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The Platinum DVD/HDD Karaoke System (No Trading / Endorsement / Mentioning of Store)


    Sa atin pong lahat sa thread na ito. Mangyari po lamang na iwasan na natin mag-post o pag-usapan sa Platinum FaceBook Page ang tungkol sa pricing ng mga units nila at kung saan makakabili nang mura. Tayo po kasi ay napakiusapan lamang na kung maaari eh iwasan na natin mag-post o pag-usapan ang mga ganyang bagay sa Platinum FB page nila.

    Let us not forget that there is a posted SRP or Suggested Retail Price sa FB nila tapos hindi nga naman tama na tayo pa sa TPC ang magsasabi na mahal yun at ituturo pa natin kung saan pupunta mga tao. Siguro if we want to help those na naghahanap ng mura at saan makakatipid eh paki-PM na lang po natin sila ha?

    Malaki po ang respeto ng Platinum sa samahan natin rito. At karapatdapat lamang na respetuhin rin naman natin sila sa pamamagitan ng tamang pag-post lalo pa at doon sa kanilang FaceBook page pa naman. Konting respeto po tayo lamang, mga kaama.

    Umaasa po sa inyong pakikipagtulungan. Maraming Salamat Po. ^_^


    For songs which are seriously in need of correction such as:

    1. Out-of-Sync
    2. Out of Tune
    3. Wrong lyrics
    4. Wrong Title
    5. Wrong Artist for the Song

    Kindly send Vendetta a PM so that we can consolidate all error cases into a single report for immediate correction.

    Thank you. ^_^

    Platinum Firmware Update For \"REYNA\"

    Download FW - Reyna_FW_2014_05_28
    <click here for link>

    fixes: song tempo reading bug fixed

    song stuttering bug fixed

    all previous bugs fixed

    directions: 1. download FW

    2. extract .zip file

    3. prepare USB/SD Card by formatting media with FAT32 format

    4. copy file SOKE102.ROM to USB/SD Card

    5. eject reyna disc from player

    6. insert USB/SD Card to media slot

    7. updating will start automatically, a blank screen means process is finished

    8. insert reyna disc back to player

    9. end

    Official Website
    <click here for link>

    Facebook Fan Page
    <click here for link>

    Platinum Service Center
    629 Ronquillo St. Quiapo, Manila. In front of the Barangay Hall 307 Zone 30. The SVC shall be on the 3rd Floor of the building where GameExtreme is also located.

    Contact No. (0910)-228-2602/ 353-1034

    Platinum EXTERNAL Remote PCB Wiring Diagram:
    <click here for link>

    Whats New ?
    (Thanks to Vendetta for passing the info)
    All HDD-based Platinum models (BMB-One, X-One, and the latest X-2) shall expect Volume releases on a regular MONTHLY basis at an affordable update fee of P150 only.

    New song content is pegged at 60 new songs MINIMUM. New songs are truly songs NOT YET found in the current volume comprising both REQUESTED and Non-Requested Songs.

    The 60 new songs do NOT include old content made into RS, EVO, SP or those re-arranged and edited for wrong lyrics and off-sync Lyric Guide.

    Beginning MARCH of this year... henceforth, All new released volumes for HDD models shall bear the release identifier specifying the MONTH and YEAR of every succeeding releases as:

    March 2013, April 2013, May 2013, and onwards.

    For DVD disks the same convention shall be retained and the new disks bearing the SAME content as released for HDD models shall be made available to the public every TWO MONTHS or so.

    For example:

    For HDD - March 2013 Update followed by April 2013 Update. Etc. tec.

    For DVD - Volume 61 (For release in April containing same HDD updates for March and April.

    Volume 62 (May and June 2013)

    Therefore, it is obvious that HDD models shall enjoy earlier song updates than DVD models.

