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xbox 360 Controller Question

  • Problem: when I move the controller cord a little, it disconnects, and the light goes off. Fixed

    Cut off the offending part of the cable then spliced in a few cm worth of usb cable. Any cable with 4 wires should work. Bonus that the colors and size of the wieres were the same.

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  • ^Nice DIY haha!
  • Hello Guys,

    I have this orig play and charge kit for my xbox 360 wireless. The problem is, the battery won't charge anymore. Mga 6 months ko ito hindi nagamit pero gumagana naman sya ng maayos dati. Sana magamit ko pa ulit itong battery na kasama sa play and charge kit.

    Thank you for your replies.
  • you could pull out the battery and try charging it with

  • Biglang namatay ang old xbox 360 wired controller ko. Sa laptop ko pati sa powerbank pag plug ko light 1 and 4 flash ng mga half second.

    fixable kaya?
  • Never mind. The green wire was diconnected. Fixed na
  • Hi All,

    Matagal ko nang hindi nagamit yung orig 360 wired controller ko. I remember na huling nagamit ko to sa windows 7 gumagama pa.

    Now. upgrade to windows 10...ayaw nang gumana walang light, walang new device discovered sa windows 10. Ni try ko ilipat ng ibang usb port at ibang computer pero wala pa din.

    Na experience nyo ba ito...bago ako bumili ulit ng bago....3K na yung orig na Xbox One Controller medyo mahal.

    Thanks sa sasagot
  • you could try to open it (warning its not that easy to get all the buttons and tiny plastic pieces back) and look if meron putol na wire