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TCL LCD/LED TV Users Thread

  • @khernitzz

    android 9.0 parin ito, actually yung mga pinopost naming mga firmware links dito is coming from different regions, and they have different numbering schemes sa kanilang firmwares. so iba-iba talaga, unfortunately wala rin changelogs kaya di natin alam ung mga upgrades/changes.

    So please proceed guys with your own risk, but if all steps are followed properly i don't think magkakaproblema sa paguupdate ng firmwares.

    currently eto ung series
    v.410 - North America Server
    v.372 - this is from the Australia Server <click here for link>

    mostly ung issue dun sa mga recent release specially sa mga North American firmwares is ung sa TV Channels nga naka save ay mawawala so you have to re-scan. good thing for me i don't use this feature kaya okay lang.

    better pa check sa customer service when in doubt, para mareplace if its an actual defect :)


    thanks bro! although i'm not sure if its the same chipset with what i've got (P8 series), if yes you can just try going up with these latest firmware na nakapost dito just to start out.

    for the settings, actually iniisa isa ko talaga just to check what it does, tapos adjust it based on my preference. So go ahead and try it out para magamay mo ung TV mo :)
  • May nakabili na ba ng bagong QLED model? (55c715us) pa-feedback naman please :)

    interesting yung C716 kasi backlit
  • interesting yung C716 kasi backlit

    May C716 na ba sa Philippine market?
  • May C716 na ba sa Philippine market?

    sa Carousell meron:
    50C716 Cash:26,990
    55C716 Cash:30,990
    65C716 Cash:48,600
  • Kinda weird that their QLED models are not bright enough. They are only rated 330nits vs 270nits on their traditional LED-backlit models. The game changer would be their miniLEDs with ~1000nits brightness

    v.372 - this is from the Australia Server <click here for link>

    I'm a bit hesitant on upgrading to this firmware since I still see no feedback on other forums if it'll work with P7 series (same RT51 chassis though)

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  • Thank you @thecrowester! If you were to choose between C716 and C815 -- which one would you pick?
  • Thank you @thecrowester! If you were to choose between C716 and C815 -- which one would you pick?

    tough choice.

    350 nits
    5000:1 contrast

    400 nits
    5000:1 contrast

    I will choose the one that has the faster SoC. if both SoCs are identical, I might go for the C716. I don't need the soundbar.

    however, if the MEMC of C815 makes a big difference and the price difference is P7K max, I might go for the C815.

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  • Thanks for narrowing it down! I'm also considering the Sony X900H as the price difference between it and the 55C815 is around 9K.

    Sony pros
    - 4K/120fps
    - Full Array LED

    Sony cons
    - price
    - blooming

    C815 pros
    - price
    - integrated soundbar

    C815 cons
    - edge lit display
  • Hi Guys,

    I've bought a 50P8M last week and napansin ko na lagi nagaadjust yung brightness. Inoff ko na din ung Auto Detect pero same pa din. Ang weird pa is madilim yung scene sa PS4 game ko, mas nawawala ung brightness niya. Naka Game Mode din pala ako. Any fix po? Or maayos po ba yung issue pag nagupdate ako ng firmware?

    Thank you
  • @knives1017

    Anong firmware version mo? Easy fix is i-turn on mo yung HDR ng PS4 or i-force mo yung HDR gamit yung preset ng TV (Smart HDR, medyo pangit itsura). Another fix is to lower the brightness para di na siya mag-iba iba ng brightness. (which is stupid, I know).

    Common yan sa v2xx. May version sa lower v2xx na wala yung problema na to kaso di ko na maalala. v3xx nawala na yung dimming kaso medyo f*cked na rin yung HDR content (oversaturation). I'm currently on v288 since eto yung best for me kaso nag di-dimming nga siya (Except for HDR).
  • @joshlawrenz

    Thank you. Sobrang unbearable ba nung oversaturation? Actually new lang ako sa smart tv so hindi ko din alam kung pano magcheck kung anong firmware ko.
  • @knives

    i was able to solve this previously, kaso nakalimutan ko na ung exact steps.

    it's somewhere here on the secret menu sa ating TV.

    going to picture>advanced settings>brightness>Contrast and hitting 1950 on your remote. As well as 9735 for Factory Mode or 9705 for Service Menu.

    check mo na lang bro. i'll try to remember it later pag nasa bahay.
  • @knives1017

    Oo pero I think naa-adjust naman siya. Parang aadjust mo yung color saturation to 38 ata. Di ko sure. Pero sa HDR lang naman problema.

