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Gigabyte cases

  • Last post na lapit na mamaalam salamat Gigabyte Poseidon 310 from march 1, 2009 to march, 2011 ^_^

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    thanks bro! :)

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  • na lock ba ito? lol!

  • mga sir! nalock na ba to? :)

  • lol!
  • nabuhay ang thread, I\'m still using my Gigabyte 3D Mars (black). And it still serves me well.
  • alaala ng nakaraan :D

  • nice!
  • sir kamusta po ang cable management ng sumo na full tower planing to trade my vs3 po kasi
  • nakakamiss naman dito!
  • my gigabyte t1028\'s screen got busted. natuklap. san puwede magpaayos o bumili ng replacement. wala na pamalit ang qube. :-(
  • OOT..pero gigabyte din nman..Mga gigamasters, anu po masasabi nyo sa PSU ng gigabyte? Gusto snang build puro gigabyte brand mobo, case, psu, pati gpu gigabyte at monitor...TIA

    dead forum....

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  • sir pwede ba pagawa yung switch ng sumo case ko? yun lang problema eh. although working ang mga lights nga sumo ko. pero yung reset and power button. hirap na hirap magon sir.!!!
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a Gigabyte 3D Aurora but i\'d like to replace all stock fans, LED lights and have the power botton fixed. I hope someone can help. :)
  • I\'m using my 3d aurora since 2007 and for me are one of the best cases out there. the main issue is the on/off switch. this is the same case of my casing, when the switch was broken I soldered the broken switch and replaced it with the reset switch still in the same pcb board and then it worked. @techsupportagent and @phoenix11, maybe you could do what i did and you can use your cases again.
  • missing old days

  • hi mga sir, ask ko lang may nag RMA ba locally ng mga gigabyte motherboards ? TIA

  • gusto ko magbuo ulit, pano na ba? ^_^
  • anybody here knows how to repair the power button?
  • Done with power button repair with the help of WD-40.