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Console Emulator Thread nintendo, sega, sony, microsoft, arcade, etc.

  • Hello guys, ask ko lang kung meron na sa inyo ang successful sa pag-Dump (copy) ng mga Wii games for PC emulation.

    Kung usapang PC hardware specs, wala naman akong problema. Ang main issue ko is how to copy or back-up my Wii game.


    I have no Wii console & the only possible way for me to copy the disc is by using a DVD-ROM.

    According sa mga nababasa ko, there are specific models lang na pwedeng mag-basa ng Wii DVDs.
    e.g.: <click here for link>
    LG 8161B
    LG 8162B
    LG 8163B
    LG 8164B
    LG GH20NS15
    Optiarc DVD RW AD-7203A

    Right now wala ako ni isa sa mga ito at more or less obsolete mga ito.

    I tried using a Toshiba-made ODD pero no good. I tried an LG DVD-Writer pero no good din.
    I\'m about to try an MSI DVD-Writer & an Asus DVD-Writer; hopefully gumana.

    Anyone here na merong ibang model that works?

    Thanks sa info.
  • Been playing NES games recently.

    Super Contra
    Double Dragon 2/3

  • Nakakasawang mag emulator!
  • Is this legit ? <click here for link>

    Is there really a working PS3 emulator already ?

    The emulator\'s website <click here for link> seems legit and they even have a YouTube channel <click here for link>

    I can\'t test it since I don\'t have a Blu-Ray drive
  • ^
    Posible naman ito. Kaso ang tanong kung kaya ng hardware. Siguro by this time kaya na ng mga PC ito.
  • meron ba sa inyong gumagamit ng emulator sa android? Gusto ko sanang bumili ng 2 controllers (bluetooth) tapos sa android tv ko gagamitin.

    parang ganito
  • @adonis827

    ako sir ps1 emulator gamit ko, metal gear nilalaro ko sa zenfone 5 ko
  • puros one player lang ba ang mga emulation niyo?
  • ^ kaya ng ilang emulators sa retropie and 2 players- minsan mas marami pa
  • Pacman on HD displays lol salamat sa retropie

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  • By the way- I have just started the Retropie thread in here.
  • @all

    mga sir magtatanong lang, normal po ba na may ghost button issue and ps3 controller sa epsxe?
    madami kc nagsasabi na hindi compatible si ps3-controller sa epsxe at ang tanging paraan ay bumili ng usb-dongle (asus brand).

    just bought my new ps3 wireless controller and after doing the installations needed to run it on epsxe, i experienced ghost issues of buttons. cant play my childhood games cuz of this. can any-1 help me.

    hope to get an answer mga idol. TIA
  • GameCube and Wii emulator Dolphin drops D3D12 in favour of Vulkan
    <click here for link>

    Going forward, we're going to continue to optimize the existing graphics backends. In our testing, the Vulkan backend was as fast as, or nearly as fast as the D3D12 backend in every benchmark. While different drivers and graphics cards will not all perform identically, we're confident that moving forward the Vulkan backend will be able to handle the burden of users seeking the benefits of the newer graphics APIs.
  • ^ cool It will someday reach its way into my x86_64 retropie lol
  • My WiiU collection in CEMU and CemuGUI.

  • paanu yung all in one na emulator app sa pc? yung andun na lahat ng emulator at roms na pwede mo nalang pilihin like sa main menu ng ps4 itsura

  • <click here for link>

  • <click here for link>
  • @jayyuri2525

    sir playable na po ba lahat ng wiiU games sa CEMU? tried breath of the wild kaso laging may fps drops average of 30 pero pag marami ng kalaban tapos ma-grass yung area nababa ng 15-20.