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Solid State Drives / SSD (Reviews, Feedback, etc) ~ No mentioning/promoting of sellers!

  • @howhigh

    Nakakabit yung heatsink na kasama nung motherboard. Sa M.2 slot sa baba ng mobo nakakabit. Fractal Torrent with stock intake fans.
  • Yes sirs, nakakabit na yung heatsink kasama ng mobo (B550i). Nasa 59c idle pa rin ako at 28c ambient. Will need to do more testing.. Akala ko dahil sa RGB fusion software yung occasional hiccups while browsing.. Thank you sa inputs!
  • @howhigh

    same prob with my samsung 970 evo plus max idle @ 63c

    nag add na lang ako ng 4020 server fan naka tutok sa nvme heatsink.

    itx case din with minimal airflow more on pull lang
  • DIY SSD cooler:

    My Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1 Tb SSD has near-constant 42 C temperature with active cooling. If the temperature rises because I'm copying a lot of files I can increase the fan speed. It becomes noisy at high speeds so I only run the fans below the rated 12 volts.

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  • Is the WD SN570 1TB a good SSD even if it's DRAM-less? My brother needs to upsize his laptop's SSD, and apparently its M.2 2280 slot is limited to PCIe x2 so having a high-end SSD seems wasteful.
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  • mga bros, still using B450M MORTAR from MSI
    bili sana ako ng NVME drive with DRAM
    <click here for link>
    have 2 questions sana ..
    1. meron ba NVME support yung motherboard ko?
    2. what can you recommend na nvme drive with dram for .15k or lower 265gb size?

  • Nagbabalak ako bumili ngayon sale, pang dagadag storage capacity lang.
    Ano po ba mas OK sa dalawa na SATA ssd.
    Samsung 970 EVO or Yung crucial MX500.
  • Samsung 970 EVO is NVMe...

    Samsung 870 EVO is SATA, but it seems to have issues: <click here for link>

    I'd go with Crucial MX500.
  • crucial <3
  • ninjababez Send Message View User Items on 27 Feb 23 @ 02:20 PM #
    mga bros, still using B450M MORTAR from MSI
    bili sana ako ng NVME drive with DRAM

    1. meron ba NVME support yung motherboard ko?

    yes bro. i have the mortarmax B450M
  • yes bro. i have the mortarmax B450M

    baka max yung sayo bro ha
  • ^yes, MAX nga but it doesn't matter bro. meron ka rin naman 2 x M.2 slots dyan sa mobo mu ;)
  • @awakeruze - Tama 870 Evo nga pala. thanks
    Sa Crucial MX500 na malamang ako. thanks
  • ^

    Seconding MX500. Gamit ko dati (before moving to NVME for game ssd). Goods yan, though umiinit ng konti when doing HEAVY writes na matagal.
  • Hello guys, can anyone recommend me a budget 2tb m.2 ssd preferably gen 3? Will be used mainly for gaming and budget is around 6-8k. Thanks!
  • @Kaizo

    ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro @ 8K+ sa L@z@d@
  • What's the difference of Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD to (Gigabyte Aorus M.2 1TB NVME Gen4 7000S SSD GP-AG70S1TB)? Only the price and speed?

    Malaki rin kasi difference ng price at ung price ng Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD is almost the same to PCIe 3.0 SSDs kaya nakakapag taka(what's the catch?)

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  • ^

    IIRC theoretical top speed (including overhead) ng pcie gen 4x4 = ~8GB/s, and gen 5x4 = ~16GB/s

    Wag muna mag gen5 SSD hanggang di pa matured (unless if need mo talaga ung FASTEST drive available RIGHT NOW). Bibilis pa ung mga gen5 drive options in a few years. Also ung mga gen5 drives ngayon mukhang need ung active cooling (heatsink+fan rekta).
  • Hi! I need help on how do I set up my SAMSUNG SSD(980 1tb). It is recognize in the device manager but when I try to find in Disk management(to configure the ssd) it doesn't show up. May I ask for help please?

    I'm using MSI B450M Mortar Max motherboard. Also A 256 ssd and 1tb hdd is also installed. Only the Samsung ssd can't be seen in disk management.

    Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  • ^Can you show a screenshot of the Disk Management? Have you tried scrolling down to the bottom?

    If its available in device manager then it should be the available in disk management as well.
    Hmmmm have you tried checking via diskpart?

    Open a run command (Windows key + R) and type "diskpart" (without the quotes) and hit enter. (You could also type this on the start menu).

    From here, type "list disk". Based on the size of the disk and how much free space is in there, you'd be able to guess which one this is but just do be careful. Also if 2 entries lang or 2 disk lang ang lumabas (disk 0 and disk 1) then baka nga may problem na nga yung NVME mo.

    If 3 ang lumabas na disk sa list disk, check on the status. If one is offline, then you can select that disk number by typing:

    select disk X

    Where X is the disk number (e.g. 0, 1, 2 etc).

    Then afterwards, simply type, "online disk" (again, without quotes).

    If you want to check if tama sinelect mo na disk, simply type "detail disk". This will show the details of that disk. If may label na or drive letter yung disk, then its not the disk you're looking for. Repeat this for the other disk til you find the correct one.

    Then from there, pwede mo na iformat yung disk via command line (which you can find the steps from here: <click here for link>)
  • sabrent 1TB Rocket NVME for 5k. Good deal na ba to? Or ito na price niya sa amazon talaga?
  • ^Gen4 7000 MB/s ba yan? Parang ganyan na talaga mga prices ng Gen4 7000 MB/s ngayon because of the up coming Gen5 SSD

    I got my Gigabyte Auros Gen4 7300 MB/s SSD 1tb for 5250php
  • ^thanks boss. Yep Gen4 7000MB/s nga. Kaya pala halos lahat ng NVME naka-sale. Upcoming Gen5 pala. Well, goods naman, Gen4 lang naman mga ssd slots ko hehe.
  • ^

    Early adopter issues ng gen5 ung init (tignan mo ung ibang model anlaki ng heatsink tas maingay pa ung fan). Good timing ngayon if bibili ng gen4 ssd.
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  • After Adding Kingston Fury Renegade 2TB to my Rig,

    I benchmarked Forspoken's loading times with 3 Storages..

    A HGST HE10 TB 7200RPM HDD, Samsung QVO 4TB (2TB Sata SSD in Raid 0) and lastly the Kingston Fury Renegade 2TB which is compatible with Directstorage.

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  • Fake Samsung 980 Pro SSDs Are Spreading Around <click here for link>

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  • hello sirs!

    I was planning on getting the kingston nv2 1TB gen4 pcie 4 ssd (3500MB/s read speed) for ~P2,945, which seems like a real steal compared to the other ssds at the same capacity.

    My pc is essentially a gaming pc. A video i watched said the speed didn't matter all too much with ssds from a gaming perspective. Is there a reason why I shouldn't get this? Is there a better product for a better price maybe?