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The PSU Thread: New Products and Reviews

  • Palit Gamingpro non-oc RTX 3080 ang gpu ko master. Ang winoworry ko yung cable mismo ih, I read an old article about mining using Seasonic PSU and madalas daw malusaw yung connector papuntang PSU. Since yan yung nilagay nila sa manual about yung special cables, medyo na worry ako XD
  • ^ for mining reduced power limit mo lang to 60 or below and observe for 12 hours used,

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  • ^

    Kaka-check ko lang master nung plugs sa PSU and tama naman. Yung dalawang PCIe (8/6 pins) 2 connectors per cables, were connected separately sa dalawang 8-pin CPU/PCIe output ng Seasonic GX-1000 to the RTX 3080. Also, I've checked yung plugs and so far wala pa namang degradation or any burnt something though I will search and replace all the PSU cables with 16 awg ones for extra peace of mind and in preparation din sa summer as I heard yung mga 18 awg cables do not like heat XD

    Maybe there's a reason talaga kung bakit nilagay ng Seasonic yung phrase na "For Mining usage, please contact Seasonic for special cables". XD