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router w/ torrent support

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  • @konochi

    Base from my persona experience mas OK gumamit ng USB Flash drives or SD Card in downloading. Mabalis kase masira yung mga external hard drives since may moving na parts sya sa loob. Due to slow read and write when downloading files via torrent, mas bumababa yung life span ng hard drive. Yung USB and SD card kase flash memory kaya kahit mabagal yung read and write hindi sya mabilis masira.

    Na try ko sya personally kase nilagay ko dati sa router ko with transmission was a 1Tb WD external drive. One year lang ang tinagal nya sakin and eventually nasira agad. Nag click of death sya wherein nastuck yung needle nya due to slow read and write of files due to torrent download. Hope this helps.
  • @rmanio0118

    sa pagkakaalam ko mas mabilis masisisra ang flash drive or thumb drive kapag yun ang ginamit due to read and write, siguro bad experience lang yung sa 1tb kasi ako hard drive ang ginamit ko for two years though ang bumigay saakin is yung router

    I stand to be corrected
  • HDD breaking because of slow transfer rate? sa akin nga yung transfer rate ko minsan below 100kbps pa nga pero 4 years na buhay pa din.

    Pero sa flashdrive naman, ok naman gamitin ang flashdrive wag lang CDRKING model, dahil sisirain talaga yan agad agad. I use sandisk flash drive and it still works until now, bugbog to dati sa tomato firmware installed with entware + swap, ngayun naman ginagamit naman sya as openwrt drive. Nabili ko pa to past 2008 pa, mahal pa to dati nasa 1k+.

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  • Thanks sa feedback.
    Currently using download master on Asus RT N13U.
    Now, nitetest ko using my 160GB external drive.
    Sana tumagal.
  • In terms of drive much better kapag external drive, don't use USB or Flash drive since mabagal ang read and write ng mga to.
  • ask ko lang kng pwede i custom firmware itong asus router ko rt-n14uhp? thanks!!

    also i want to install download master pero d ata pwede sa mac, im using hackintosh pc el capitan.. ty

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  • May options pa ba aside from cdr king na cheap router for BT? Yung madali sana hanapin na brand and model.
  • Hello guys! Just recently bought an Asus RT-N14UHP and successfully installed Download Master. When I add Torrent URL sa DM, okay naman, kaso hindi ko alam bakit d nagpproceed yung download. "error" lagi. please help. TIA!
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  • What are the cheapest options for router with torrent function? Tia
  • ask lang yung Dlink 686L kaya ba support ang torrent

  • What are the cheapest options for router with torrent function? Tia

    Up same question mga sir.. Any recommendation for newbies like me? TIA
  • Check Xiaomi Routers. I find it more easy to use than installing Tomato Firmwares on CDR***g routers. I'm using Xiaomi Router 3 (4 antennas). The signal is much more stronger than any of CDR***g routers. Abot siya sa corner areas ng first floor ng house ko. The router is placed on 2nd floor. It has 5ghz and 2.5ghz wifi bands if you need faster transfer speeds as well and a lot of more options (VPN, torrent, direct download, samba shares, guest wifi etc.)

    Also, I was able to use this router to share my PS2 games over the wifi network on my Free Mcboot PS2 console. Something I was never able to get to work on my Tomato Router. Kaya sulit na sulit sakin.
  • @chaingang317
    Saan sir may nabibiling XIaomi routers?
  • usually sa mga facebook sellers ako nabili ng xiaomi... pero you can try sa LZD.

    <click here for link>
  • you can actually use that router but be warned:

    - its chinese interface (at least from what I see, using the app will get a english interface but the dumb thing about that app is it requires internet connection and registration is mandatory)

    note: you can use this to make the english language option available: <click here for link>

    - the router has a call home feature, so if youre concerned about your security, then dont use that one. Not until OpenWRT officially supported that router (they actually working on it right now, cross fingers na lang kung possible ma support or whatever since well, a company like this one doesnt provide source code of the router as they were the one of many chinese based company violators when it comes to GPL).

    Note: So if you dont want to send out your porn history and youre fetishes to xiaomi's database, use VPN on each devices if you still plan to use one.

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  • So far eto ung mga nagamit kong router with torrent support:
    - Sapido GR 1223
    - Asus RT N13U B1
    - TPLink WR842ND (using 3rd party firmware, medyo nahirapan akong isetup)

    Ngayon, i'm using my old android tv box (tvolution m310) installed with torrent app, attached to an external HD.
    For me, mas madali ganitong setup.
  • @polka - care to share the link of xiaomi routers sending data to china? I can't see any articles. From what I remember only Xiaomi phones have been reported about it. If it does, maybe dapat may articles na about that since madali lang naman i-sniff ang network traffic ng routers. I'd be more worried sa other products like IP CAM/phones etc.

