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IBM Thinkpad users thread

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    Do you have another charger to test it with? IIRC the T470 can charge via its USB-C port, so if you have a newer laptop with USB-C charger, you can try that.

    You can also check the battery charge threshold in Vantage.
  • @awakezuke:

    maraming salamat. try ko po then mag update ako.
  • @awakezuke:

    before yung primary battery (internal) yung status charging then yung secondary battery(external) status no activity. after connecting the usb c charger, now the status are reversed but i think it's making a progress since the secondary battery now displays an increasing remaining capacity and remaining percentage then a decreasing charge completion time. will this start to charge the primary battery once the secondary is fully charged ? also, i'm both connecting the "original"(non usb c) charger and the usb c charger...tried to disconnect the original charger after connecting the usb c charger and the laptop powered off as if there were no batteries.

  • eto po initial status on first install.

    now confused na naman ako. di pa nag full charged yung secondary battery, nag stopped yung charging then naka lagay sa status is no activity. then, si primary battery na naman yung charging but parang stuck though yung status is charging.

  • i have trouble linking the pics from flickr.
    fix ko muna.
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    For flickr, use the image links from the download button.

    Used "medium" size" for these pics.

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  • Questions:

    1. What's the rated wattage of the chargers that you're using?

    2. Have you tried installing and charging only 1 battery?

    3. Have you checked the battery charge thresholds on Vantage?
  • thanks Awakezuke


    1. What's the rated wattage of the chargers that you're using?

    i'm using the default charger that came with the T 470, can't seem to exactly see the wattage but the output rating is 20v 3.25A. also, both the internal and external batteries are not fully drained but when i tried to un plug the ac cable it would turn off as if the batteries are not working.

    also, both physically installed(the batteries) the secondary battery(external) is almost fully charged but maybe the threshold settings may have prevented it being fully charged.

    also, i have this usb c anker gan charger that i think jumpstarted the charging of the secondary
    (external) battery when you advice earlier. both ac adapters are con currently connected yet when i pulled out the default ac adapter, the system turned off.

    2. Have you tried installing and charging only 1 battery?

    will try to remove the secondary battery and will let the ac adapter on.

    3. Have you checked the battery charge thresholds on Vantage?
    how do i set the threshold settings and what would recommend ?
  • should i do a battery guage reset ?

    also, the threshold is not enabled as of now.

    currently, i removed the external battery and use my usb c charger to power on the system hoping that the internal battery would charge, should i let the system on overnight ?

    i am still confused why the system shutdown when i had both batteries installed during that time when i unplugged the default ac adapter.

    also, i have tried twice to disconnect and connect the cable of the internal battery hoping to jumpstart its actual charging. the vantage status is "charging" but it seems it's not progressing at all.

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  • finally had to purchase again the internal battery(01av421) and this time it worked(charging). tama advice ni awakeruze na dapat yung local supplier....nasilaw kasi 1500 vs 2400.
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    Glad you finally got it working.

    Added 16GB RAM to my T495. Still no keyboard though. LMAO
  • @awakeruze:

    maraming salamat po sir sa walang sawang advice mo.
  • hi ya'all. Are there local sellers that have panels for X260? Hirap kausap ng mga chinese sellers sa laz/shp. Tinatanong ko availability ng specific model pero ang sagot lagi just add to cart haha.

    LF in order of priority:
    M125NWF4-R3 IVO
    B125HAN02.2 AUO
    NV125FHM-N82 BOE
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    I've never replaced a Thinkpad's LCD with something store-bought; it's either from another Thinkpad I already have, or bought second-hand. :(

    I think your options are:

    * ask any online laptop shops you encounter

    * look for half-working/defective Thinkpads to scrounge parts from; IIRC the X240 up to X280 have compatible screens, though the older ones are more likely to be TN LCDs rather that IPS.
  • x260 ang weird sa series na yan regarding LCD. just found out. almost bought a panel na iba ang size. because:

    x260 720p ang same sa x240, x250
    x260 1080p ang same sa x270 and x280

    EDIT: mine is an x260 1080p
    and mahal pa ang defective x270s compared to just buying a panel only.

    pero tama, i'll just ask around until may pumayag na kahuyin ang parts haha

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  • Anyone with a Thinkpad E16 AMD? Mura na ba ang ?43,194.46?
  • Recently got a Thinkpad Universal USB-C Dock (Type 40AY) for my Thinkpads. Now I only have to plug 1 cable into my laptop. :D
  • Magandang araw po, yung Thinkpad X200 ko biglang nawalan ng ilaw pero makikita naman ang display pag tinapatan nf flashlight, pag sinara ko yung lid at binuksan magkakailaw pa. ngayon hindi na din po kasi isara ko, pag press ko sa lower right corner ng screen saglit na magkakailaw tapos mawawala na din. Ano po kaya sa palagay ninyo ang sira ng unit ko?
  • ^Looks like a backlight issue.

    Note that the X200 can have either a CCFL or LEd-backlit screen, and they require different LCD cables and inverters. You need to know which type is installed before you can get a replacement.