    Digital Songbooks
    For Android OS
    Developed by Cicis)
    Note: At least Android 2.2 with a screen width of 800
    Uninstall any previous version of this app before installing this one

    <click here for link>

    Developed by jamesdhong (updated to volume 60 by Fortoz)
    <click here for link>

    For Symbian OS
    There is a way to have a digital songbook for your beloved Symbian phone
    Use QuickOffice to open this Volume 60 XLS file and use the search function of the QuickOffice
    Thanks to fortoz and Cicis
    <click here for link>

    For Web Browsers
    Shared by Brayan (Volume 65)
    <click here for link>

    For IOS
    Shared by Brayan (Volume 65)
    <click here for link>

    What are the Latest Songs and Volume No.?
    Volume 69 Disc
    Release Date - 2nd week of April 2015

    Volume 60 (January 2013 upped by gerbermanahan)
    <click here for link>

    Volume 1-59 FULL SONGLIST
    <click here for link>

    Volume 1-60 (compiled by fromy43 from gerbermanahan\'s PDF)
    <click here for link>

    Volume 59 (November 2012 uploaded by max30) on page 242
    <click here for link>

    Volume 59 PDF by gerbermanahan
    <click here for link>

    Volume 58 (August 2012)
    <click here for link>

    Volume 57
    <click here for link>

    Volume 56
    <click here for link>

    Volume 53-55
    <click here for link>

    How to Add Custom Video Content (MTV) into your special optional Platinum USB Flash Drive already loaded with MP3 songs.
    User MTV:
    1. Convert Video to .divx format using DIVX Converter 5/6 or other
    2. In converter preference, choose 320X240 for resolution, and 500Kbps for Bit Depth and 23.9 for Frame Rate

    For X and T-Series Users:
    1. Rename the converted video with designated filename:
    92801 up to 92980
    2. Copy file to MTV folder in the supplied USB disk

    For P-Series Users:
    1. Rename the converted video
    to Pxxxxx.MVU, where xxxxx may be from 92801 up to 92980. e.g:
    2. Copy the file to MTVDATA folder in the supplied USB disk.

    How to create a backup copy of your original Platinum DVD?
    See pages 7-8

    How to make your personal video as BGV in Platinum X-2:

    1. Prepare video file for use as BGV (file should be encoded in MPG2 format, use video converter software if needed)
    2. Copy video file in SD Card
    3. Insert SD Card in X-2 Card Slot
    4. Press USER button
    5. Select SD CARD
    6. Highlight video file
    7. To copy in HDD: press RECORD Button, wait for process to complete
    8. To set as BGV: press BGV button, select USER BGV entry number, wait for process to complete
    9. Press USER button again and select KARAOKE to go back to Karaoke Mode /or select HDD to browse User media files
    10. During Karaoke Mode, select User BGV by pressing BGV button

    How to Update Contents to Latest Release (Hard Disk Models Only):

    Method 1 – Single Volume Update Only
    - This method will require a USB Flash Disc.
    - Song Update data and Certification Key data will be written in the Flash Disc.
    - Customer brings home the Flash Disc and will easily be able to updates their karaoke player by their own

    a. Bring a working USB Flash Disc to our branch nearest you and give it to our sales representative. Be sure to get a receipt. USB Disc should be at least 1GB
    b. Our sales representative will then send your USB Flash Disc to our Head Office for processing
    c. It will take 5-7 working days for the processing
    d. Once you get your Flash Disc, ask for instruction on how to use the Updater

    Method 2 – Multiple Volume Update
    - This method will require a USB Flash Disc and Hard Drive in your karaoke player.
    - Hard Drive will be re-formatted and be written with Fresh Updated data.
    - Certification Key will be written in the USB Flash Disc.
    - Customer brings home the Hard Drive and Flash Disc, re-install the Hard Drive in their karaoke unit, inserts the Flash Disc to run Certification process

    a. Carefully disassemble Hard Drive from karaoke unit.
    b. Bring Hard Drive and 1 USB Flash Disc (at least 1 GB) to our sales representative nearest you
    c. Our sales representative will then send your Hard Drive and USB Flash Disc to our Head Office for processing
    d. It will take 5-7 working days for the processing
    e. Once you get your Hard Drive and Flash Disc, ask for instruction on how to finalize the Update process

