 2.3GHz base clock)

    In general, these 3 are hard to find. While the 3612QE is the best (lowest heat output), it requires flashing Coreboot because the stock BIOS does not support Ivy Bridge CPUs at all. But Coreboot is another can of worms, with issues like an incomplete ACPI implementation that may result in Windows incompatibility.

    There are guys that do this mod in mainland China, and even they have a shortage of 3612QE's. Seems like not many of these were made by Intel.

    Using the X230 as a base removes the Coreboot requirement, but doesn't solve the issue of CPU availability.

    Bottom line: don't bother, it's a pipe dream.

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  • ^this made me long for the days when laptop CPUs were not soldered to the motherboards, not to mention MXM GPUs :)
  • ^this made me long for the days when laptop CPUs were not soldered to the motherboards, not to mention MXM GPUs :)
    X220 is on the 2nd gen intel core processor, or Sandy Bridge. regular laptops on Sandy Bridge (and even up to Ivy Bridge) were on replaceable processor config (FCPGA socket). but ThinkPad x-series decided to go different route - soldered BGA... may be to save space, to keep it "Ultraportable"
  • @newbie
    AFAIK all the X series Thinkpad had soldered processors.
  • ^ yep - ThinkPad x-series.

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  • any good thinkpad to buy? mas better if quadcore i5 or i7. ung plan ko kasi is x220 pero dual core lang sha. So sa mga naka x220 dito. Ilang tabs kaya nakaopen ng hindi nag llag ang thinkpad?

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  • ^
    Quad-core i5 only became a thing with the xx80 (T480, X280) generation.

    Regarding your question, it's more of what those other tabs are doing. I mean, if you're trying to watch streaming video on each, you'll probably run out of free CPU time really quick.
  • t430 with latest win10 professional, di ba talaga umaandar ang print screen?

    nag online keyboard tester na ako, na rerecognized naman yung printscreen pag pinipindot...
  • I've finally settled for an X270 and happy with the form factor. However, the difference between the display and my old T440P FHD 1080p is night and day. Any leads on where I can get a compatible IPS or FHD panel? I've read that for the x270, one would also have to purchase a compatible bezel
  • I got my used 1080p screen for my X250 from a Chinese vendor in Lazada. Brand new parts are pricey, cost more than what I actually paid for my laptop kaya I settled muna for a used one. Walang marking kaya palaisipan kung sino gumawa ng panel.

    Mukhang pareho mga panel ng pang X250 sa 270, so check what’s out there