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The PSU Thread: New Products and Reviews

  • Hi mga sirs,

    Does anyone know where to buy 8 pin pcie cables for my strike x 600w bronze psu? lost mine kasi and need it for my GPU sana. Cant find one here locally eh.

    Thank you and appreciate the help.
  • can someone please tell me whats going on with my desktop.when ever i play online games tree of savior,diablo 3,starcraft,LOL and WOW my desktop keeps on restarting.its a random restart, i can play for 2 hours then all of a sudden it restarts like some one just pressed restart button. sometimes it will restart as soon as i start the game like 2-15 minutes time frame, i dont get any blue screen of death or any error in particular. Im pretty sure that its not a heating problem my cpu is on 37c-43c on standby and when i play it goes up for as highest mark around 60. Gpu only goes up as high as 60ish as well.it only happens when im playing games.on idle,browsing and watching movies it doesnt restart.
    im currently running windows 10 and my specs are

    cpu:i5 4570 haswell
    gpu:palit gtx 650 ti boost
    mb: Gigabyte b85m d3h
    ram: 4gb x2 gskill ripjaw and 8gb x1 same brand dd3
    psu: fsp raider 650w bronze

    i dont know if this is a factor but i also use
    corsair void wireless RGB,k95 RGB, corsair scimitar pro rgb and i also have a corsair h55 quiet cpu cooler.
    if the psu is failing what would be the best psu you guys can recommend me.right now im eyeing seasonic 650w gold G Series
    thats if the problem is psu

    sorry for the long post i just want to be thorough with it
  • ^ that seasonic is a good buy
  • @papasmack123

    It could be a GPU or CPU overheating problem. You may not see the spike in temps because your PC has restarted by then. It could also be the PSU overheating or not able to supply stable power when temps are high. Is your PSU more than 5 years old?

    To rule out CPU or GPU overheating, try running a monitoring software in the background like HWiNFO64 then enable logging. Play online games as usual until your PC restarts, then check the temps of the CPU and GPU in the log. If they look normal, look at other things like voltages from the PSU or whatever clue you might find.

    Based on my past experience, abrupt restarts like that while gaming is most likely due to the videocard overheating. Either GPU temps are too high or VRM temps are too high. It may also be the PSU, but the FSP Raider is a solid PSU model and your PC is not that power hungry. I would also check on that Corsair H55 AIO as corrosion might have degraded its cooling performance.
  • @papa

    Kung pede siguro ka mag play ng isa sa mga games mo using embedded video card muna, then try mo yun. Pag di nag loko malamang dahil sa vid card mo nga.

    Tsaka pede mo din alisin yungatuto restart when unstable. Nalimutan ko na kung saan pero at least makita mo yung error message din pag nag blue screen na
  • @sleepygeepy
    right now im using hwmonitor to check my temp,like a stated before its always been like that.psu is 6 years old.the corsair h55 is relatively new.like 3months old new.

    @kumag, right now, i removed gpu and currently playing TOS been an hour still no restarts.
  • @papa

    Isa pang diff na game then mga isang oras. No restart meaning malamang sa alamang me prob ang vid card m. Na try mo na linisin din ang mga fan? Di ko na nakita sa taas pro na try mo na diff kinds of driver version?
  • @papasmack123
    right now im using hwmonitor to check my temp,like a stated before its always been like that.

    Ok, but I still recommend you turn on logging. At least you will be able to see the temps of your CPU/GPU at the very last second your PC restarts (by viewing the log). You will also be able to keep track of other sensors as well like voltages on the CPU and GPU etc. Much easier to view the log than having to eyeball HWiNFO screens while gaming.

    right now, i removed gpu and currently playing TOS been an hour still no restarts.

    Looks like the restarts were being caused by the GPU after all...
  • 3 hours and counting.i guess we can confirm thats its the gpu thats causing this..thanks everyone
    ill shop around for a heavy gpu upgrade
  • 1070 na yan. Heheheh