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IMPORTANT: TipidPC Official News and Announcements

  • Fellow TPC\'ers, please be guided accordingly.

    Rules and Guidelines on Posting Images in the
    Forums/Negotiation Messages/Feedback Ratings.

    (IFS/WTB Ads are NOT covered by these rules. Users are advised that posting large or too many images in your item may affect the loading of your item page and hamper user experience. No one will buy your item if they cannot view it.

    1) Maximum size of image/s posted should not exceed
    800 x 600 or vice versa; strictly two images per post only.

    2) Maximum size limit of User sig (signature) should
    not exceed 600 (w) X 120 (h) pixels; one sig per post only.

    3) Posting of image/s with advertisements (such as political ads,
    company ads, and links thereto) is prohibited.

    4) Posting of image/s the same as the image/s found
    in his IFS/WTB is prohibited.

    5) Maximum of two images and one user signature is allowed in the feedback ratings.

    (Approved and Implemented on July 03, 2008 ; Revised on August 7, 2013)

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  • Public Advisory:

    All Regular Members will find that their Message Inbox capacity has been reduced from 200 down to 50 na lang. Members will experience \"Message Inbox is Full\" whenever sending PMs to anybody whose inbox is already full.

    Everyone must now delete or purge old messages to accomodate the existing capacity of 50.

    However, the inbox capacity of \"Premium Members\" shall remain unchanged or unaffected.

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  • RE: Items Sold as \"Sony Class A\" Memory Cards in TPC/TCP

    Sony Philippines, Inc. has already stated that there is no such
    \"Class A\" in their line of storage media. Hence, all
    memory cards with the tag \"Sony Class A\" are considered

    For this reason, TPC/TCP has to implement its existing rules on
    fake items.

    Here are the following prohibitions:

    1. All Memory cards in the IFS/WTB tagged as
    \"Sony Class A\" in the Item Name/Description/Negotiation Board is
    not allowed.

    2. All memory cards in the IFS/WTB showing pictures of the \"Sony\"
    brand in the Description/Negotiation Board, but are only \"Class A\",
    is not allowed.

    3. Links thereto in the Description/Negotiation Board is likewise
    not allowed.

    All concerned sellers/buyers are given 3 days from the time of this post to reconcile their IFS/WTB posts with the above prohibitions.

    Please be guided accordingly.

    *For any inquiries, please feel free to pm us.

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  • To All TPC Members:

    For smoother browsing experience you may use either or whichever is faster with your existing connection/service provider.
  • To All TPC Members:

    All existing sold and bought item posts (one month and above old) in the IFS and WTB Sections will be deleted by our site moderators without prior notice. This is in relation to our site\'s \"clean-up drive\".

    We would also like to encourage members to maintain their own Items For Sale and Want To Buy posts.

    For your info and guidance.

  • We at TPC strongly discourage the use of textspeak when posting in our site, this cheapens and degrades the quality of TPC and should strongly be avoided at all times. If you absolutely must make a post using an internet-connected cellphone, please take the time to compose short, concise messages instead of textspoken sentences. Let\'s leave the textspeak to the cellphone users.
  • We are now allowing the trading of PC Modding Tools and Accessories here at TPC. As long as said items are posted in the \"Other PC Devices\" Catetory in the IFS and WTB sections. However, TPC moderators will delete PC Modding Tools and Accessories posted outside the \"Other PC Devices\" Category without prior notice.

    Please be guided accordingly.

    Btw, here is the list of Acceptable Modding Tools:

    1. Rotary tool/ Die Grinder / Mini Grinder (e.g. Dremel, B&D RTX, JC Kawasaki)
    2. Flexishaft for #1
    3. Jigsaw
    4. Drill (Power, Hand or cordless)
    5. Acrylic cutter
    6. Nibbler
    7. Tin SNip
    8. Scroll Saw
    9. Hole Saw
    10. Circular CUtter
    11. Rivet Tool
    12. Bench Grinder/buffer/polisher
    13. File set
    14 . Acrylic Bender
    15. Soldering Station
    16. Regulated Power SUpply
    17. BLower/Vacuum (nozzle type - not the big ones)
    18. PSU Sleeving toolkit
    19. Wiring TOols such as Diagonal cutter, Wire stripper, needlenose pliers
    20. Multimeter
    21. Heatgun
    22. Glue Gun
    23. AirBrush

    We will not allow basic carpentry tools like hammer, pliers, hacksaw, clamps and other basic carprenty tools that we commonly see at home.

