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Unified Intel® Pentium® (4/D/XE/M), Celeron® (D/M), Xeon® (DP/MP), Core™/Core™2 (Solo/Duo/Quad/XE) Processor; Core™ i3/i5/i7; Viiv™, Centrino®, vPro™ Platform Thread

  • Any users of Intel Pentium G620 2.6GHz (Dual Core)? Kamusta naman po performance niya?
    Planning to buy this for auto cad. sana kaya. hehe

    kaya to sir ..

    lagpas pa to sa recommended system requirements ng AutoCad
  • @ All

    Mga Sir ask lang po ako kung ilang numbers po ang mababawas sa temp. ng procie ko kung gagamit po ako ng Deep Cool Ice Edge 200. . Currently 55c ung idle tapos po 65 ung full load using stock intel hsf w/ copper insert. .

    salamat po mga sir
  • hello mga boss ... totoo po ba na yung pentium d 945 mahina sa video process ? currently 945 kasi gamit ko alpha 6 hsf. pag idle cya 45c kung mag laro ( online games ) ako na walang aircon umaabot ng 55-60c ... malakas ba talaga to umiinit itong proce or normal lang to niya ? planing to buy a better cooler .. thnx...
  • ^

    Compared to current Processor Architecture; Yes, Pnetium D 945 is weaker...
    Regarding temperature, you\'ve already answered your own question...

    Maximum safe CPU temperature for those kind of DualCores are 75~80C...
    You\'re still on safe side...
  • ahh tnx po sa info boss...
  • Ran intel burn test. Got 62deg max on full load and 32deg on idle. i5 2500k moderately OC @ 3.8ghz. Should I go higher?

    <click here for link>


    640x640 limit

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  • bsta ngagamit. Pag p4, aus ndn bsta ung may HT. Hyper threadng. It l0gically acts as 2 cores. Pero kng mas demandng ang usage m, opt sa upgrades. Wg pentium d. Mainitn un. Atleast exxxx series n dualcore. Hope it helps
  • out of curiosity, meron bang naligaw na Pentium D 840 Extreme Ed dito sa Pinas?
  • extreme ed? Meron cgur0. Pero mlamang mga padala un ng mga relatves s knla. Mas mainitn ang extreme ed kng d aq ngkkmali.
  • i would assume na mas mainitin ang Extreme Ed 840 since it can be overclocked unlike the regular 840 na hindi. pati nga Hyper Threading sa regular na 840 wala eh.
  • @sithlord20
    Normal lang po yan sir.
  • anybody here encountered one of the cores of their multi-core Intel processor not being detected by CPU-Z, Task Manager and Device Manager? my Pentium D 840 is not being detected by the above, but is detected by the BIOS, PC Wizard and Everest, pero they\'re not indicating any activity on the 2nd core and running only 2.8GHz instead of the 3,2GHz Intel advertises. so far I\'ve only done a WinXP Repair Install and tried updating the ACPI(?) Multiprocessor driver sa Device Manager to no avail. will try to update the mobo (Foxconn NF4SLI) driver and BIOS as 2nd to the last resort - last resort being a clean/fresh install of WinXP. i\'ve confirmed that my mobo can run a Smithfield / Pentium D 840 from the website of the manufacturer. but i want to know the steps you have taken to remedy the problem.

  • what set up do you prefer sa gaming? naka on ang intel speed step or disable it? pag naka disable ba ito is pati turbo boost naka off TIA
  • mga sir pag papalit ko po ba ang sempron 140 ko sa pentium d 820?

    eto poh set up ko

    sempron 140
    asrock mobo n68c-s ucc
    4gb dd3 memory
    500gb sata hdd
    8800gts 512mb 256bit ddr3
    may pagkakataon kc n nag lolog cia sa games oh kpag nag mumulty tasking ka

    pero nung nsubukan ko ang sa pentium d 820 nkabukas poh yung pci tv tuner ko habang nag bbrowse sa net at nag 2k12 di nman cia nag lolog gamit ang mas mbabang specs

    pentium d 820
    asus p5kpl-am se
    2gb ddr2 pc 800
    8500gt ddr2 512mb 128bit
    80gb hdd

    base sa nkita ko at nsubukan 2 cores is better tahn 1 core?
    ano poh mas mgandang solusyon mga sir?
  • kung unlockable yang sempron mo mas ok na yan mas matipid pa sa kuryente,
  • di po sir unlockable na overclocked ko lng cia up to 3.2 ghz? pentium d po ba sir oh sepron 140?
  • i7 2600k vs 8120fx gonna test soon :)

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  • mas malakas ba talaga un Pentium 4 HT sa Pentium D,, kasi nag palit ako from p4 3ghz HT to Pentium D 945 increase performance sa loading at wala gano lag sa dragon nest,, same lang naman un init nila
  • Mga master sa intel, sulit pa po ba mag Core 2 Quad Q9400 sa panahon ngayon?
  • cody379,

    Usually when I post something, I try to speak based on my experiences (or at least something that can be closely related to the hardware I have personally tested & experienced).

