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MSI Wind

  • asus eee is supposed to be the 9k laptop di ba? ang laki naman ng patong..
  • SWAK na swak itong MSI WIND woooo!
  • asus eee is supposed to be the 9k laptop di ba? ang laki naman ng patong..

    Supposed to be, but it was not ever sold commercially for $200, even in the US, it goes for around $350
  • up for my question hehe...
  • As a store that used to sell MSI;
    1) We just found too may customer returns to the detriment of the customer.

    2) They keyboards are really horrible on all models. It is noisy and lacks depth compared to Dell, HP, and IBM. It is even much worse that the keyboard of Acer.
    I guess that is our disadvantage because we are able to test units side-by-side
    - for us nothing is worse than a bad keyboard because you can not avoid using the KB.

    3) Friends who insisted on buying the MSI have been complaining that the plastic of MSI gets warped easily. The base warps because of heat so when you type on a flat table, the laptop is not even. (Checked all rubbers and they were complete) I guess you get what you pay for.

    tsaka MSI Wind 10 inch, mas OK!

    - I am curious on the battery life of a 10inch on a 3-cell battery (info based on brochure)
  • - I am curious on the battery life of a 10inch on a 3-cell battery (info based on brochure)

    2.5 hours lang daw yung battery. Ito ang big minus.
  • I am curious on the battery life of a 10inch on a 3-cell battery (info based on brochure)

    2.5 hours lang daw yung battery.

    a) I am putting a wager/bet. The MSI Wind with a 10inch display and standard 3-cell battery will not reach 2Hours on battery. WiFi On while surfing the net at 90% screen brightness; all stock settings. Our personal Estimate is 90minutes.
    b) I will bet P2,000.00 to an owner of a unit that can demo battery life at our store. ^.^
  • Cooltoyz nasubukan mo na MSI Wind? waw ibig sabihin meron na sa phils...
  • hala pangit ba tlga ang keyboard ng MSI, if that\'s the case kelangan ko humanap ng alternative na UMPC na nasa price range din at 80gb kaso as of now wala pa akong nakkta ok sana ung HP kaso VIA sana kung atom sana merong mag launch before the school starts , desperado na ko maka buy lagi akong nadedelay dahil sa mga new launch at pangit n comments... xmpre gus2 ko sulit ..
  • Wow, there goes the authority - the laptop king, err.. COOLTOYZ!

    Very nice feedback from a vendor itself. Great. At least we now have options..
  • oo nga! buti n lng my ngsabi kaso kailan kaya maglalabas ang asus ng atom based at mas malaking storage nakakainip na kung dumating na d2 ung MSI gus2 ko i try kung pangit nga tlga ung Keyboard if pangit mag eee pc901 n lng ako! woo antayin ko n lng un
  • ano ba talaga kuya
  • wahhh gus2 ko tlga MSI Wind... feel ko kung pangit man ung keyboard di agad xa masisira? aw BASTA MSI Wind na bibilin ko feel ko pagkabili ko nmn nun ay di masisira ung keyboard kinabukasan or after 1 week at kahit masira ay may 1 year warranty nmn wahhh tsaka ang ganda tlga eh sana kung ilabas na ang EEE PC901 un , un n lng pero sa ngayon MSI WIND
  • ako din po mag mmsi wind na..

    may chance to win 2t pesos from sir cooltoyz pa pag nakalagpas ka 2 hours:D
  • @highwiz, some points from our experience with the EEE PC.
    A. SSD Drive:
    1. The EEEPC was a very good performer because of the SSD as storage.
    - it had nothing to do with the processor. The SSD proved we did not need a faster processor, we need a faster harddrive ^.^
    2. The downside of the SSD is the limited capacity.
    - The solution is to use a High Capacity SD card. Last we saw 12Gb Cap.
    3. The battery life using SSD also improved because there are no mechanical drives.

    From experience it will not matter is it will be a via, a Celeron, or an Atom if the driver will be mechanical. If the MSI Wind and the HP will use the same 2.5inch mechanical drive, battery life and system responsiveness will doomed again... our wager is available for the first one who will take the challenge.