    Modding Accessories:

    1) acrylic bonding cement
    2) polishing wheel
    3) polishing wax
    4) CCFL
    5) LEDS
    6) LED lighting modules
    7) fan screws

    See our reference for full list:

    <click here for link>

    Courtesy of

    Thank you fellows.

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  • Admins/Moderators can lock posts which violate these simple posting rules:

    * All CAPS / Uppercase
    * Non-PC related items or any item not falling under any category listed
    * Ads bearing pirated content or any post that leads to piracy
    * Text speak in titles and item description
    * Contains unnecessary words aside from the item like \"Brand New\" \"Unused\" For Sale\", \"Cheap\", \"FS\", \"WTB\", \"Looking For\", \"In Need Of\", \"Needed\"
    * Special characters in titles are not allowed \"!\", \">\", \"<\", \"/\", \"\\\" etc...
    * Double or multiple posts of similar items (Flooding)
    * Extra long titles which contain the description.
    * Ridiculous pricing or zero pricing, ex. P0.00, P1.00, P5.00 (appropriate pricing required)
    * Misrepresented ads. Passing off used items as brand new including fakes.
    * Posted ad leads to bidding system which is not allowed here.
    * Posted pictures that violate the image posting rules

    Important Amendment:

    Effective immediately, the word Promo (may be enclosed by a single or double apostrophes e.g.:\'Promo\' /\"Promo\" or Asterisk e.g.: - *Promo*) will be allowed on Ad-titles to highlight the items which are on sale or promo.
    For everyone\'s strict compliance.

    Note: The latest amendment to the item posting rule will not allow the use any other special character aside from \"*\" for sale/promo items. Moderators will still be monitoring the IFS section for violations and habitual violators may be suspended/banned from the site without any form of notice.

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  • We encourage each and everyone to review our Site Rules and Regulation. We have noticed that some members have been violating our rules particularly Site-wide Rule No.3:

    You will respect other people\'s right to personal privacy and will not post any other person\'s identifying information, but your own.

    Again, members are NOT allowed to post in the Forums section other member\'s contact information which include photos. Suspected scammers should be reported to any of our Site Administrators or Moderators thru PM.

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  • IFS and WTB Titling Guidelines:<click here for link>

    Starting today, TPC admins/mods will intensify their efforts in encouraging members to follow proper posting rules, particularly the site\'s policy on titles in the IFS and WTB section. Improper titles in the IFS and WTB section has long been violated giving violators undue advantage over members who choose to follow the rules. We will start strict implementation of these rules 2 weeks from now, April 15, 2010.

    For everybody\'s guidance, here again are the rules, plus a few enhancements to the policy on titles in the IFS and WTB:

    - no all caps allowed or upper case (alternating case is also forbidden)
    - no text speak (title and content)
    - title must only contain the item for sale for the IFS
    - title must only contain the item you are looking for in the WTB
    - unnecessary words like \"brand new\" \"unused\" \"for sale\", \"looking for\", \"rush\", \"needed badly\", \"today only\", \"repriced\", \"wholesale\", \"bumibili\" etc. are not allowed
    - special characters in titles are not allowed \"!\", \"*\", \">\", \"<\", \"/\", \"\\\" and other characters will not be allowed (*see amendment below.)
    - details of the item belong to the item description section and not on the titles
    - location of the item and meet up points too belong to the item description section
    - improperly priced items
    - for laptops, brand, model, processor speed, RAM, HDD capacity will be enough
    - for desktops bundles, processor speed, RAM, HDD capacity will be also be enough
    - for HDDs, brand, model, capacity and interface is enough
    - for video cards, brand, model memory and interface is also enough
    - for processors, brand, speed, socket type can be included
    - posts with pirated content and leading to piracy
    - location for items found outside metro manila will be allowed, but it must not be posted in all caps

    * let\'s keep the titles as simple as possible, but complete in the item description section, where it counts.
    * hindi po natin kailangan gawin na parang billboard and titles ng ating posts
    * babaan niyo po ang presyo ng item ninyo para madali mabili
    * hindi pwedeng mas visible ang post ninyo kumpara sa iba, pantay pantay po dapat lahat

    By April 15, 2010, posts that violate these rules will be deleted without any advise to the member who posted the item/items

    Important amendment:

    Effective immediately, the word Promo (may be enclosed by a single or double apostrophes e.g.:\'Promo\' /\"Promo\" or Asterisk e.g.: - *Promo*) will be allowed on Ad-titles to highlight the items which are on sale or promo.

