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  • Now, wait another 200-300 chapters for Komi to hold Tadano's hand or kiss

    Inb4 a meme Pic of a succubus telling something about "hand holding"

    Somehow no fun of Komi holding a notebook asking for it

    Actually, mga westerners lang naman yata ang nagka problem with regards to that licensing deal. Asian retailers have been selling Macross related stuff without being harassed by Harmony Gold

    Apparently westerners seemed to love butchering their Japanese counterparts after they get into a deal but you can count on your hands that were a bit good westernized... their weird reasons was the censorship thing which they can lower it to general audiences... taking out fanservice too...

    Take it for an example:
    - Naruto stabbed his hand using his kunai while 4kids version of Naruto edited it further to censor gore

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  • (enter new nagatoro character)
    haven't read this for quite a while, she can wriggle as well, had to draw it

  • President leaves, a relative who likes to zenra replaces her!
  • I miss nudist prez but her cuz is the same. Lol
  • Recent Nagatoro chapter...

    Dayum... She has gone commando liek a boss =P
  • @Vashtard

    Retarded censorshit.
  • @Vashtard

    Retarded censorshit.

    If you meant dem 4kids... They took the most f**ked up move ever...


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  • RIP Berserk Author :(
  • RIP Berserk Author :(

    RIP berserk ending
  • and just when Berserk is about to end... :(
  • RIP Berserk Author :(

    Gundammet... This decade is getting nastier

    RIP berserk ending

    Gonna assume that Miura wasn't able to make a script for the flow of berserk


  • WUT? RTX 3080 Gundam Edition?
  • WUT? RTX 3080 Gundam Edition?

    Who knows dat video card can go Newtype *newtype blink sfx*

    Seriously ASUS... Milking weebs.. another new level of promotional merchandises?
  • ^
    LOL the best they can do is have it go NT-D. Boost everything, have the blinkenlights go RED, put the fans at max, then have the speakers play this at full blast:

  • Sucks because it's just white and vaguely Gundam. Char Zaku also a victim of this
    It's already covered in paint / stickers, just too lame to not do an RG-style art.

    PC case mod idea: opening cooling panels / vent. Equip 3k RPM fans, put it on max and have red / green coloring when it's FULL POWAAH mode.
  • ^actually, this collab between Asus and Gundam is a complete set :)

    There's also Zaku themed version:

  • Hololive Alternative Teaser PV (Full)

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  • i just found out that my zombie courtesan is going to be a vtuber

  • any recommended manhwa?

    i lab eet :D

    i lab eet :D

  • mga guys sino nakaka alam ng tittle ng song sa video?

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  • aimer - chou chou musubi

    ... i love sluts btw
  • Guys support our own
    <click here for link>

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  • (that latest nagatoro chapter)
    ah, looks like wingmen chapter

  • Guys support our own

    i hate this quote with every fiber of my being. if a peenoise created a global shit, would you still support it? in any case, im watching it in jap dub since adding celebrity VA's are cringe. put proDubbers, not some fancy shmancy local celeb... naalala ko tuloy yung initial d dub... nakngpating yan
  • Kaoru being Kaoru XD
  • aimer - chou chou musubi

    thanks a lot for this :)
  • may ma recommend kayo na anime gaya ng school prison tagal dumating ng season 2