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Washing Machine fully automatic owner! ano po kayang magandang & matibay na brand???

  • good am! ipaparepair ko sana washing machine ko kaso nakita ko ung warranty pala kelangan iregister? pano kung hindi ko po nairegister un? walang warranty? kala ko kasi pagkabili automatic may warranty kagad. thanks po

    Basta may original receipt ka, okay lang kahit hindi registered ang warranty.
  • Need your opinions/suggestions mga Boss. Me and my wife are looking to buy our first AWM and we're currently looking around for the best deal. Medyo tight kasi ang budget, max 13k lang for at least an 8kg top load. Though I could probably add a little more if the price difference is justifiable. I saw the following models that are within our budget:

    LG WF T800SPW

    Would appreciate any inputs you can share about these 3. If you also have other brand/model you can recommend I would definitely look at it para mas madaming pagpilian. TIA!
  • @Valek we bought an american home auto wash machine last dec 2011, its still working up to now. sa sm hypermart kami nakabili. up to now its still at 7999 pesos there. ang maganda dito clear kung ilan no of cycles gusto mo unlike yung iba na hindi mo mapili no of cycles, 6.5 kg nga lang sya. hope this helps. sharp esq70 ep also has good feedback
  • naka-apat na sharp na kame, isa pa lang nasira 4 yrs ago, and that was bought around 1995 :) yung tatlo gamit ngayon sa house at sa condo ng mga ate k.o
  • @franciscosanti

    Thanks boss appreciate your input. Kaya lang baka bitin ang 6.5 kg samin since we have 2 kids na malakas magpalit ng damit. May 8 kg version kaya yan sayo?


    We currently have a 5 year old Sharp 6 kg Gigawash twin tub which is still working except that basag na un takip ng washer and sira un knob ng wash/drain. I would definitely consider getting the same brand again if there are enough positive reviews/feedback on a particular model.
  • Manual twin tubs are very basic machines. Cheap price, long service life. Get any brand you are comfortable with like Sharp or Panasonic.

    We bought Sharp ES-9525T 9.5kg Giga Wash for my mother in law. She prefers manual washing machine kahit meron kaming LG full automatic. So 2 ang machines namin sa bahay now.
  • @dm1179

    How aobut for AWM boss, do you have a recommended brand/model? At least 8 Kg sana with max 13k budget.