    For everyone\'s strict compliance.

    Note: The latest amendment to the item posting rule will not allow the use any other special character aside from \"*\" for sale/promo items. Moderators will still be monitoring the IFS section for violations and habitual violators may be suspended/banned from the site without any form of notice.

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  • Site Advisory Regarding

    All members should be utilizing ( for trading or selling PDA-Phones, SmartPhones, Mobile Phones, its accessories and devices. Please take note that swapping of mobile phones and its accessories for any item here in TipidPC is also prohibited.

    This is our final warning to members who keeps on posting mobile phones and accessories in TipidPC\'s IFS and WTB sections.
    Items found violating this policy will be deleted by our Moderators without any warning and repeating offenders will be suspended/banned.

    For your strict compliance.

  • Public Advisory:

    Please be informed that effective September 8, 2010, all members whose accounts are either banned or suspended may forward their queries/appeals by utilizing TipidPC\'s Contact Us page: <click here for link>. Please note that it may take a few hours/days before you receive a response concerning your appeal.

    As for suspended/banned accounts, members are discouraged from doing the following:

    1) Immediately creating a new account after their original account has been suspended since this will only jeopardize the chances of possible account reinstatement.

    2) Creating a thread in the Forums section regarding their suspended/banned account. Please do note also that maligning/attacking the Site Admins and Moderators in the Forums may actually result into a permanent ban in TipidPC.

  • IMPORTANT: Monster Products are to be taken down IMMEDIATELY!

    jaydee Send Message View User Items on October 29, 2010 10:53 PM

    Hi all! We\'ve been receiving lots of copyright infringement claims by Monster Cable, Inc. (copyright owner and product owner of Monster audio products) against ads here on TPC. They request that all ads involving their products, images of their products, imitations of their products (so called OEM versions) be immediately taken down.

    I\'ve already gone through and locked the current batch of related ads. Going through them again to delete them.

    If you see one, delete it and also notify the user/owner of the ad.

    Thanks and appreciate all of your help :)

    <click here for link>

  • IMPORTANT: Selling/trading of connected/disconnected network-issued 3G/Wimax/LTE modems is strictly prohibited

    This is to inform all members that selling/trading of connected/disconnected, network-issued 3G/Wimax/LTE modems is strictly prohibited in TPC. Offering reconnection services which are obviously illegal is also prohibited. Any member caught selling network-issued 3G/Wimax/LTE modems or offering reconnection/unlimited or no monthly fee 3G/3.5G, Wimax, LTE internet services will be banned from the site without any notice.

    To our dear members if you see any of the above-mentioned items or services in the IFS or WTB sections, please notify any of our Moderators immediately for appropriate action.

    Thanks and we do appreciate all of your help :D

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  • It has come to our attention that several of our members have been subjected to \"feedback blackmailing\". Members of good standing are threatened with negative feedback if they do not give in to the ridiculous demands of members who are not really active TPC members.

    Members who plan to leave negative feedback are urged to provide contact their details in their profile so the Feedback Resolution Moderator (FRM) can get in touch with them, to hear both sides of the story. The FRM will try to mediate so a favorable resolution can be arrived at.

    Once the FRM has given his/her decision, a member who reposts a negative feedback will be banned.
  • To All TipidPC Members:

    Beware of new members and suspicious accounts sending out private messages (PMs) asking for re-feedbacks on their new accounts because according to them their old account was banned or hacked. The fact of the matter is they were not banned and they\'re doing this to simply to boost their ratings here in TipidPC.

    We know that everyone lost some feedbacks due to the glitch a few months ago but please be careful not to post any feedback especially on newly created accounts. Please do note that once you\'ve posted a feedback on a certain account you cannot repost the same feedback for the same transaction on a newly created account even if his/her original account was banned. In TipidPC, there is no such thing as transfer of feedbacks from an old account to a new account so please be aware of this as well. Simply put, members are only allowed to repost lost feedbacks caused by the aforementioned glitch sometime in October of 2011. Please DO NOT entertain any feedback requests from members you have never had a transaction with. This is an obvious effort to boost their ratings in the site to be able to perform an illegal act later on.

    Anyone caught guilty of soliciting feedbacks to boost their ratings will be banned from the site without any warning for violating our Feedback Rules and Policies:<click here for link>.

  • Final Notice to Item Flooders and other Site Rule Violators

    This is your last warning.

    Item flooders and sellers of Non PC-related items will have all their item post deleted by the site admins or moderators. Repeating offenders will be automatically banned from the site.