    Unfortunately, both CPUs you mentioned are pretty high-end ones and rarely seen (more often, I get to test the more common hardwares, not \"exotic, high-end\" stuff.)

    In particular, I haven\'t personally tested a Pentium D 3.6 nor P4 3.8ghz, so I don\'t have any hands-on experience on them. (I have diagnosed a Pentium D 815 or was it 820, and it was only once before -- the Pentium D-9xx series is an improvement over the Pentium D-8xx series, but I don\'t have personal experience with the 9xx series)

    I have tested a number of Pentium 4s (Williamette, Northwood, Prescott), but again, I haven\'t any hands-on experience with the high-end Pentium 4-672 3.8ghz either. I\'m not sure if the LGA775 Pentium 4 Prescott-2M will resemble P4 s478 Prescott or not in terms of performance)

    With that disclaimer out, I\'ll offer my own opinion (may or may not be right), based on what I recall from what I\'ve read from web reviews about Pentium 4 and Pentium D in general.

    * I tried searching for P4 672 and P-D 960 but cannot seem to find comparative reviews pitching one processor to the other.. :(

    There are only a few separate reviews for the P4-672 and somewhat more for P-D 960, but not being compared at the same time.

    For instance, here the P4-672 is compared with Athlon 64:
    <click here for link>

    And here, the P-D-960 is compared with Athlon 64:
    <click here for link>

    The Pentium 4-672 (tested in above review is the P4-670 which is almost similar to the 672) is benchmarked to be slower than the Athlon 64 X2-4800 but comparable or faster than Athlon 64 X2-4000.

    Whereas the conclusion for the Pentium D 960 performance puts it between an Athlon 64 X2-4600 and Athlon 64 X2-4800.
    <click here for link>

    My opinion then is that there shouldn\'t be too different performance for the P4-672 and P-D-960 in terms of single-threaded performance/games.

    However, once multi-threaded apps are taken into account, the P-D-960 will most likely come out ahead, notwithstanding the HyperThreading feature of the P4-672.

    But then again, I would place my money not on any of those two power-guzzling processors, but on the more power-friendly Core 2 Duo series.

    For instance, take this example (GTA IV performance with different processors -- the Pentium D 960 is benchmarked here, along with a variety of Core 2 Duos, Pentium Dual Cores, up to the 1st-gen Core i3s).

    Notice that in GTA IV, the Pentium D-960 (3.6ghz) performs similarly to the Pentium Dual Core E2200 (2.2ghz) or Core 2 Duo E4400 (2.0ghz).
    (The PDC and C2D have much lower power consumption).

    You asked about the QX6700 and QX6800, both processors are also very high-end ones at the time of release (again, I\'m not able to get my hands on such expensive processors -- as I typically only get to test the common mainstream/entry-level hardware). But based on the GTA IV (which is quite a CPU-intensive game) benchmark, you can see that both perform similar but slightly less than a Core i3-530 (note that Core i3-530 is a lot more power-friendly again).

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  • You didn\'t mention what is the \"Conroe865PE\" -- next time please specify exact brand, para di kami maghuhula pa..

    Anyway, my guess is you\'re referring to the Asrock ConRoe865PE:
    <click here for link>

    Supported CPU are QX6700 (quad-core) and X6800 (dual-core).

    A few benchmarks comparing the 2 here:
    <click here for link>

    In multi-threaded apps, the quad-core gains the upper hand. But in not multi-threaded apps, processor frequency can get the upper hand -- depends on the apps you tend to use.

    There\'s no clear-cut answer for which is better, since you haven\'t mentioned what you intend to use it for.

    In such cases, my personal choice usually tend to center around something that\'s power-friendly and has efficient performance (not necessarily the fastest, but pretty close). (perhaps you\'ll notice that many of my posts will say something about \"more power-efficient\" or \"power-friendly\" because I believe in trying to be \"earth-and-environment-friendly\" as much as possible, even in my choice recommendations).

    I understand this doesn\'t work for other persons as it\'s not a stand that many take (maraming gusto lang ng \"pinaka-mabilis\" kahit na magastos sa kuryente, ok lang sa kanila..) If my suggestions don\'t apply to you, no need for you to consider them.

