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TPC lente (Official Point & Shoot Digital Camera Users Support and Photography Thread)

  • Hi guys!

    I hope everyone is doing good. Please help me po, i'm newlywed and I need a decent camera for our memories (syempre mga 1st and ilalagay sa website and photo album). Balak ko yung maliit lang na mirrorless camera kahit hindi na lens interchangeable.

    What camera can you suggest me to buy and what shop or who (if hindi pwede sabihin dito, please pm me po)?

    Tama po ba ang aking napuntahang forum? If not, please help me po to be redirected hehe.

    Thank you you everyone and have a nice day!
  • merong 1 seller ng fujifilm x-t10 dito sa tpc pero no-stock, meron kayong ibang alam na online shop/seller? thanks!
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  • @dundem

    sir ano po yung camera nyo?
  • Panasonic LX100 sir....

    posts deleted due to wrong thread...

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