    Sound module of existing Platinum Players (by thoniodee)
    t-40 dati qs 1532
    t-40plus ngayon sam2533
    tj-10 sam2133b
    tj-20 qs 1532
    x-10 sam2533
    x-10 plus sam2533
    x-5 sam2533
    x-2 sam2533
    x-one sam2533
    bmb-10 sam2133b(old)/2533(new)
    bmb-20 qs 1532
    bmb-one sam2133b(old) / 2533(new)
    x-100 sam2533

    p-20 qs1532 normal
    p-30 qs1532 normal
    p-40 qs 1532 normal

    t-20 sam2133
    t-30 qs 1532

    home-40 Sun Plus

    Reyna - sam2195

    What are the differences between Platinum, Hyundai and other videoke players?
    by denjah2005
    Hyundai is a brand name with models like Hyundai premier 98i (5,700 pesos), Hyundai 98 pro(n)(7,400 pesos) HVOD hdd based (11,200 pesos)..etc like HDV...
    Platinum is another brand with models like Platinum TJ-10 (7,000 pesos), P-40 (5,800), P-30 (5,600), T-40 (5,500), T-30 (5,400) BMB-10/20 (7K), BMB-one (11K) X10, X-one etc.........

    Lahat po yan ay walang kasamang Microphone, bibilhin nyo ito ng hiwalay sa halagang 250-500 pesos depende sa brand at tindahan.
    Magandang Mic na mura pero maganda ang sound output ay HDT mic, Ballentines, Icore, Platinum mic. (na nasubukan ko)

    Lahat po ng videoke players ay walang built-in amplifier (pwera mga Generic brands).
    Kaya wala ito saksakan ng speaker. RCA, RGB, 5.1 at SVGA lang para sa Audio/Video.
    Kailangan nyo ng hiwalay na ampli at speaker, pwede din ang aux ng kahit anong compo, pwede din ang mga speaker ng PC, pwede diretso sa TV (basag at mahina nga lang ang sound)
    Pwede din ang mga home theater like Harman Kardon, Denon, Tube amplifiers, etc..... (hindi ko ito sinu-suggest)

    Eto ang mga kasama sa package;

    - Box ng player with styro support
    - Videoke player
    - Songbook
    - Remote
    - PCB module (other models wala)
    - Battery (other models wala)
    - DVD disk (dito naka store ang lahat ng kanta)
    - Manual
    - A/V cables

    Sa Platinum, ang disk ng bawat model ay iba iba.
    Hindi mo pwede i-play ang disk ng P models sa mga TJ models at T models.
    And disk ng Tj models ay pareho sa BMB models.
    At lalong lalo na hindi pwede i-play ang disk ng hyundai sa kahit anong model ng platinum.

    Sa Hyundai, pare-parehas ang disk nila, kaya pwede mag-palitan
    Pero hindi rin pwede ang disk ng Platinum i-play sa hyundai.

    Regarding pagkakaiba ng brand and model, ito lang po yun.
    - Physical Looks
    - added features like camera input, USB, card reader HDD base or Optical drives
    - Color
    - Sound quality - Iba iba po (pero walang pangit), nasabi kong iba iba dahil din sa user.
    Meron tao na ang gusto ay ang tunog ng Hyundai, ako gusto ko platinum.
    Yung iba gusto ang kulay red, gusto ang kulay black, gusto ang itsura and etc.
    Iba iba po ang taste natin sa tunog, itsura at color.
    Pwede nyo po audition ang lahat ng models (wag lang masungit ang tindero/ra)

    Maganda po nyan, bilihin nyo na po ang player. Then itry nyo muna isaksak diretso sa TV.
    Kung satisfied na kayo sa tunog, ok na.
    Pero kung hindi, isaksak nyo sa Home theater kagaya nung nasa pix.
    Kung satisfied na kayo sa tunog, ok na yun.
    Pero kung hindi, at nairita kayo dahil sa delay ng sound (na gawa ng surround)
    Disable nyo lang ang 5.1 sound at switch nyo lang sa stereo sound. (sigurado ganda na ng tunog nito)
    Pero kung hindi pa din kayo satisfied, try nyo yung aux ng compo with speakers.
    75% sure ako na magugustuhan nyo na ang tunog nito.
    Pero kung hindi pa din satisfied, bili po kayo ng amplifier (any brand) at speaker (any brand)
    90% sure ako, magugustuhan nyo na ito.

