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Bittorrent on Sun Broadband Wireless

  • Hi guys, I just got my SBW a few days ago and I noticed something, speedtest indicates I have a pretty good connection, anywhere around 1mbps - 2mbps, 1.5mbps on the average. I even tried direct downloading some files from sites to test the speed, and I get a very good 230KBps while downloading iTunes.

    But the problem is, when I\'m downloading from torrent files, I use the Bittorrent client, utorrent, and azurues vuze and all of them gets a pretty bad speed (I\'m lucky to get 10KBps on downloads), and tried several files, most of them with healthy number of seeders (10:1 seeders leechers ratio).

    Anybody encountering the same problem as me?
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  • throttled ata talaga yang sun eh
  • I really hate this... I have a 1.5mbps connection... purely for surfing?! It\'s like giving me a ferrari but I can only drive it on an eskinita! =\\
  • @chingy try to use po yung beta na torrent tas may gagawin po you dun sa ports..backread po tau regarding torrent downloading. Kasi ako rin ganyan din ang nangyayari kapag sa torrent nagDDL years aantayin mu bago matapos but DL using the http it never fails me lalo na kung ang gamit mo yung Internet Download Manager ayon todo ang transfer rate ko abot ng 200kb/s ang isang file.. Hope it help you..hehehe:)
  • throttled ata talaga yang sun eh

    probably incorrect, its not something so sinster

    3g internet afaik has no open ports, that simple. No need to imagine some evil intent on the part of sun

    BTW, this has been discussed many times before but this is the first time a possible solution has cropped up

    if this works, i\'m seeding the latest family pictures para ma download ng relatives ko sa ibang bansa.
    ... assuming magkapera ako to buy an account with sun

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  • May bandwidth managers ang mga telco natin.

    They rate limit the torrent around 40Kbps. This is the same with Globe. Kc gamit ko phone modem and my Globe didn\'t played around 30 to 40kbps.
  • read the main sun bro thread. may possible solution posted last week
  • Yup they call it the Fair Usage Policy. To lessen the chances of clogging the network and consuming bandwidth the telcos restrict certain ip addresses. Lahat ng P2P kasama dito and to a certain degree mga large file holders like Rapidshare.

    I\'ll try the Beta Torrent and see if totoo nga you can reach up to 200kbps
  • mag torrent kaw from 2am till 9am. dun mabilis ang sun. specially from 5 to 9am.bilis. abot pa ng 280 kbps.
  • I tried something and it seems like it helped coz i\'m getting at least 20kbps speed, medyo mabagal pa din pero mabagal din kc connection nyo nmn ako pano ko mpapabilis sbw connection ko..btw..eto ung gnawa ko sa utorrent ko..

    1. go to preferences/downloads: uncheck \"Append .!ut to incomplete files\"; check \"Pre-allocate all files\"; check \"Prevent standby if there are active torrents\".
    2. go to connection: make sure you use a value above 40000 in \"Port used for incoming connections\". uncheck \"Randomize ports...\"; uncheck \"Enable UPnP port mapping; uncheck \"Enable NAT-PMP port mapping; check \"Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall Exceptions\" (very important). Set Maximum upload rate = 60; Maximum download rate = 0 (w/c is unlimited)
    3. go to BitTorrent: Global maximum number of connections = 375; Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = 100; Number of upload slots per torrent = 4; check \"Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%; check \"Enable DHT Network\", \"Enable DHT for new torrents\", \"Asl tracker for scrape info\", \"Enable peer exchange\"; enable outgoing Protocol Encryption; check Allow incoming legacy connections. click apply.
    4. go to Advanced: click \"net.max_halfopen\", in the Value box put 100, click set, apply. click \"peer.disconnect_inactive_interval\", in the value box put 600, click set, apply, ok.
    5. restart uTorrent.

    tell me kung may ngbago..tnx..

    message nyo ko sa YM ko... [email protected]
  • i followed yorouichi\'s settings sa utorrent and may big difference nga sa download. thanks
  • kamusta naman po download sa irc?
  • I don\'t think the open ports is the reason to blame for the slow speed.

    I use a Smart Bro Canopy and I can get good speeds on healthy torrents at daytime and full speeds at night time.

    I have no means of portforwarding this because it is impossible to do so unless you have a friend in smart. Though I have not personally used Sun, I have Digitel dsl in the past which gives me full speeds on browsing, 10% speeds on youtube and the like and also 10-30% speeds on torrents which have 10000 seeders. Though I don\'t know how they do it, they can actually Cap P2P and Streaming sites while leaving http/https browsing alone. During my digitel days, I was also able to access youtube on my cousin\'s pldt plan, laki din ng difference because wala throttling sa kanya.

    I hope baguhin nila yung ganun sistema Globe, Digitel and others ISP which does the same.

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  • ayun sa nabasa ko sir, apparently \"Sun Broadband Wireless Doesn\'t Work with Torrent\"...
    although may mga nkkpgbypass nung restriction na yun...

    <click here for link>

    naka SBW din ako, at di tlga ako nkkpgtorrent...
  • @yoro

    effective! your a god thanks
  • 4. go to Advanced: click \"net.max_halfopen\"...
    Ito lang naman talaga ang babaguhin niyo hahaha. disregard the rest.

    you can set it beyond 100 let\'s say 16777214 which by the way is the maximum value for half-open tcp connections and by that i suggest using avast or comparable anti-virus, expect heavy bombardment of viruses getting through your computer i repeat, always wear an updated reputable anti-virus, setting the half-open tcp to max will leave you open to blind distributed virus injectors.

    by the way, mine is maxed. and yes on Sun Broadband. i get their advertised speed.
  • You can get up to 240kbps sa torrent if you download between 3am-6am... the rest of the day, 1-14kbps lang talaga... kapag http direct downloads kasi 50-200kbps pero usually sa umaga at tanghali at depende din sa site kung mabagal o mabilis ang download rate mo. plus may burst rate din yata yung download speed kapag umaabot ng 100mb or more yung dinadownload mo kasi bigla nalang yun hihinto after a few minutes ending your download early, so you will have to re-download it again. one thing i hate about swb, laging disconnected ang camfrog. 4 mins max lang then dc na.

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  • Guys paturo naman kung paano yung sa bypass ng torrents.. expired na kasi domain nung guide sa link sa itass. Salamat.

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  • Mabilis connection ng utorrent sa SUN kase. all ports are open.. di muna kelangan mag port forward jan.