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IBM Thinkpad users thread

  • Anong pinakamaliit na thinkpad ang 1080p, may low wattage usb c charging at acceptable ang battery life?

    Macbook 12" ang benchmark.
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    Maybe the Thinkpad X13s with Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 (ARM)??
  • binuhay ko ulit yung T420s ko!!!
    ahahay astig ang specs for a ~11yr old machine -

    CPU - Intel core i5 2520M
    Display - 1080p IPS panel using LVDS to eDP converter
    Main Storage - 2TB SATA SSD
    Secondary Storage - 256GB mSATA SSD via cdrom caddy
    WIFI1 - Alfa AWPCIE 1900 RTL8814au via wwan slot
    WIFI2 - Intel Dual Band 7260ac via wifi slot

  • @awakeruze

    x86 lang po.

    Kaya naman ng Mac ang ARM Windows via Parallels.
  • Hello po, san po kaya pwede makakuha ng driver nitong conexant cx31993, wala po ako makita na pwede sa Win7.
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    From Which Thinkpad model is that?
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    Thinkpad x200 sir.
  • Try:
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    Salamat po sir.
  • Damn, finding a replacement T440p keyboard is a clusterfuck these days. The first one I ordered didn't even fit (it was a couple of millimeters too wide) and the ordeal of returning it and getting a refund took months. :X
  • @awakeruze

    I am currently using that keyboard connected to my Thinkpad.
    Old computer table pa kasi gamit ko na may separate na lalagyan for keyboard.
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    Not my T440p though. Currently using an SK-8855 <click here for link> on a Thinkpad without a keyboard. :P
  • Good pm po mga sir. May refurbished thinkpad sa amazonjp at ito po pasok nder 30000 yen, around 11k pesos.. alin po kaya yung ok at pwede mag tagal?
    X1carbon gen4
    Thinkpad 13

    Gusto ko sana gamitin mga spare sodim ddr4 , m.2 2242, m.2 500gb. Sa bahay konlang sya gagamitin para sa disney, netflix na naka hook sa 50 inch tv at mga videos picture ng mga anak namin para sa storage..

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  • Don't get a laptop that doesn't have an IPS screen.

    My picks:

    1. T470 if it has a 7th gen Core i5/i7 -- why 7th gen? Has HEVC video decode support that variants with 6th gen CPUs don't have. Stuck with dual-core CPUs though. :(
    Supports DDR4, M.2 2242 SATA SSD on the WWAN port. May have either 2.5" SATA SSD or M.2 2280 NVMe SSD (needs a caddy that's mounted in the HDD bay)

    2. L380 if it has an 8th gen i5/i7 processor -- while it's newer than the T470 (8th gen i5/i7 are quad-core), I have serious doubts regarding its longevity (since it's not a T or X series).
    DDR4-2400, two RAM slots. M.2 2280 SATA and NVMe SSDs supported. 13.3' screen.

    3. X270 -- same generation and conditions as T470, but with 12.5" inch screen.

    The others have major deficiencies

    X1 Carbon has 6th gen Intel CPUs, and only soldered RAM (no RAM slots)

    Thinkpad 13 (Gen 1) is also 6th gen Intel.

    The rest have Intel 4th Gen CPUs. Around 10 years old already.
  • Not sure kung bawal dito, but do you guys have any leads kung saan mayroong replacement screen back cover ng Thinkpad T14s gen1? I just found out my work laptop already has crack.
  • salamat sir.. x270 po yung nakuha ko at wala ma yung t470 at out of stock na..dec pa maibigay sa akin ng tito ko from japan..usb type c na din sya kahit papaano at sana gumana yung m.2 ko na non nvme..
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    The X270 has two charging ports:

    - rectangular tip (same charger from T440 to T470 generations)

    - and USB-C (20 volts)

    There's also the docking connector at the bottom.
  • @wakidiaz

    Try searching 02HM498 in shop**, may 2 stores selling it. Ung isa has good ratings naman although it seems pricey
  • ^ Thanks sa response sir, same lang po ba T14s with T490s?

    Also, may shops na nagbebenta ng silver finish which is metal daw, pasok kaya sa T14s na black?
    Metal daw po kasi ang silver finish compared sa black na plastic material. Baka mas tatagal
  • I usually check parts stores online for part nos. Most of the time, these are used by manufacturers on more than 1 device. Here's the link for that part no:

    <click here for link>

    It's also a good way to find compatible parts. It would be best to communicate directly with the seller and check if it's compatible.
  • My X220 died. T_T
    Served well for 5 years. Retired it earlier this year.

    Was going to power it up to look for a certain file. None of the indicators lit up after
    connecting the charger. Brought out the Series 3 Dock to check. Dock lights up, but not the laptop. :(
  • hi, i think sira na batteries ng t470 ng anak ko, need naka connect yung power adaptor saka mag on. pabulong naman reliable sources ? pwede bang mas higher capacity ang ipalit ? also, how do i know na meron internal battery ?

    salamat din sa thread na to na replaced ko din keyboard 2 years ago.
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    My brother was able to get an external battery for his T460 from labada :P.
    IIRC he just picked a reasonably-priced one that was within Metro Manila and had high ratings.

    how do i know na meron internal battery ?

    Best way to know is to open up the laptop. The Lenovo software might not detect a battery if it's completely dead.
  • @awakeruze:

    maraming salamat po uli sir.
  • pag by default walang internal battery yung T 470, pwede bang mag install ? ano kayang internal battery model pwede ?
  • @sethmartin

    Internal battery for T470 is FRU 01AV421: <click here for link>
  • @awakeruze:

    maraming salamat po uli sa advice. ok kaya quality if galing ratzada o shappy ?
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    1. Check feedback
    2. Prefer local sellers
  • dumating na both internal and external batteries for my t 470. it seems parang naka stuck lang yung percentage like dun sa internal 01av489 24wh but naka stuck lagi sa 8.38wh. tinangal ko muna yung 61++ 72wh battery para ma isolate ko, pero initially when i installed them both parang same yung status charging but di gumagalaw. also, nung internal battery lang naka install, i tried to pull out the ac adapter.....nawalan talaga ng power as if walang battery naka install.
  • nasa 35% lagi using internal battery alone as per lenovo vantage battery icon.