    Please note that no warning message will be given to habitual offenders.

  • Public Advisory

    Please do not entertain items being offered to you via Text/SMS.

    It has come to our attention that more and more unscrupulous people are taking advantage of this manner of transaction to prey on prospective buyers.

    Reports from victimized members say that they have been duped/scammed through Text/SMS into paying in advance (through deposits/money transfer) for items supposedly being sold by active/banned members in TPC. They (victims) later find out that the transaction was a scam, that the person/s they were dealing with through SMS presented themselves under false pretenses, and that there were no items to be had in the first place.

    TPC has a negotiation board that is specifically designed to cater to members who wish to sell or buy items. Use it. At the very least, a buyer/seller will have written evidence of a transaction should it go awry.

    Please bear in mind that transactions through Text/SMS cannot be monitored by TPC and therefore go beyond the site's responsibility.

  • To All TipidPC Members:

    Due to the proliferation of illegally purchased online game accounts, we wish to inform everyone that no longer allows selling/purchasing or swapping of online game accounts in the IFS (Item for Sale) and WTB (Want to Buy) sections. As you all know, TipidPC should not be used to ask, share or distribute any content that will enable or teach unlawful or unauthorized access to software, hardware, or networks and that includes hacked/illegally purchased online game accounts.

    All online game accounts will be deleted without prior notice. Habitual violators will be banned from the site.

    For everyone's strict compliance.

  • ATTENTION: All Members

    RE: Reminder on TPC's Feedback Rules and Policies

    We have been receiving persistent complaints from sellers and buyers regarding negative feedbacks from members whom they have never had a transaction with. As such, we would like to remind all members to abide by our existing Feedback Rules and Policies.

    Violation of our Feedback Rules and Policies may result into suspension/banning of your account in

    For everyone's strict compliance.


    Feedback Rules and Policies

    1. You are only allowed to post one (1) feedback for every consummated deal. A consummated deal shall take effect only upon the agreement of both parties for the purchase, selling or swapping of an item or service.

    2. Proof of consummated deal can be any of the following: (1) Written and Signed agreement or proof of purchase and sale between both parties, and (2) Private Message: Confirmation of purchase and sale through exchange of Private Messages in the site. (3) Negotiation board: Confirmation of purchase and sale through the negotiation board. (Actual item link or Screenshot)

    3. You will use the Feedback Board only to provide a testimonial to your transaction. Other kinds of replies, remarks or even inquiries are prohibited.

    4. You will not post a feedback regarding a transaction that was consummated outside of TipidPC.

    Source:<click here for link>


    Notice is hereby given to all in the TPC Community to Avoid, Desist, Not Respond to, or Patronize any Illegal Ads posted in TPC from unscrupulous members soliciting, selling, buying items or services which run contrary to our own rules against prohibited Items and/or Services here.

    Responding favorably to any such ads shall cause your own accounts to be Banned or Suspended as may be deemed necessary by the Site Admins. You shall all suffer the same fate as those illegal ad posters in the trading section and the forums.


    Please be guided, accordingly. Thank you for reading.

    From now on, how much should I sell this type of threads are NO longer allowed in the Forums section. The Forums section should not be used to solicit opinions on pricing an item since this practice is tantamount to trading/selling/promoting items in the Forums section which is strictly prohibited in our existing Rules and Policies. We already have the Items For Sale section for selling PC-related gadgets/items. Aforementioned type of threads will be removed from the Forums section by our Moderators without any notice to the thread starter. Habitual offenders/violators will be suspended without any warning.

    For everyone\'s strict compliance.

  • Attention:
    Starting September 19, 2013. \"TPC Announcement\" will be authorized to warn, discipline, penalize through Negative Feedback Posting erring members who violate the site rules.
  • Rules on image posting on IFS and WTB are revised.

  • Attention: ALL TipidPC members

    Effective immediately, discussions in the Forums section about Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing and networking (Torrents) will be monitored closely by our Site Moderators. Any discussions leading to the illegal downloads of copyrighted materials via P2P file sharing will result into automatic suspension/banning of your account here in TipidPC.

    ALL TipidPC members are prohibited from posting the following in the Forums section:

    1. Tutorials on how to bypass traffic shaping, bandwidth capping, Fair Use Policy (FUP) of ISPs.
    2. Screenshots of downloaded copyrighted materials.

    All posts that violate the above-mentioned supplemental rule will be deleted without prior notice.

    For everyone\'s strict compliance.
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