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DD-WRT users, taas ang kamay!

  • ^forget DD-WRT, go with pfsense or mikrotik.
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  • @polka,

    small pang business lng sir. medyo big time na ung pfesense or microtik.
    yung tipong pwede ko lng i-controll guest login based sa time.
    like pwede ko gumawa ng username (guest1) then bigay ko yung password, ako rin magseset ng time kung gano katagal per user.
    para siyang cisco na lobby ambasador sa WLC sana.

    so ang naging idea ko is if kaya ni DD-WRT na magredirect sa isang login page na magquequery ng username password na nkastore sa isang external database, or sa router mismo ung user database.

  • ^if youre worried about the cost dont worry may entry level ang mikrotik.

    and I dont think calling it a bigtime for using mikrotik, specially pfsense that even ordinary users uses this as a replacement on their weak routers.

    also DDWRT doesnt have such standalone wifi captive portal feature you want, meron sya but will rely on a external server for radius and web server, a standard consumer router will not be able to handle that such function.
  • tama si polka. Nag start din ako sa dd-wrt pero nalilimitihan pa rin ako eh. Ngayon ok na ok ako sa mikrotik. Andun na lahat ng gusto ko + 70% features nya eh hinde ko nagamit kahit pang consumer lang binili ko na router.

    Mahirap lang sa mikrotik eh aralin :D
  • @polka,

    anong model ni mikrotik/pfsense ang pwede dun sa requirement ko sir?
    at kaya ba lahat ng requirement ko sa isand device lang(captive portatl+user database)?


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  • you can buy mikrotik haplite, cheapest miktotik router. it doesnt have wifi and have 3 Ethernet ports that can be configured as 2 WAN and 1 LAN or 1 WAN and 2 LAN or 1 WAN 1 LAN for unrestricted network and 1 LAN for Captive Portal.

    for pfsense, preety much any x86 based computer can do this, all you have to do is install pfsense and install the captive portal package, once done you can randomly generate a coupon code if you wan it for business type like thing you commonly see in starbucks or 7eleven, you can also assign a specific account which each of their own limits (time and bandwidth). For hardware recommendation, you can buy a Atom based desktop motherboard and install pfsense on it.

    Both of them can work independently unlike DD-WRT's captive portal.

    take note: both configuration doesnt have their own AP/WiFi. So you have to add a separate device (AP) for mikrotik haplite or buy a MIMO WiFi PCI/PCIe card for pfsense.
  • @polka

    sir, correct me if im wrong ang options ko are:
    1)mikrotik haplite + wireless access point
    2)pfsense+atom-based PC+wireless access point

    sa option 1 po ba may captive portal na feature na si mikrotik na buit-in?
    sa option 2 po kasi ang pagkakaintindi ko is may iinstall pa kong software together with pfsense.

    sa database for user data may built-in na rin po ba yung both options, or need ko pa ng RADIUS server? siguro mga 20-50 users ang tinitingnan ko.

    maraming salamat sir. sa dami kasi ng nakikita ko sa google. naligaw lalo ung direction na titingnan ko.
  • option 1 built-in na yan. please take note that all user database is stored on very limited flash storage, probably around 400kb of storage along with your Captive Portal design.

    option 2 yes you need to install it, no worries though since its just a 1 click install thing, you dont need to do something difficult about it. All you need is a internet connection and let pfsense download and install the package.

    for database, its all stored on the same machine, no need for web server or radius server, all of those things were handled by pfsense/mikrotik.

    for mikrotik, meron silang mga router na meron wireless AP. but those will be around 3-4k price range na. haplit kasi nasa around 1.6k - 1.8k lang yan brand new.

    for a business type thing, I recommend a separate AP, so hindi mo kailangan i expose yung router mismo and very flexible kung saan mo gusto ilagay yung AP mo.
  • @polka,

    i was kind of leaning to option 1 kaso ang problem ko is ung 400kb na storage.
    for option 2 naman ang concern ko is ung setup, if PC based siya, i will need at least 2 LAN port right (one for WAN, one for LAN)?
    what if I want to use two LAN ports and one WAN, LAN1 for wired connection connected to switch/hub and the other LAN connected sa AP,possible po ba?

  • Papaano po ba papaganahin yung wrtbwmon?

    <click here for link>

    router ko WR-NET-083-CC
  • looking for professional computer networking configuration .... for home
    i need someone who is knowledge about internet configuration for wifi router or someone who can setup for better wifi ..
    Quezon City only
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  • hi, my wrt54g v5 got bricked. sino po pwede makatulong sa pag repair? thanks :)
  • just installed dd wrt on my archer 7

    any tips on what to do para sa baguhang tulad ko

  • Hello hihingi sana ko ng tips. Nagpakabit kase ako ng home fibr 20mbps kahapon and nag ffluctuate ung latency ko in games pag nag sabay sabay yung youtube at facebook ng family ko. Nakakita ko tips about sa QoS kaso wala pala QoS tong prinovide na router ng PLDT so pumunta ko dito sa DD-WRT, questions ko lang po:

    1. Wala ako idea sa router models. Anong microtik router dapat ko kunin para sa dalawang PC(wired), at around 8 na mobile devices(wireless)?
    2. Recommended ba na ipa-config na sa magbebenta ng router beforehand? Worth it ba ung malaking patong nila sa config? And mahirap ba sya iconfig on my own? May knowledge naman ako when it comes to computers kase IT student kaso wala pa ko knowledge gano sa networking

    Maraming salamat po. In hopes na mamanage ko rin ng maayos ung bandwidth dito sa bahay.

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  • sana maging active ulit dito yung mga marunong mag dd wrt para naman maka learn kaming mga noobs
  • up for this thread
  • hello po masters.. ask ko lang po if any of you succeeded installing firmware for wrt1900ac.. medyo weird kasi sya pagka sa 2.4ghz na main nag reboot sya pero sa guest at 5ghz di naman
  • ^^

    Naka WRT1900ACS ako using 8/29/2017 build, so far stable naman i have VPN applet installed sa router din, and it can withstand with the traffic load especially sabay2 na streaming.

    Try upgrading bro to a higher build.