    Pero kung gusto nyo talaga ng full satisfaction at pwede nyo pagmalaki sa mga kamag-anak nyo, barkada at kapitbahay (tuwing fiesta, Pasko at New year sobrang gamit ang ganito)
    Ito po ang setup
    - BMB-one - HDD base
    - Konzert 502a
    - KSS or KS model na 12\" speaker
    - Subwoofer na 12\" (optional)
    - Extra horn or dome tweeter (optional)
    - Equalizer (optional)
    - Mic Mixer (optional)
    - Projector (optional)
    - External remote (optional)
    - Shure mic (optional)

    Sample Audition of Midi Songs from Platinum Reyna and T40 (upped by marcosky11)
    <click here for link>


    email your song requests to:
    [email protected]

    Pending Requests

    Fall Out Boy - The Take over, The Breaks Over
    Martin Nievera - How Can I
    Stranger - Secondhand Serenade
    I need you now - Firehouse
    That\'s The Way of Friends - Paul Parrish
    It\'s All In The Game - Nat King Cole
    At Last - Nat King Cole
    On The Street Where You Live - Nat King Cole
    Pretend - Nat King Cole
    I Don\'t Love You - My Chemical Romance
    I Look To You - Whitney Houston
    Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder

    If You Go Away - Terry Jacks
    Matud Nila (Tagalog Version)
    Inibig Ko\'y Nakatali Na - Victor Wood
    Magbago Ka - Freddie Aguilar
    Questions - Manfred Mann
    Belladonna - UFO
    Inspector Mills - Chicago
    I Can\'t Say Goodbye To You - Helen Reddy
    There\'s Always Me - Elvis Presley
    Until It\'s Time For You To Go - Elvis Presley
    Only Memories Are Our Friend - Heintje
    I\'m So Lonesome I Could Cry - Everly Brothers
    Love Makes The World Go Round - Everly Brothers
    Oh! My Papa - Everly Brothers
    Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On - Everly Brothers
    Till I Kissed You - Everly Brothers
    The Wayward Wind - Everly Brothers
    Adios Mariquita Linda - Trio Los Panchos
    Vaya Con Dios - Nat King Cole

    American Dream - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    Can\'t Give You Anything (But My Love) - Sytlistics
    Di Ba\'t Ako Ay Tao Ring May Damdamin - Leo Valdez
    Jealous Heart - Ray Price (male ver)
    Photograph - Ringo Starr
    Yellow Bird - Brothers Four
    It Takes A Man and a Woman - Teri De Sario
    Everyday (It\'s A Getting Closer) - Buddy Holly
    Let Me In - Mike Francis
    A Tear Fell - Teresa Brewer or Ray Charles
    The greatest performance of my life - Shirley bassey

    Arms Of Mary - Sutherland Brothers & Quiver
    Everyone’s Gone To The Moon - Jonathan King
    Hurts To Be In Love - Gino Vannelli
    I Should have known Better - Jim Diamond
    I\'d Rather Go Blind - Rod Stewart
    I\'ve Been In Love Before - Cutting Crew
    I\'ve Got Dreams To Remember - Otis Redding
    Come In Out Of The Rain - Wendy Moten
    Gonna Make You An Offer You Can\'t Refuse - Jimmy Helms
    Have You Seen Her - The Chi-Lites
    How You Gonna See Me Now - Alice Cooper
    I Want To Wake Up With You - Boris Gardiner
    If You Dont Know Me By Now - Harold Melvin And The Bluenote or Simply Red
    Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) - Gareth Gates

    Let Me Tell Your Fortune - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
    Lonely Street - Andy Williams
    Love Wont Let Me Wait - Major Harris
    Love\'s Grown Deep - Kenny Nolan
    Make Me An Island - Joe Dolan
    Never Let Her Go - David Gates
    No Other Love - Barry Manilow
    One Hundred Ways - Quincy Jones
    Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through - Jim Steinman
    Sea Of Love - Honey Drippers
    Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart - Gene Pitney
    The Morning After - Maureen McGovern
    Try A Little Love - Oscar Harris
    What\'s A Woman - Vaya Con Dios
    When Summer Is Gone - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
    Wonderful By Night - Engelbert Humperdinck
    Would I Lie To You - Charles & Eddie
    You Don\'t Have To Paint Me A Picture - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
    I Can\'t Find The Words To Say Goodbye - Bread

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  • Platinum vs TJ Media midi arrangement comparison.

