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Bang for the Buck! (Monitors, processors etc. share it here!)

  • bang for the buck video card for me is gt 630 2gb ddr3 :)
  • best low end video card? asus 5450! :) using it now and loving it hehehe :)
  • siempre kung gusto nyo magtapon ng pera at kuryente ok na yung mga 7k cards hehehe lolz
  • ^or kung gusto niyo bumuhay ng matagal ng tulog na thread
  • syempre kung gusto ng max details, kasama na dun yung ibang gastos. like me i don't like low settings, so, to each his own

    you get what you pay for
  • (zombie!) bang for buck 24\" monitors po?

    -- edited by umbertoeklat on Aug 29 2013, 06:09 PM
  • Hello,

    Ask ko lang po kung ano meron po na bang back for the buck the wireless headphones ngayon?

    Preferably with the following features:
    with microphone (important na meron)
    color blue or pebble black (optional)
    usable for Samsung S3, PS3 and PC (optional)