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Diablo III Official Thread (FAQ on Page 1 / No Trading, Whining, Piracy, Botting)

  • At last reached 1k minimum damage sa FO with Battle Command.

    1k+ sa max damage without Battle Command.

  • Ang dali pala makuha Annihilus sa offline mode. Isang SoJ lang need ibenta sa NPC alabas na agad si Diablo Clone. :D
  • Meron na pala new update sa game. Xbox controller gamit ko dati kasi hindi ko kaya pag chagaan yung sobrang makalumang style ng keyboard controls dati. (Pindot keyboard + mouse1 or mouse2). Pero hirap ng inventory management sa controller.

    Ngayon meron na quick casting sa new update. Isang pindot lang sa keyboard activate na agad ng skill. Finally naging modern na din ang mouse and keyboard sa D2.
    <click here for link>

    Nerfed na din pala Fire Wall bug
    Fixed an issue where overlapping Fire Wall or Blaze missiles could cause increased damage

    Edit 2: hindi na din gumagana yung mercenary bug. Fair game na huhu

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  • Display Active Skills Binding <3
    Simpleng UI update pero laking tulong nito.

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  • Test the Fire Wall kay Mephisto, fix na ang FW pero malakas pa ren.

    Pagka cast ng FW sabay bira ng FO, dedz agad si Mephisto.

    Dati, FW alone very fast kill kay Mephisto.
  • Saw a youtube vid where a guy got from lvl 98 yo 99.

    It took him 10 weeks.
  • Tiyagaan lang talaga.

    89 to 90 nga lang with 8% exp bonus via annihilus ang bagal.
  • 90 to 91 in a few minutes. Got tired of grinding. Used a single player mod and got several charms from a downloadable save file that increase experience. Might use increase personal and stash size mod next but worried that too many mods might break the game.

    Will be dialing down the experience percentage increase charm. Keyed in a 7 player game in Chaos Sanctury and to my surprise it leveled me up too quickly.

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  • In case some of you want to try mods. I linked a good one below.

    Doesn't work in multiplayer as per Blizzard User license Agreement

    <click here for link>
  • ano kay itong pakulo ng Diablo? D2 related. Pag ni-like mo yung tweet, mag r-reply sayo na may D2 logo.

    converted timezone: saturday dec. 18th 2AM
  • ^Sana free additional stash tabs ang gift.
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  • meron pa po naglalaro? pacarry po sana. Salamat.
  • meron pa
  • goodbye 2023 social life, balik quarantine mode:

    Diablo IV
  • ^ ibalik kaya ang auction house sa Diablo IV??
    parang fulfilling kasi yung items mo magiging USD. lols.
  • PTPA How to Play Diablo Immortal on Window Mode PC OPEN BETA

    Simple Method:

    1> Download AutoSizer 1.71 by South Bay Software on Majorgeeks Free. Then Extract to a Folder with the same name.
    2> Open BattleNet
    3> Run Diablo Immortal
    4> Press Win+D on the keyboard to go to the desktop.
    5> Run Autosizer 1.71
    6> Under Currently Open Windows, Select Diablo Immortal then Press AutoSize Button.
    7> Set Settings as follows:
    Action to Perform: Resize/Position
    Check Set Size then enter 1280x768
    Choose Center on Screen
    8> Then press Ok. That’s it! You got to reconfigure AutoSizer every time you start Diablo Immortal. Since this AutoSizer is an old program with no updates. Tried on Windows7.

    New Method

    This will remember the Diablo Immortal Window Title/Program Title and will automatically change Diablo Immortal Screen Resolution upon launching the app.

    1> Download and install Borderless Gaming Borderless Gaming 9.5.6 by Andrew Sampson in MajorGeeks
    2> Run Battle.Net, Diablo Immortal, and then Borderless Gaming
    3> In the Borderless Gaming App, under Applications (left panel) select by right-clicking Diablo Immortal and hovering to Add to Favorites then Choose By The Process Binary Name.
    4> In the Favorites (Automatic) right panel, right-click Diablo Immortal then Uncheck the Fullscreen.
    5> Right-click Diablo Immortal again then left Click on Set Window Size
    6> Read the Instruction Window, If you want to select the Area press YES or If you want to enter the value of Window Position and Window Size Resolution press NO.
    7> Just Press Yes for easy Configuration
    8> Read the Instruction Window Again, you need to draw a rectangle by holding left+click, then double-clicking the rectangle to accept, or press escape to cancel. You can move and resize the rectangle after drawing it.

    That's it! Diablo Immortal will AutoResize by itself. Tried on Windows7.

    Other Useful Tools
    Lock Cursor Tools

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  • Anyone here nag puirhcase ng DIablo 4?

    Always hang sakin.

    AMD Ryzen 7 7700x
    Asus TUF Radeon RX 6800xt
    32gb ram.

    Updated lahat ng drivers.
  • For Diablo 4 discussions, there's a new thread for D4 <click here for link>.