    <click here for link>

    Songs uploaded here are:

    Words - Beegees
    Paano nga kaya - Bugoy
    Through the years - Kenny Rogers
    Smooth - Santana
    When Love and hate collide - Def Leopard
    She bangs - Ricky Martin
    September - EWF
    Amazing - Aerosmith
    Eye of the tiger - Survivor
    Man in the mirror - Michael Jackson
    Here without you - 2 doors down

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  • As expected po sa Platinum maganda na sound kc ito din po gamit sa mga videoke kaya familiar na ako dito.. MAganda din yung mga RS songs na may mga back up vocals.. Parang minus one na orig arrangement..

    Yung last update po nya nakalagay eh Volume 26-28 Check nyo po sa ilalim ng page.. Pero marahil depende nga sa unit model ang page na binibigay.. Kc sakin nakalagay sa updated page ang model na TJ-10/20.. Marahil same content din at bka di mo napansin hanggang volume 28 na nga yan..
  • sir, paano nga pala iupdate yung disc nyan? let say mag volume 29-30 na? bibilhin mo na ba yun? maraming salamat po.
  • yes pao pag may update bibili ng bagong disc.. Kailangan lang alam mo model ng player mo.. Di ko sure kung magkano ang disc eh di ko naitanong.. Pero pag bumili ka ng disc kasama din ibibigay yung pages na nadagdag sa list..
  • @fishie1
    nakagawa ka na ba ng image file nung disc? ang gawin mo lang nun eh \"burn image\" using nero.. di ko pa nasubukan mag burn eh.. update mo kami pag naging successful..
  • basta right now masaya ako sa Forever by Chris Brown and Closer by Ne-Yo. Sino magaling dyan kumanta ng Rhianna?

    Sana next update may \"Man who can\'t be moved\" by Strict.

    saan ba pwede mag request ng songs for next release?
  • I created my backup using nero. Use the ISO/UDF format when making a disc. I was able to fit the dual layer disc to a single layer by removing some mtv files. The player reads much faster pa when in single layer.
  • @fishie Nero 9

    Sige pag nag abot sched natin. IM mo nalng ako.
  • Nakasingit po ito sa list doon sa songbook na binigay sakin.. Ito marahil Yung volume 28 na wla si fishie1..

    Ito din po ang last number na nababasa ng cd ng Platinum TJ-10

  • Ang Platinum ay Hyundai din ata ang may-ari/gumawa.. Naka label kasi sa nabili ko eh Hyundai Platinum.. Palagay ko po ay magkapareho lang ng tunog ang tj10 at tj40.. yung features lang ang nagkaiba at size ng housing.. Mas malaki/mabigat ang kaha ng TJ40.. Sa record function naman eh di ko pa alam pano mag record.. Sinunod ko naman yung nasa manual pero di nagrereact.. Di ko tuloy alam kung mali ang manual or di talaga pwede mag record..

    Help naman sa mga may TJ10 baka maturuan nyo ako.. Thanks!!!
  • Tip sa mga bibili ng TJ10.. Kung habol nyo po ang camera function nya kagaya ko eh baka gusto nyo pong wag ng kunin yung bundled cam.. Kung may existing video cam na po kayo na may video out papuntang TV eh pwede po itong i plug sa unit (yellow na video jack).. That way eh makakatipid po kayo ng mga 500-700(estimated price nung bundled cam) at tiyak na mas maganda ang resolution nung video cam na meron na kayo..

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  • @fishie1
    palagay ko eh pwde mong hndi kunin ang cam kc may ibang stores na tj10 ang bnebenta pero sold separately ang cam.. Wla kc akong vid cam na pwdeng gamitin kya yung may bundled cam na ang pinili ko.. Pero tnan0ng ko ang price nito at nasa 7h nga daw..

    Napaswap m na nga pala ng megapro.. Buti na lang unit ko walang crashing issue na 2lad ng sayo.. Anyways ok din naman ang megapro.. Kung may cam lang cguro yan bka yan na pinili ko..
  • Mga estimate ko 200-250 ang rs songs nya.. 5 digits ang mga song number nya na nagstart sa 44XXX.. Yung post ko sa itaas ang mga latest rs songs.. Mas prefer ko ang rs kesa regular midi.. Kc ngayon pwde m nang kantahin ang bohemian rhapsody dahl yung choir na backup vocals eh nandun.. Pati ibang non-RS songs nito may backup 2nd voices na din..

    MTV naman nya nasa 120 songs na parang tv ripped kaya maganda na din ang quality maging ang sound..