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  • Ung mga larong Medal of Honor 2010, Unreal Tournament 3, Star Craft 2, GTA San Andreas, HellGate London at Medal Of Honor Airborne at Counter Strike Source hindi na kaya ng CPU ko P4 3.2ghz northwood. Bottle Neck sila ng graphics card. Kung magpapalit ako ng CPU at motherboard na naka core 2 duo at kaya ang AGP8x ito ung solusyon ko.

    Actually if it were me, I wouldn\'t like to stay stuck with AGP8X graphics card already... I suppose it\'s really time to move on. Overall, mas mapapamahal kayo if you cling on to your AGP8X graphics card.

    I haven\'t tested the games you listed (the only one in your game list that I\'ve tried is GTA San Andreas -- but I only tested the intro part of the game -- tested on P4-3.0E Prescott, 865PE motherboard, 2Gb DDR400 dual-channel, GF7600GT 256Mb GDDR3 AGP8X -- GTA:SA appears to play OK, didn\'t notice slowdown even at highest settings @ 1440x900 resolution)

    Pasensya na ulit, there are many messages here in the forum, so I may not be able to remember the details of the previous messages. Thus, it\'s best if can re-list the specs.

    Let\'s say you have:
    Asrock Conroe865PE
    Core 2 Extreme 6800
    2Gb DDR400 (or even 4Gb DDR400, which is the max supported by 865PE chipset)
    HD4670 1Gb AGP8X

    A set up like this:
    H61-based chipset motherboard (I\'d prefer Z68 chipset if possible by budget)
    Core i3-2100 (dual-core + Hyperthreading)
    2x2Gb DDR3-1333
    GT 430 PCI-E

    The Core i3 setup will probably total around 10k-13k (depending on brand) and will beat the Core 2 setup handily.

    HD4670 - probably resale value of Php 3.5k+
    Conroe motherboard = Php 1k+ resale value
    Core 2 Extreme = Php ?? not sure how much, but probably expensive since it\'s hard to find
    2Gb DDR400 = Php 1k or higher (depending on brand)
  • na-update mo na ba or hindi pa? if not, there are some programs out there that backup the old BIOS before installing the new one. try mo i-check yung website ng manufacturer ng mobo mo or check the installer/drivers CD that came with your mobo. baka dun meron.
  • paki-advice naman po
    planning to buy this mobo
    GA-G41MT-S2 gigabyte
    <click here for link>
    at plano ko rin bibilhin ito

    GSkill Ripjaws X 8GB (4GB X 2)

    hindi po kaya magkakaproblema E7500 processor ko?
    ito kasi E7500 ko gamit ko now sa emaxx P35 ko (may topak na kasi ram slot ng emaxx ko)

    salamat po sa advice
  • E7500 on G41 chipset motherboard.

    E7500 is 1066mhz FSB, so the memory will also run at 1066mhz (DDR3-1333 memory will run at DDR3-1066mhz speed), for a 1:1 CPU:MEM ratio.

    see the memory support list:
    <click here for link>

    It will mention all faster DDR3 will run at DDR-1066 only.

    (If you use a 800mhz FSB processor, eg. PDC E5800, memory will run at DDR3-800 speed only).

    The motherboard specs mention 4Gb x 2 is supported (which is actually the max supported mem configuration for this board)
  • mga peeps. anyone here got the same problem as i does? nag try kasi ako i register ung intel procie ko. then invalid daw ung S/N na nilagay ko. eh sinundan ko lng nman ung S/N na nakalagay dun sa box. ndi kaya na register na ung sakin kaya ndi ko na ma register? sa PCHUB ko to binili. thanks sa feedback
  • @all

    mga sir ano po b mas ok ng procie??

    E5200 or E6600?

    eto po ung current set-up ko

    procie: Pentium D 3.0ghz

    Mobo: Asus p5sd2-vm

    Memory: 3GB DDR2

    Video Card: 9500GT 512mb

    PSU: 450w True Rated

    TIA po mga sir. . . .
  • tanong ko lang mga sir.. ano po ba perfect na video card para sa e7500??

    ung d bottleneck.. and d po ako nagOOC..

    nagbabalak palang po kasi ako bumili..

    upgrading na po ako from pentium 4 630.. -_-\"

    current setup:

    p4 630 @ stock
    4gb ram
    nvidia 7050 onboard graphics..
    aone 500w psu..
    160gb hdd..

    follow up question lang.. bakit mo sobrang bagal.. ng setup kong yan??

    currently running siya sa windows7 home premium. tinanggal ko na ung aero..

    still.. cant play DOTA well.. all low.. lowest resolution na rin.. (640x480)

    ano po kaya problema nito??