    Not defending Xiaomi here, just looking at this objectively. @Hitsugaya10 said he was a newbie and I wouldn't really recommend tomato or DD-WRT due to the complexity of the installation/upgrade. I'm a linux programmer so I got around easy with the installation but if you ask me, I wouldn't waste the time again to install the router software from scratch. If I was younger I would have but no time to tinker anymore. :)
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  • @chaingang

    im not into spoonfeeding here, feed your self using google.

    if you still want xiaomi and its crappy fimrware, then go ahead, no ones stopping you, im just giving warning to people who attempts to use it. In fact Asus is also no exception here (at least they dont spy on you but some sort of vulnerability due to their cloud implementation) but hey, Asus supports merlin firmware and tomato.

    and i dont think tomato is hard to use, not unless your type of person who is absolute noob on this kind of thing (not im offending you but just saying it anyway). If i rate tomato's how to use it specially its basic NAS functionality, 9/10 people can operate it assuming they can follow thing and a little bit of common sense in computing. If its openwrt or dd-wrt then it make sense, tomato, highly unlikely.
  • ^ spoonfeeding? That's the thing, nothing on google comes up. The news before is with Redmi phones. So if you dont have links from reputable sources to back it up then what you say are just speculations.

    I own both routers so I know that the software is easier to use with Xiaomi. The mobile app is very useful as well. Do you even own the thing to say that the software is "crappy"? Or you just say its crappy because you can't install custom firmwares in it? That's 2 different things. If you really hate the thing just say that you dont recommend it but do not tell lies to prove your point.
  • Also, here is the link to install custom firmware Padavan on the Mi Router 3 (para naman di tayo spoonfeeding):

    <click here for link>

    Here is the link for OpenWRT for Mi Mini router:

    <click here for link>

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  • my god ok everyone buy the router that chaingang recommends, its good.

    i hope that serves it, i dont want to argue anymore. (for something idiotic like this, /meh)

    and yes I do own the thing, that app? thats trash, what kind of app that xiaomi offers anyway, it request mandatory registration, ridiculous permission that app should not be doing, I can already tell that's crappy to crappiest.

    and xiaomi is already proven stealing works from opensource community (if you really done your research carefully you should already know this) if im not mistaken the mi router (the earlier models) are based on openwrt firmware (heavily modified), and was hacked to work with openwrt (yes hacked, not ported, if youre familiar with tplink with their public source on their routers since theyre are obligated to do so according to GPL, that makes tplink easier to port openwrt and ddwrt but xiaomi doesnt care anyway).

    I also have experience with their crappy xiaomi repeater as well, again that thing is trash. pina setup sa akin ng kaibigan ko and long and behold it advertised to work in any routers, but in reality it doesnt due to chipset compatibility between two ap. i actually opened the repeater to see the innards and its a ralink based chipset with a wifi booster builtin, /meh

    and for some reason, the torrent client that mi router use uses a qq client (a chinese version of their bitorrent client, so if for some reason youre torrent is stuck at 0%, that's probably that the client is blocked by the tracker which is not surprising to be honest)

    anyway thanks for that pandavan link, I never knew they support that router, I only known them to support Asus RT-N13u if im not mistaken. but anyway. flashing it with that firmware, since it seems the dev also have the same experience as me (regarding security) with mi routers.

    so with pandavan firmware, mii router 3 should be good now, just dont forget to flash using pandavan firmware on your day 1 use if you dont want to sacrifice your privacy (my main concern).

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  • I wanted to use a router but was told that it might not have enough memory to handle many torrents in a queue and high download speeds. Instead, I've been using a NAS with 128 MB RAM, but even that sometimes freezes for the same reasons. Also, if the HD crashes, I have to open the casing, replace it, format, etc.

    I recall drive bays available locally with torrent software, etc., but I'm not sure about the memory. At least that's easier to maintain because the drives are easy to remove.

    Given that, I'll probably use something like Raspberry Pi or the cheapest, low-powered notebook if the NAS stops working.
  • any suggestions for an LTE router with tomato firmware? Yung built-in na yung sim-slot for mobile data.
  • @all

    thank you sa mga suggestions just went to baclaran and bought one unit its on sale kaya i grab it cost me Php 1,100 petot xiaomi

    So far im using the android interface (mi app) and found it very convenient. I'm still adjusting though kasi dati im using an intel atom rig with windows environment.

    thank you all for the suggestions
  • hi ask lang po ng recommendations sa pag bili ng router.

    plan setup.

    modem-> router-> wireless movie stream.

    over kill po ba para sa 2 rooms ang asus rt-ac87u?

    baka may marecommend kayo na pwedeng mag stream ng movies sa external hdd na nakakabit sa router and same time may torrent and vpn setup.

    pahelp naman po thanks.