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Unified PLDT Home/Biz DSL Users Thread (See page 934 for FAQ. No Torrent discussions and Reference.)

  • pldt home fiber user

    anybody here experience on and off connection from pldt? in my case, napuputol ang connection in the morning then in the evening. 30mins to an hour. this has been going on for weeks now. i've been sending pldt track text, pero walang improvement.
  • same here 10pm-5am mga mag 1 month na siguro
  • Yesterday mga 1-4 AM wala makuha IP and connecting status sa fiberhome modem UI. First time nangyari ganun sa amin.
  • ask ko lng po, normal po ba na pabago bago ung distance measurement na nka post dun sa device status?, may time kasi na around 550m ung distance and ung speed is 30mbps then ma-dc after renew nagiging 450m pero at lower downstream speed na
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