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[email protected] Broadband Wired ADSL/VDSL Thread

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    Sa tagal natin sulit naman yung lungkot at ligayang naranasan natin haha

    tumpak! hahaha
  • Sa wakas migrated na ako sa fiber from vdsl after almost 2 months. Pero wala padin akong landline. Busy tone lang.. may alam ba kayo na fix para dito? Or should I request ng tech visit? Meron ba dto na nakaranas ng same situatuon like this? Internet is working pero landline hindi.
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    Sa wakas migrated na ako sa fiber from vdsl after almost 2 months. Pero wala padin akong landline. Busy tone lang.. may alam ba kayo na fix para dito? Or should I request ng tech visit? Meron ba dto na nakaranas ng same situatuon like this? Internet is working pero landline hindi.

    etong sa akin paps in-sync nag down agad yung VDSL connection ko right after nag UP na si fiber connection.
    pag saksak ng phone sa fiber modem working na rin ang landline.
    tho both my landline and account numbers are retained, hindi ko lang alam kung paano sistema nila sa new account numbers.
    mag set ka na ng tech visit paps.
  • Anyone on VDSL who got their plans upgraded after Globe's maintenance last weekend?

    Naging Up to 150mbps na yung sa Globe at Home app, pero old plan pa rin yung speed even after a modem restart.

  • Subdivision na lang ata talaga namin ang walang fiber ah haha. Kahit converge or pldt fiber wala pa rin dito taena
  • @znre

    Write to your Home Owner's Association (HOA) ask why there are no fiber ISPs in your village.

    If they have no exclusivity deal with Globe DSL then invite fiber ISPs like PLDT, Globe, Converge and Sky to roll out service in your village.

    Odds are red tape or tamad lang ang HOA as to why walang fiber.

    To prove to the fiber ISP & HOA that fiber has demand in your neighborhood then do a signature drive/petition among your neighbors as proof.

    Info should be as follows

    1) Name of home owner
    2) Install address of home owner
    3) Contact # of home owner
    4) Signature of home owner


    Question for any DSL subscriber.

    Why are you still on DSL?
  • Do you want to improve the wifi & LAN performance of your DSL connection to maximize your Mbps?

    Buy a 3rd party wifi router, like the TP-Link Archer AX50 AX3000 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router, and request for "bridge mode" for your fiber modem from your ISP.

    This offloads the NAT, wifi & LAN functions of the modem/ONU onto the 3rd party wifi router.
  • Migrated today at Globe Fiber, speed now is 60+Mbps, previous plan is 1699 20 mbps.
  • Buti pa kayo sir na update na speed nyo. Plan 1699 ba yang 60mbps?

    More than two months na ako nag aantay di pa rin ma update yung speed ko up to now. Saan po kayo nag pa update at gaano katagal yung process?
  • @Zaphyre, last year pa sila ang kumokontak sa kin to upgrade to fiber, pero Ok pa ko sa dati kong line, pero wala need na talaga mag transfer sa fiber since ititigil na nila yung vdsl this year. No changes sa account number ko pati landline di nagbago....yes 1699 yung 60mbps na speed.
  • @puma, thanks sir. Sa case ko naman, naka indicated na sa GAH app yung bagong speed pero di sya updated kung e run ang Speedtest. Naka ilang beses na ako nag submit ng ticket at may mag send lang ng sms na may pupunta raw na technician pero wala naman. Kanina sinubukan ko tumawag sa landline nila at e escalate daw ni Agent yung job order ko which is open pa naman daw. May sms din ako natanggap pero I think automated lang mga ito e. May nag offer din nung una ng upgrade plan pero di ko tinanggap kasi. Sana naman may
    outcome na sa escalation ni Agent.
  • Yung sa akin naman tinatamad ako tumawag para upgrade sa bagong plan 60Mbps. Bigla na lang last month pag speedtest ko naka 60Mbps na. Tapos may SMS na nag automatic upgrade na sila
  • Your ISP, telco or carrier does not want you to do are the following after contract is done

    - Mobile Number Portability (MNP) to the rival network
    - Downgrade to the same Mbps they increased your plan from
    - Terminate service
    - Switch service

    When you indicate any of these things you can get a bette deal for less money.

    This is ideal with subscribers who pay be deadline.
  • Hi meron din ba issue aa speed nyo? DL ko 5mbps lang Upload speed 100

    Imus Cavite area
  • Hi. May new speed upgrades din ba for vdsl plans? Or para sa fiber lang yun? Yung nakausap ko na tech kasi ang sabi na para sa fiber lang daw yung speed upgrade (1299 @50mbps etc). Tapos kapag yung job order nakalagay fiber plan hindi nila ma process kahit na nakalagay naman sa app yung speed. May naka experience ba ng ganito? Paano kaya ma resolve to? Pinapaikot lang ako ng tech at agent e.
  • @Zaphyre

    It's fiber only because of the limitation of VDSL technology. ot to mention its more expensive to increase Mbps with VDSL
  • @filipinX
    So ibig sabihin wala ng upgrades for adsl/vdsl plans? Kawawa naman kami hehehe

    Paano ba malaman plans and speeds ng vdsl ngayon? Sa website kasi pang fiber lang ata yung nakalagay.

    May mga 1299 unli dito? Anong speed nyo po ngayon?
  • ^ max speed ng VDSL 100mbps, so hindi na pwede lumampas dyan
  • @Zaphyre

    All copper ISPs are migrating their network to fiber. This is why they're poorly maintained. I would reach out to Globe and ask for a migration to fiber to enjoy the increase in Mbps. They will accommodate when fiber facilities are available.

    The cost of increasing Mbps on copper are far higher than those of fiber.

    It is cheaper for them to migrate you to fiber.

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  • Unhappy with your ADSL/VDSL/copper account?

    Even if you are not out of contract you can ask for a migration from ADSL/VDSL/copper to fiber with your ISP.

    When making the request send them install location's

    - Account name
    - Account number
    - Landline umber
    - GPS coordinates
    - postal address

    All ISPs have a Google Maps-based fiber port inventory system that is more accurate and easier to use with GPS coordinates.

    Doing so will speed up turn around time to confirm whether migration is possible or not.
  • These are the consumer-grade 3rd party routers I'd recommend if you want the best experience

    This was compiled because I've received a number of questions on what to buy. Pls use Google for latest pricing and tech specs.











  • My picks for sub-3k wifi routers. Kindly Google price & tech specs. Pls feel free to share your personal picks as well. :-)







  • iphase out na daw vdsl ng globe within ncr and calabarzon kaya lahat imigrate sa fiber...
    dito samin sa bacoor cavite ni mimigrate na nila lahat ng vdsl...

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  • @rudy

    It costs more to operate copper than fiber at identical Mbps and expected reliability.

    Copper cables are tempting targets for theft.