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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • mabigat talaga old models...

    have used in the previous office/company before with X270, X280, X13, X1 Carbon... (Carbon being the super lightest one)
    talagang pwede one hand lang (o kahit 3 fingers lang)

    if you have X270 and up compared to the T540p, night and day siguro yung timbang ^_^
  • T540p is a 15-incher workstation / desktop replacement. comparable sya sa W / P series.

    of course kung ico-compare sya sa 12 / 14incher models mas mabigat yung T540p.
  • According to the official product sheet, the T540p with Intel-only graphics and a 6-cell battery weighs 5.31 lb / 2.41kg, while the 9-cell version is 5.65 lb / 2.56kg. Models with nVidia graphics are heavier, at 5.43 lb / 2.46kg with a 6-cell, and 5.80 lb / 2.63kg with a 9-cell battery.

    <click here for link>

    That's heavier that a T430.
  • Kasing bigat pala siya ng work laptop ko ayt.
    I'm eyeing T480s but soldered RAM worries me
  • Lol may nakarinig ata, naunahan nako bumili haha
  • ^
  • sa new company ko t480 ang issued models sagad din specs i7 32gb 500gb ssd toucj screen din at 1080p
  • ^ Sanaol. Magaan naman ba yun?

    Btw, is X1 Carbon 3rd gen touchscreen a good deal? Or mag hintay na lang ako ng T480/s
  • The X1 Carbon Gen 3 has a 5th gen Core i5/i7 CPU, a bit older than the T480. Also, all the RAM is soldered, either 4 or 8GB.

    IMO it pales in comparison with a T480
  • Sanaol. Magaan naman ba yun?

    sakto lang mas mabigat pa t500 ko eh at halos kasing gaan ng 15inch idea pad ko pero nakakapanobago pala pag maliit tapos 1080p yung idea pad ko kasi full keyboard may number keys pero manipis halos same lang dij sila ng core count pero naka nvme tong ideapad
  • sandamakmak naman ang apps at tools na gamit kya ganun din specs
  • I'll stick to T480/T490. Other than that any good recommendation for latest Thinkpad T series? Yung nasa lenovo site ganun. No proprietary donglelife
  • baka may recommend shop for lcd replacement.. 9k quote sa mall para sa T14.

  • my X220 still going strong! i use it as my kali machine for testing my wifi network.

    may nakuha ako na full height msata / mpcie alfa card based on rtl8814au and it works ok on Linux!

    share na din my homelab environment from top to bottom -

    * hitron cable modem
    * netgear R7800 flashed to openwrt
    *dlink 8 port switch
    *asus zenfone 2 flashed with LineageOS and connected to netgear for backup internet
    *thinkpad x220 - dual boot Kali Linux and Win11
    *thinkcentre m91p - running esxi 7 and rhel VMs
    *thinkcentre m92 - running esxi 7 and Windows VMs
    *thinkcentre m91p - running esxi 7. spare

    i used to run older ddr2-based PowerEdge T300 servers. pinag retire ko na and OK na ako dito.

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  • ^ Can't see the image.
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  • ^ AFAIK starting from the X240 generation, the antennas for cellular support are not included by default, so you either have to order a custom configuration at Lenovo's website, or acquire the antennas and cellular card elsewhere.

    Personally, the X series suffer from having a screen that's too small (12.5 inches from the X220 to X280), especially if said screen is Full HD (1920x1080).
    I have an X220, and started getting eyestrain even with its low-res 1366x768 screen (I'm getting old), which is why I got a 22" 1920x1200 monitor.

    The T-series starting from the T440 weigh just a bit more than the X220 (especially compared to the T430 and earlier, which were around 5 lbs), so unless you're really looking for a small and lightweight laptop, I recommend a T460, T470 or newer instead.

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  • Recently upgraded from an X230t to a T480s and the weight difference is immediately noticeable. The T480s is also half as thick as the X230t when closed, which is a plus for me because it's easier to carry around and pack in my bag.

    It was a tough decision, choosing whether to get a T480 (upgradeability) or a T480s (portability), but I'm happy with my choice. Part of the reason why I also chose the T480s was because there weren't too much non-s T480s for sale when I was looking. I just checked now though, and there seems to be a lot of non-s T480s for sale in FB marketplace.

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  • @dylan_thomas6
    Is X230T much heavier than T480s?

    I tried looking for T480/T480s but they were already sold out na.
    X230T was looking but no one seems to sell it here in PH. I'll just stick to X200T for now
  • According to official documentation, the X230T weighs around 3.6 lbs with a 3-cell battery, and 4 lbs with a 6-cell.
    In contrast, the T480s starts at 2.9 lbs. :O
  • @tpc_gpm
    Yes, it's heavier. I had the 6-cell battery aka the larger, extended one which you can use as a handle. Hence, the physical footprint is also big, even though the screen is just 12.5 inches. I took some photos for comparison: (<click here for link>). The X230t is taller than the T480s due to the bumps on the battery, as well as the antenna, but the T480s is a little bit wider.

    I checked FB Marketplace a couple of days ago and I remember seeing an X220t for sale somewhere. That would be a step down from an X230t but it would be a massive step up from the X200t. Convertible Thinkpad tablet models are pretty rare here (except for X200ts and X201ts for some reason). You might have better mileage buying one from the US (prices are cheaper there) and finding someone who can forward it here.
  • Question lng po
    sabi sa pic isa lng daw ung battery na dedetect ng x260 na nabili ko kanina
    di ko alam kung wala talaga syang internal battery by default or merong mali sa unit
    maliban dyan wala na kong issue
    meron bang way para malaman kung meron talagang internal batt ung x260 koaaa
  • @rjackdaw

    The best way is to open up the laptop. Grab a copy of the Thinkpad X260 Hardware Maintenance Manual (it's just a web search away), give it a good read, prepare the needed tools, and set aside an hour or so.
    IIRC almost all the components are readily accessible once you remove the bottom panel. Check if there's a battery present, and whether it's connected or not.
  • @dylan thanks for the info. Yeah pretty rare wala sa gilmore. I'll switch to T480 someday
    @rjackdaw yep better to open the laptop to check
  • ahhh .
    well ung unit kasi merong 6 months warranty pa which is cool for a refurbished item
    kaso sabi nung seller standard daw ung ganun
    ngaun ko lang din kasi napansin pag uwi ko

    my posibility b na makabili ng mas better na battery for x260 both internal and external if ever an magdecide na ko bumili

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  • ano kaya issue nitong T14 ko. Sinalpak ko ung lcd na na-order ko online. wala na yung sound na indicator na damage ung lcd after pressing on.

    ang issue, ang dilim wala ata backlight. pag iniliwan ng flashlight meron display.
  • ^ Did you disconnect the battery before installing the LCD?
  • btw meron ba kayong masa-suggest na electronic shop or fb page na pwedeng bilhan ng battery ni x260 ?

    nag hard reset na rin ako at nag install ng lenovo vantage dun ako nag install ng update and bios
    safe din ba gamitin ung battery reset gauge ni lenovo vantage ?