    Subok ko na tj10 na walang crashing issue.. Recording function na lang ang d ko alam gamitin..

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  • @wapski

    nakabili din ako ng TJ-10 last Dec. 4, bakit kaya walang nakalagay na Vol.28 dun sa Song Book nya. Vol.23 lang at yung mga nabangit mo na mga RS songs. Meron na bang Always be my baby ni David Cook ung sayo?
  • @fishie1

    Vol. 28 naman ung DVD na kasama ng TJ-10. Sa Songbook lang ako may konting problema. WAla ung sinasabi ni wapski na may volume 28 sa baba ng page. Kaya iniisip ko na kulang ung pages nya.
  • @brunorkelly
    para macheck mo kung volume 28 nga yan eh testingin mo yung nakapost kong mga song numbers.. kung may nagplay ibig sabihin volume 28 ka na nga at di ka nabigyan nung mga photocopy ng additional volumes 20-28.. balikan mo para makahingi ng copy.. kung di ka makahingi reply ka sa thread na ito para ma-scan ko additional pages at post ko dito..

    -- edited by wapski on Dec 11 2008, 01:41 PM
  • @wapski

    thanks a lot. post ako pag di ako naka hingi.
  • @fishie1
    ang swerte mo naman mabait ang vendor.. Baka gusto mo recommend sa amin para sa susunod na transactions eh dun na din kami bibili.. Pero bat papalitan mo pa yung megapro? may prob ba?
  • Cge tol pa upgrade mo na ng TJ10.. Di ka magsisisi.. Natest ko dito sa malapit sa office ang megapro videoke.. Kung sound output eh ok naman pareho pero yung arrangement ng mga midi mas maganda platinum.. Nacompare ko to by playing Bohemian Rhapsody ng megapro at ang RS version ng Platinum.. Mas maganda pala yung sa Platinum.. Alam mo na cguro yun dahil nagka Platinum ka na din diba?
  • @wapski

    Favor naman brod. Pa scan naman ng mga additional lists or pages para sa volume 28 ng TJ-10. Medyo wala pa ko time na bumalik sa pinag bilhan ko. If ok sayo pa email na lang dito sa email add na to: [email protected] TIA.
  • hi guys bumili ako kahapon ng tj-40
    ganda ng tunog....
    ano po latest vol ng disc nya?

  • @brunorkelly
    cge bro sa monday scan ko sa office at email ko sayo

    yung kay fishie1 vol26.. Pero sa tj10 ko vol28 na.. Chek mo yung nsa page1 ng thread na ito andun ang songs ng vol28.. Anong vol ba sayo?
  • guys pwede ba palitan yung background video display na nakalagay sa disc? Boring kasi yung background nung hdt pro98i ko eh hehehe . Gusto ko sana palitan yung iba dun. Baka pwede niyo ako turoan kung pwede? :) TIA!
  • @wapski

    Thanks in advance brod.
  • rgpanes, kala ko madami ng scenery ang hdt pro98.. Puwde mo atang palitan pero d ko pa nsubukan yan.. Madami na scenery ang sa platinum eh.. :)

    No prob brunorkelly!
  • @waps

    tnx bro...vol26 din yung disk ko....

    eto pics^ ^ (phone cam lang)

    burn in mode:

    connected to my audigy platinum then to my z5500=)

  • I\'ve tested a pro98-n which is mas mahal sa pro98-i, hindi talaga napapalitan ng background according sa seller.

    About song selections, I noticed na parang may similar tree ang mga videoke players.

    Following Hyundai Song lineup/numbering:

    1. Platinum
    2. MP Megapro

    Following Kumyoung numbers:

    1. Plardin/Megamaxx
    2. Pensonic/Arirang 200
    3. Nova

    Following Karavision numbers:

    1. Lexing
    2. Top
    3. Old Promacs
  • @lord_chris

    ako bro pro98i yung sa akin pero napapalitan naman ang background video, 4 types ata yun (sports, sexy, anime, & scenery ata yun). satisfied talaga ako sa sound quality ng hyundai pro98i ko :-). yun lang mejo bitin sa background kasi maiksi lang. baka kako pwede ko rin palitan yung background ...
  • magkano nga uli yung hyundai pro98i? 6.5K ba? screenshot naman po ng mga latest songs..

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