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router w/ torrent support

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  • @konochi

    Base from my persona experience mas OK gumamit ng USB Flash drives or SD Card in downloading. Mabalis kase masira yung mga external hard drives since may moving na parts sya sa loob. Due to slow read and write when downloading files via torrent, mas bumababa yung life span ng hard drive. Yung USB and SD card kase flash memory kaya kahit mabagal yung read and write hindi sya mabilis masira.

    Na try ko sya personally kase nilagay ko dati sa router ko with transmission was a 1Tb WD external drive. One year lang ang tinagal nya sakin and eventually nasira agad. Nag click of death sya wherein nastuck yung needle nya due to slow read and write of files due to torrent download. Hope this helps.
  • @rmanio0118

    sa pagkakaalam ko mas mabilis masisisra ang flash drive or thumb drive kapag yun ang ginamit due to read and write, siguro bad experience lang yung sa 1tb kasi ako hard drive ang ginamit ko for two years though ang bumigay saakin is yung router

    I stand to be corrected
  • HDD breaking because of slow transfer rate? sa akin nga yung transfer rate ko minsan below 100kbps pa nga pero 4 years na buhay pa din.

    Pero sa flashdrive naman, ok naman gamitin ang flashdrive wag lang CDRKING model, dahil sisirain talaga yan agad agad. I use sandisk flash drive and it still works until now, bugbog to dati sa tomato firmware installed with entware + swap, ngayun naman ginagamit naman sya as openwrt drive. Nabili ko pa to past 2008 pa, mahal pa to dati nasa 1k+.

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  • Thanks sa feedback.
    Currently using download master on Asus RT N13U.
    Now, nitetest ko using my 160GB external drive.
    Sana tumagal.
  • In terms of drive much better kapag external drive, don't use USB or Flash drive since mabagal ang read and write ng mga to.
  • ask ko lang kng pwede i custom firmware itong asus router ko rt-n14uhp? thanks!!

    also i want to install download master pero d ata pwede sa mac, im using hackintosh pc el capitan.. ty

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  • May options pa ba aside from cdr king na cheap router for BT? Yung madali sana hanapin na brand and model.
  • Hello guys! Just recently bought an Asus RT-N14UHP and successfully installed Download Master. When I add Torrent URL sa DM, okay naman, kaso hindi ko alam bakit d nagpproceed yung download. "error" lagi. please help. TIA!
  • Hi everyone
    Inquiry lang po.
    I thought rutorrent is so much lighter than transmission? Bat po para sobrang bigat pag papasok ako either sa tomato GUI or rutorrent web.
    I have tested both (transmission & rutorrent) and it seems transmission is so much faster when it comes to accessing its web interface. I'm using entware btw.

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  • rtorrent is lightweight program, rutorrent doesnt since it uses 2 programs which is php and a web server.

    while transmission is a standalone program and doesnt rely to any other programs for other functions so it is expected that transmission is much faster than rtorrent+rutorrent. Although rtorrent alone is much faster than transmission, memory and cpu utilization wise.

    if you want rtorrent+rutorrent setup, please consider buying a higher spec router like r7000 or just buy a legit NAS hardware or build you own NAS.

    in my case I have a rutorrent with more than 1500+ torrents on the list (naipon for the past many years) but my NAS is fine with that amount of torrents in the list but my computer that I use to browse the web page of rutorrent is taxing out my CPU at almost 100% due to tremendous amount of torrents on the list (not seeding, all stopped).
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  • What are the cheapest options for router with torrent function? Tia