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SeGa Fanatics (what will be the next Sega Console??)

  • sega dreamcast rulz
  • Ultra-rare Sega Pluto prototypes discovered

    Link:<click here for link>

  • So Sega attempted a redesign of the Saturn, just like the PlayStation (with the PSOne)... This would have been great.

    But the guy who bought this for a dollar at a flea market--he\'s sure damn lucky. It\'s like getting the ball that made Barry Bonds\' 500th home run.

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  • nice thread,

    I finished my very first rpg game in the megadrive, Phantasy Star 2, still one of my favorite rpg

    herzog zwei, introduced me to realtime strategy game

    games i remembered playing in the megadrive

    rambo (the first 16 bit game na nalaro ko)
    golden axe series
    altered beasts \"rise from your grave\"
    sonic of course
    thunder force series

    tapos i remember na may kinakabit na parang \"ufo ng snes\" para makapagload ng game using diskettes

    sword of vermillion (nakalayo na ako pero di ko natapos)
  • May nagpost pa sa thread na ito?

    Keep it clean boys. Its normal to argue in a forum but no fights!
  • Sega partnered with Nintendo for 2 or 3 years releasing 3 Sonic games exclusively for Nintendo.
  • Naaalala ko ang sega master system ko at sega gamegear!