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  • Panty and Stocking season 2 also announced :V
    rare for trigger to make 2nd season of their works
  • Lycoris Recoil

    Genre: CGDCT (Cute Girls Doing Counter Terrorism)

  • anyare kay vash? bat kpop na sya?
  • sabi nga sa twitter mukha nang e-boy si Vash. Lol
    @new Komi-san chap.
    Komi-san is horny! Lol
  • @hannape bazzoka

  • ^hehe, looked it up and saw that Go Nagai was involved, wth :D
  • JK uniform is the best camouflage... it's least alarming in Japan... I will be watching this eagerly this season! And characters are giving off a K-ON vibe though the genre is pretty far in between.

    Some pretty interesting shows this season based on the pilot episodes, the other is Yofukashi no Uta. Blood tastes best just before a person falls asleep...
  • Lycoris Recoil

    Chisato uses Center Axis Relock just like John Wick. :O

  • Uncle from another world already has an interesting, unique and funny concept, but it is ten times funnier because of Koyasu san.
    Ganda lately lahat ng netflix funded anime ah, pumapakner na kasi sila with Kadokawa.

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  • natapos din ang HxH pagkatapos ng marathon from Greed Island to 13th Chairman arc.

    Skipped the first 3 seasons. restarted on Greed Island. meron pa ba Season 7 na paparating o wala na balita pagkatapos nung preview?
  • medyo disappointing si sadao this season... :(
  • So after such a long time, Garou's arc in the One Punchman manga is finally almost done. It's waaay different from the web comic but should be nuts if this goes into a season 3 anime. If it does, hopefully they bring back the animation quality of season 1.
  • di ako nagkamale... my /ss/ is tingling!!
  • Lycoris Recoil ep 4
    When Kirito's VA is one of the bad guys and you get Asuna and Suguha lookalikes as extras:

  • Engage Kiss is my shit anime of the season...
  • I thought rental girlfriend?
    God that mc! I wish he gets ntrd!
  • @Kaoru
    Just when you think the MC is just a douche, then the flashbacks...
    Apparently the writer is the same dude who wrote Saekano and White Album 2.
  • its really not sticking to me. does shu watched 50 first dates? he could be shagging ayano and kisara at the same time if he does that

    and the adults look like high schoolers... too bugged eyed and moefied

    eh, pero sabi ko nga eto ung shit anime ko for the season. mas ok tong season na to kesa nung huli
  • Saw a youtube video where they used AI to improve the quality of the video using interpolation. The software is called Flowframes:

    <click here for link>

    Tried processing the 4th episode of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and results were interesting. There were visual errors but I'm not sure if that's because of my GPU (already has problems and sometimes causes artifacts). Also, the software has better support for Nvidia cards.

    You can really see an improvement in the motion, especially in the backgrounds. I really want to see if this will improve the motion quality of Sheryl Nome's Concert from the Macross F Movie. The capture of the framerate of the CGI there was really bad, or maybe that was just a limitation of the encoding from the release groups?
  • Date a Live !V last 2 episodes: HORY SHET


    There's a youtube video where one guy makes an argument against the use of interpolation software on anime, saying that it destroys the intent of the director and artists, esp. when the lack of movement between frames is done deliberately for emphasis, or any artistic reason.
  • I can definitely see what that would mean since what I processed sometimes has that soap opera effect. Still, there are just some scenes in shows that look like they skipped too many frames. That's what I remember from Sheryl's concert. I wanna see if the animation of those backflipping robots can become smooth.

  • They freaking animated it! Hahaha! Laki talaga glow up ni Osana Najimi!
  • im not a pedo or into lolis... on the contrary, i prefer milfs and into /ss/ BUT GODDAMN!!! this really ruffles my jimmies


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  • sure sure i believe you
  • im not a pedo or into lolis... on the contrary, i prefer milfs and into /ss/ BUT GODDAMN!!! this really ruffles my jimmies

    That's what a lolicon would say.
  • Fuuto P.I. (anime sequel of Kamen Rider W) has started airing! :D
  • didnt watch W pero di ba solo na lang si Shotaro? kaya nga kamen rider joker na lang sya?

    pero hot damn!!!! ang ganda ng art!!!! ung anatomy sensesibilities ko tumitigas na parang aking PP!!!