    Edit: yung 38 saturation sa v321. Not sure sa mga higher versions

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  • I see. So far pinapaobserbahan ko muna yung tv sa mga tao sa bahay kung sobrang nagdidim pa din.. inalis ko na yung auto detect niya so sana kung magdim man siya, hindi na kasing dim nung last time
  • Hi po! Any recommendations for a good TV priced at around 20k?
  • just bought a 55p717 sa abenson for 25995. Pahingi po tips, first time ko lang magka led/android-tv ????. I usually root/unlock bl mga android phones,

    1st issue ko ay hindi lahat ng exisiting movies ko ay napeplay with audio.
  • @chocomart
    - sa digibox via hdmi lang sya gumaganon, ni observe ko. pag wifi and playing movies via usb wala namang issue, nakahinga nako maluwag hehe

    @knives -
    try mo lang disable yung dynamic backlight under advanced sa picture ata. im using

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  • Planning to get an android TV soon dahil bumibigay na itong old Philips LED TV ko.
    Ano bang marerecommend ninyo na 65" na bang for the buck?
    Main uses are:
    1. Watching cable TV and downloaded movies
    2. Streaming movies over the net
    3. Playing games on Playstation 4
    4. Netflix maybe in the near future
    TP717 initially nakita ko pero maganda yung C6 kahit old model kaya lang baka overkill na siya based on above usage.
    Maraming salamat sa tulong ninyo.
  • Planning to get an android TV soon dahil bumibigay na itong old Philips LED TV ko.
    Ano bang marerecommend ninyo na 65" na bang for the buck?

    hindi ito ang modelo ko, pero parang good value ang 65" ng TCL P8S (P44k) at C716 (P50k)
  • @badjawong

    Actually naka disable na din yung dynamic contrast. Very noticeable yung dimming pagnaglalaro ako ng PS4 lalo na pag may dark scenes, lalo siya nagdidim yung brightness

    na try ko na din yung sa may contrast na secret menu pero yung dapat ioff dun naka off na din.. Siguro subukan ko ung sa may factory mode or service menu mamaya
  • Anyone using C716? Contemplating if worth the jump from P717. Thanks
  • Unless you play 4K&HDR content 99% of the time, I won't even bother shelling out for a QD display for TCL. TCL's upscaling logic paired with out-of-whack color science, it is really subpar compared to other brands.
  • Need help on TCL 65P8M model. Pansin ko lang medyo poor ang framerate lalo na kapag naghohorizontal panning yung movie. Masyadong masakit sa mata. Any fix for this? Appreciate your help
  • @khernitz, my brother just bought a P717 and to be frank I really can't tell the difference from my 2 year old P65 aside from the android interface. Plano ko sana to use the P65 as a monitor and buy a P717 but seems like it's not worth it. Anyway, thanks for your input might just buy a bigger 4k pc monitor instead.
  • @knives1017

    Like I said bro, updating to v3xx will fix your problem if HDR is not a problem for you. I would suggest getting v321. The settings won't do a damn thing unless you try yung secret menu which is kinda dangerous kapag may mali kang napindot (could brick your TV). Napagdaanan ko na yan to the point na pinapalitan ko na yung unit ko which is useless since it's a firmware problem. Just try updating. Take a picture muna nung current firmware mo para alam mo lang saan ka babalik kapag nagkaproblema.
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  • Anyone uses bluetooth audio with RT51 units? I get really bad audio sync issues with my P717, it slowly drifts and lipsyncs like hell. Doing a re-pair will only alleviate the sync for a few mins and then sync slowly drifts again—happens on all of my bt receivers/headsets/porta speakers/etc. Currently on v372 btw

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  • RT51 v379 — Reported to fix some HDR handling issues:

    <click here for link>
  • Guys, may local TV na ba ang TCL with HDMI 2.1 and adaptive sync?
  • I updated from v288 to v379. Honestly, this update is very good. HDR Oversaturation is fixed. Although yung YouTube HDR not working for me pero ayos lang since NETFLIX HDR works well naman. I only watch 4k HDR 60fps kapag nag tetest lang ng TV :P

    Another thing I noticed yung horizontal juddering nawala so ang smooth na ng mga horizontal movements. Dati super noticeable. Di ko ineexpect na maayos pa pala nila to.

    Overall, recommended ko tong update. Thanks kay @khernitzz for posting the update.