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PLDT DSL plan 1299 post your bandwith and location here (piracy hints and topics not allowed!)

  • I don't think you understand. When I said "disposed," I meant it literally. The root cause of the problem was the last typhoon. If it wasn't for the typhoon, things would have been running as expected, and there wouldn't be any need for a modem replacement.

    You did not elaborate it so when you said disposed in a buy and sell site most likely people will think you sold it.

    Following your own reasoning...that for PLDT DSL to effectively provide a functioning internet connection, their official modem is needed and essential. Any other modem or 3rd party equipment is not necessary. If this is the case, all the more reason I should be asking for a new modem for free. In fact, they shouldn't be charging us for the modem units in first place. The fact that we are paying for it under an implied contract is enough reason to ask for a replacement whether or not we could produce the old unit.

    You should have asked one for free. Kelan ba yung bagyo na yun? i dont remember any tropical storms this feb.

    Yes, the modems should have been offered free of charge. Do you know why? You said it yourself, it is needed for PLDT to provide a fully-functioning internet connection. Any other equipment is not acceptable and may cause problems to your connection. The modem unit (or even the telephone) is indispensable...meaning it is essential and necessary for them to bring internet connection to our homes, which is their obligation to provide under contract. You are just being suckered to believe that you should be paying for it. Legally, they should be providing those units, free of charge to their subscribers. They're getting away with it simply because no one is complaining.

    Well you were suckered into replacing your modem with a 3rd party one and then you come here to complain so... plus they never told you to replace it yourself it is more on your own doing. I was merely stating a fact that they can and will always use the 3rd party equipment as an excuse for faulty connections / problems.

    If you just think about it. The modem unit and the telephone are no different from the wires they installed outside your house. They're not charging you for it based on the premise that those wires are essential and necessary for them to offer internet service. They are classifying them as different, but their classification is wrong and misapplied. Masaklap isipin pero yun ang katotohan, they made you believe that it is right for then to get everything they want...and they will continue to get what they want if us consumers continue to tolerate their unfairness.

    I did not pay for any connection fee actually. It was a promo a almost a decade ago so I grabbed the opportunity. And yes you only pay for the line if you do not have an existing landline i think.. you only pay for the modem unless you are migrating to fibr.

    Bottomline is you were not able to produce a modem which should be coexisting with their connection thus you are given one which even if under warranty does not cover losses because of typhoons or other acts of god etc. Now i gave you advice on your plight and yet you insist with your legalities and what not well you are welcome to complain buddy but like i said the mere fact that you cannot produce your modem will make them use that alibi everytime.
  • ^ They deleted my post for some reason. Dunno if I violated forum rules, but I apologize to the mods if I did. Nakakatamad lang ulitin uli. Anyhow, quoted naman. I think sensible minds should be able to see my point, which you couldn't grasp, but I don't fault you. Clearly, you have very limited understanding of the laws, so it's pointless to have any meaningful discussion with you...but just to remind you, I never asked for your opinion, and I did not come here to complain. The other guy made a good one, plus some helpful info.

    -- edited by hannibalxx on Feb 12 2016, 01:35 AM
  • Your posts were deleted because its basically nonsense and mostly crying over spilled milk. Funny you are talking about laws yet you cannot understand simple reasonings. I will simplify this to you ok? You signed an agreement so deal with it if you can't then transfer to another ISP.
  • I apologize to you if I hurt your sensitive feelings. Full of wrongful assumptions, and so full of himself. Again, I never asked for your lousy opinion...but thanks for taking the time to post and even pretending you have the answers. ^
  • "crying over spilled milk?" You don't even know how to use that phrase properly. lol
  • "crying over spilled milk?" You don't even know how to use that phrase properly. lol

    Fig. to be unhappy about what cannot be undone.

    Yes i think i have used the term properly the way you're crying over the big injustice PLDT has dealt you.
    And no my feelings are fine rather it is your feelings that is keeping you awake looking at the modem that you do not need. :)
  • Yes, exactly. How is that even related to what I was saying? Your assumptions are all bad, your logic is faulty, and you are using words that you don't really understand. Oh please...
  • Well you are unhappy with being charged for a replacement modem and yes it cannot be undone sadly so there :) was it simple enough for your challenged mind to understand? :)
  • Wow. You don't understand, or you simply don't have the capacity to understand. I was making a statement, which up to now, you can't comprehend, but I get it. To you, everything that PLDT says, you follow. A simple wrong cannot be undone, because PLDT says so. Any semblance of procedure and rules are futile and unnecessary because PLDT says so. Tell me, are you employee of PLDT that's why you blindly follow?
  • No. Like i said before i was put in a similar position beforehand and i was able to get the upper hand against PLDT. I shared my experience and even gave you advice and yet you cannot seem to understand the logic since you have a single tracked mind and what you deem is an injustice to you needs to be undone. Sadly losing your modem from a "tropical storm" or whatever and complaining in february already will not net you a rebate . Mahirap kasi di mo maintindihan or ayaw mo intindihin ang sinasabi ko na kaya ka binigyan ng modem kasi wala ka maproduce di nila gagalawin yang connection mo kung hindi pldt modem ang nakakabit. Kung madiskarte ka magagawan mo ng paraan yan pero kung magrereklamo ka kung saan man goodluck sayo dahil kung may loopholes ka nakikita mas malaki ang loophole sa defense mo.
  • @fej78

    Bumili pa po ba kayo ng separate wifi router sa plan 1299 nio? or ok na po ung built in na wifi router na kasama sa plan 1299 thanks.

    yes. hindi abot sa 2nd floor pag built in lang.
  • Bakit dini-dispose ang modem? Paano pag may repair at wala yung official PLDT modem? Ako iniipon ko yung modems! Hahaha! Libre modem sa plan 999 pataas.

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