    B. UMPC is only a 2nd unit.
    - if your intention is to use any UMPC as a primary unit, I think you will be disappointed.
    - please keep in mind that the UMPC is intended only as a \"more\" portable laptop and not necessarily as a laptop replacement.
    - it will take at least 5more years before the UMPC will replace the laptop.

    ... more later after some bed rest

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  • hala naguguluhan na ko pero thx po sa info... i\'m thinking if kung EEE PC900 tpos bilin ko ung 8GB class 6 na SD 1,5k ok n rin un bali 28gb na pde na konti kaso naaalala ko ung LED screen at Atom procie ng MSI wind , hard disk nga lng hindi SSD hala...

    3rd unit ko xa and purpose ko is para hindi burden since nursing student aq anlalaki ng books wak0k0k gus2 ko ng maliit lng para pde ko dalin everyday... ung compaq presario b1256tu kc mejo mabigat at malaki laki din and ung desktop...

    it\'s either eee pc900 tpos bbli n lng ako ng SD
    MSI Wind wahhhh (brainstorm mode hehe)
  • ang mahal naman kasi dito e, buti p daw sa singapore mura lang, sana may mabilhan dito ng mura, inform nio naman ko guys pag meron kayo alam mabibilhan dito satin n mura wag lang sa probinsya, hehe.thanks.
  • ok sana kase yun miniote kaya lang ang mahal eh...tapos via..hmm MSI winnd nakakadisaapoint...thanks sa ifno sir cooltoyz...mukhang EEE PC pa din talaga

    coming soon! Gigabyte M912 Intel Atom 1.6 ghz, Intel 945 Chipset, 8.9in touchcreen, screen rotates, 1gb 667, 3.5G express card slot, WIFI, 80gb hdd, optional sdd, 1.3m webcam, 1kg weight. available na daw by end of june priced 20-21k only!

    is this true? baka yun estimated price pang dito nyan doble
  • - it will take at least 5more years before the UMPC will replace the laptop.

    doh! hehehehe... :)
  • MSI Wind pa rin aku kaso white or black? feel ko black na lng baka manilaw ung casing considering na MSI xa? hehhe
  • a question for si CoolToyz.... ^_^

    what can you say about mininote?...specially its processor? yun lang kase ang downside nya for me...the price i think is ok naman since HP sya...meron lang talaga cheaper alternatives...hehe complete na naten since you have inputs for both the MSI and EEEpc...


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    <click here for link>
  • gusto ko fenk! :D
  • ive been using a 10\"er for a few years na...

    nung nakatira ako abroad.. it was my main pc noon...

    i think.. the msi wind has better specs than my current 10\"er

    i actually think.. it can replace not only a laptop but also a desktop.

    if your not into gaming.
  • wala pa naman MSI Wind kaya walang basihan ang pagsabi natin ng masama tungkol dito.. ayun lang.. hehe.. pag na release na, hingi nalang tayo ng feedback sa mga unang makakabili.. at tsaka mag comment.. pero based sa mga info/specs na pinakita sa thread na to, mukhang ok sya..
  • recently lang nag po produce ng laptops ang MSI but in other hardwares they are pretty good ..... sa motherboards i\'ve had several MSI mobos ang they never broke down ever even with overclocking .... not the best but pretty reliable and good value for money. I do beleive MSI will make better laptops than their first attempts.
  • feel ko nga ok din ito... e2 n tlga bblin ko wahhh d n ko mkapaghantay toink toinks
  • sana nga ok sya...hintay hintay muna tayo ng reviews (sabay crossed finger hehehe) if this turns out to be fine...bang for the buck talaga... ^_^

    hintay tayo ng review ni highwiz since sure na yata sya na ito bibilhin nya ^_^ hehehe
  • wahhh..!!! hala baka pagbili ko pangit wahh para akong PAIN wak0k0k pero sa tngin ko hindi kasi ganda tlga ng features woooo da best
  • antayen ko din review mo highwiz kaw muna mag test hehehe