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Solid State Drives / SSD (Reviews, Feedback, etc) ~ No mentioning/promoting of sellers!

  • ^ Well, unless maraming client na sabay-sabay ang access sa NAS or VM or docker or database heavy ang use-case ng NAS, very limited din ang benefits ng NVMe SSD caching.
  • May problema po ba yong nasa kanan?

    Baka variation lang sa quality ng SSD. Pero wag mo na problemahin kasi hindi mo naman mararamdaman yung difference in benchmark speed sa real-world usage.

    Might be a good idea to spend more on WD Red NVMe or Seagate Ironwolf NVMe SSDs which have higher NAND endurance since NAS caches tend to be also write heavy specially in 24/7 environments.

    Gusto ko man Mrbungle kaso madugo pa sila reds at ironwolf. Plano ko sana yung adata xpg sx6000 256gb muna..

    Or, based sa results ng The SSD Endurance Experiment, baka hindi man kailangan mag-invest in higher endurance SSDs.
    <click here for link>

    The SSD Endurance Experiment represents the longest test TR has ever conducted. It’s been a lot of work, but the results have also been gratifying. Over the past 18 months, we’ve watched modern SSDs easily write far more data than most consumers will ever need. Errors didn’t strike the Samsung 840 Series until after 300TB of writes, and it took over 700TB to induce the first failures. The fact that the 840 Pro exceeded 2.4PB is nothing short of amazing, even if that achievement is also kind of academic.

    Baka ma-obsolete ang SSD bago siya bumigay sa excess writes.

    On the other hand, it would be ideal to use WD Red or Ironwolf HDDs for your NAS kasi designed sila specifically for NAS workloads compared sa consumer-line drives ng WD or Seagate (WD Blue and Seagate Barracuda respectively). May 3 akong 8 Tb WD Reds (wala sa NAS pero nasa PC) and halos 1 year old pa lang sila pero no problems so far.

  • @enissus

    Hello I need help as to choosing the right SSDs for my upgrade, using my PC for gaming and editing. Currently I have the ADATA SX8200 Pro 256gb on the M.2_1 of the MSI B450 Mortar Max (PCIe 3). I have another M.2 slot, but it runs at PCIe 2. I'm planning to buy:

    1TB M.2 NVME SSD for the media files of projects (to be plugged into the PCIe 3 M.2_1 slot) and
    500GB SATA for the OS, Software, and Games.

    Leaving the 256gb SSD I have right now as the scratch disk and cache (to be transferred it to the PCIe 2 slot). Will my current 256gb SSD be bottlenecked? Am I better off getting a 1TB SATA SSD for project's media files instead?

    may limitation yung pcie lanes from cpu at mobo chipset. kahit marami kang m.2 slot, kung di naman properly configured sa bios di mo magagamit ng full speed. sabi mo nga pcie 2 speed lang yung isa. Gawin mo is set mo yung 1st gpu slot or pciex16 mo from x16 speed to x8 speed. para may matira kang pcie lanes. but di ako sure kung ma-aallocate mo yun sa m.2 or dun sa 2nd pciex16 slot siya mapupunta. (not yet tested personally LGA1155 tong mobo ko eh walang m.2 haha but in theory mukhang tama naman.)

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  • @newbie

    parehong PNY CS900 - capacity lang nag-iba.

    i tried 3 different PCs, and different sata cables, same result.

    walang problem dyan. check mo spec sheet mismo nung ssd. For example Adata XPG SX8200, different ang read/write speed niya sa 256gb at 512gb. Same with Samsung 970 Evo plus.

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  • walang problem dyan. check mo spec sheet mismo nung ssd. For example Adata XPG SX8200, different ang read/write speed niya sa 256gb at 512gb. Same with Samsung 970 Evo plus.

    ang specsheet nya is eto (240gb vs 500gb)
    Max Sequential Read Speed - 535 MB/s vs 550 MB/s
    Max Sequential Write Speed - 500 MB/s vs 500 MB/s
    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>

    tas yong mga benchmarks and reviews, hindi bumababa ng 400MB/s.

    kahit yong isang rating dun sa Shopee for the same item na may screenshot, 460/430 (R/W)
    eto yun screenshot ng rating niya:

    then mabagal sya magboot. mabilis lang konti sa baracuda ko na HDD. nakakatatlong ikot yong spinner bago mag desktop, while yong the other two SATA SSDs (Toshiba 240gb and PNY 500gb) hindi ko na nakikita yong spinner na yun - same machine. pnag tyagaan ko talaga i-clone para ma-compare. all were trimmed.

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