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Tacens Supero Power Supply Users Thread

  • ^ Just bring it to an electronics repair shop. Tell them you want the capacitors of the secondary replaced.

    Expect to replace: (this is just a guess!)
    6.3v 1500uF x 2 - for the 3.3v rail
    10v 2200uF x 1 - for the 5v rail
    16v 1500uF or 2200uF x 2 (or 3) - for the 12v rail(s)
  • buhay pa si tacens ko.....

    those interested to sell me their defective tacens, please call me 628-2996, thanks...
  • my son replaced some buldging cap on our tacens and it still lives to this day...
  • pahelp po ako about sa setup ko ano po dapat gamitin kong power supply dito
    amd a4-5300 3.4ghz
    2x4gb hyper x ram
    Gigabyte F2A58M-DS2
    Geforce GT 630
    HARD DRIVE :500gb OS at 1tb backup
  • ^
    Corsair VS450 or Seasonic ECO 400 is enough for that build.
  • patulong po may tacens ako kaso nasira na low voltage output siguro.. any tips on how to repair po?
  • mga sir.. sakto lang ba Seasonic S12II 620W 80 Plus Bronze sa i7 7700k, gtx 1660ti build