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The PSU Thread: New Products and Reviews

  • Mukang pass na ako sa sharkoon. Hindi japanese caps gamit. Sad.

    High reliability Japanese capacitors? You know, after my long rant from that Corsair review<click here for link> last week, I am starting to think differently about capacitor quality. You could say my eyes have been opened to a stark realization... the bad old days of capacitors dropping dead left and right are mostly over, except for the "off the back of a white van," brands that are as awful as ever. No longer are the Japanese parts the only good parts in the universe, and they're now often made near the Chinese parts we've been bashing left and right since capacitorgate was a thing fifteen years ago.

    Think about that number. Seriously. Fifteen years is a boatload of time... longer than the lifespan of most electrolytic capacitors, regardless of whose factory they came out of. The big Chinese names have had time now to iron the wrinkles out,and technology has improved. The whole thing started with a formula that got copied down wrong, and that formula likelyhasn't been used in ages by the major Chinese brands. Ltec, Teapo, OST, Capxon... when was the last time any of you saw one of these fail? Wait, let me answer that. The last ones I saw failed were the OSTs on one of my Asrock 939Dual-VSTA motherboards. Those came out in 2005. Ten years ago, when I was just getting into my thirties. Folks, you don't stay in business by not addressing issues like this.
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  • @dudidaga
    sir nakikita din kita sa rx480 na thread, pa ot ng konti. speaking of s12II, kasi iniisip ko kung 520w or 620w. mas ok sana kung 520w para less cable if ever. ang tanong kaya na ba ng 520w yung rx480 + i5 6500?

    Kaya naman ng 520W PSU yung setup mo sir. Pero I would recommend going for 620W PSU para may allowance ka for future videocard or CPU upgrades. Parating narin kasi ang AMD Vega so baka may plans ka mag upgrade ng GPU in the next 1-2 years. At least ready ang PSU mo for a higher TDP videocard. Konti lang naman din ang price difference between the S12II 520W and 620W models :-)

    naka node 304 ka din ba sir? atleast nabibigyan linaw. malapit na makapili. bukas na bibili if ever :)

    Ah no sir, Micro-ATX case ang gamit ko sa bahay. Yung PSU advice sa Node 304 nakuha ko yan kay boss Dyaems at mas maganda mag inquire ka sa Mini-ITX thread dahil madami ang may experience diyan with the Node 304 case. Madami mga veterans dun na makapagbibigay ng advice :-)

    Official Mini-ITX Thread (See Page 1 for Info)
    <click here for link>

    wala nga ako makitang murang sfx or sfx-l na psu. balik atx na lang na swak sa node 304. dibale ang choices ko are seasonic s12II or g-550 / g-650 na lang. depende na lang sa isasagot mo sir kung kaya ng 520w yung system ko. hehe

    Safe bet ang Seasonic G550 or G650 kung walang affordable na SFX PSU. Pero I would recommend going for G650 para may allowance sa future upgrades.

    - Seasonic G-550 = Php 3,850
    - Seasonic G-650 = Php 4,650

    For Fractal Node 304 I really suggest getting the Seasonic G-series instead of S12II series. Malaking hassle ang cable management sa totoo lang and you will be glad you bought a semi-modular PSU. Kung masyado mahal ang 600W units, kahit yung Seasonic G-550 OK na sa build mo :-)
  • Whoah hindi ko alam na may thread pala ganyan dito. bookmarked.

    salamat ng madami sir, dame ko kagad natutunan sayo.

    dun na ako sa g-550.
  • guys...buying new psu for AM4....gearing towards Corsair RM850i. baka may iba pa kayung suggestions diyan. Ehtusiast rig ang bubuin ko.
  • guys...buying new psu for AM4....gearing towards Corsair RM850i. baka may iba pa kayung suggestions diyan. Ehtusiast rig ang bubuin ko.

    Price, reliability, and practicality, go for Seasonic S12II / M12II 520 watts. If you plan to do heavy overclocking and/or use 2 GPU's, get the 620-watt variant.

    For reference on how much power current high-end PC's draw

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  • Fortunately, I'm not playing at 4K.