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*Globe Tattoo Broadband Wired ADSL/VDSL Thread

  • @sapphire25

    Yun thanks sa feedback, request ko nalang palitan modem haha
  • @chiboman2000
    Yes I did try the Bayantel settings along with all possible combinations in the initial settings section. Only the 2 generic presets that sets the VPI/VCI (default 0/35 and set others) along with PPOE were able to connect albeit with very slow browsing. There is an advanced settings section that contains too much technical info for my level of understanding. But I'll try to tinker with each and everyone of them hoping to get lucky before I lose all patience. I would like to try other modems if I could get my hands on them. Can't seem to find any used ones even here in TPC.
  • @tbu3
    You can also try looking at those Fiberhome HG180 modems from Globe. On spec it should work with ADSL/VDSL. I saw in FB market it was selling around 400 to 800 before.

  • My new router arrived today, the TP-Link Archer AX50.

    - accessed my modem/router TP-Link TD-W8960N and followed the quick setup for bridge mode, disabled wireless signal
    - plugged TD-W8960N to internet port of the new TP-Link Archer AX50
    - went thru the quick setup of the TP-Link Archer AX50, set PPPoE user/pass, wireless settings ... save
    - everything working fine for now, also using an 8 port gigabit switch (TL-SG1008)

    TP-Link network at home hehe.
  • sa mga naka FIBR, public or private IP ba ang provided ni Globe?
  • @unimodem
    Thanks for the tip. Will give that modem a look.

    Will sell the Tenda and thinking of getting a TP-Link TD-W8961N. Hopefully I’ll get a piece of that TP-Link network at home pie. ;-)
  • Ayos din pala si Globe, natripan ko lang tumawag dahil dun sa 3 months free kung postpaid. Sabi ko nagkaproblem sa facility check kaya dapat nakabitan na nung nag apply ako sa Globe Store. Sa ahente ako nag apply same problem pero magaling technician/installer kaya nainstallan ako. So di daw pede kasi dapat sa Globe store.

    Ginawa nung kausap ko nag bill adjustment ng 1 month at naapproved agad within 30 minutes (nag text). Ayun parang libre cashout ko hehe

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  • sino na po sainyo nakatry ipaupdate yung address na nakalagay sa billing statement? pwede po kayang itawag at ipaupdate sa customer service? lumipat kasi kami ng bahay.
  • sa CS or meron sa Globe At Home App ng "Request for Transfer of Location"